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Skincare Mistakes Aging You Faster And How To Fix Them


In this post, I am sharing all the skin care mistakes that you might be doing involuntarily or voluntarily that might be aging your skin faster than you want to. And more importantly, how you can fix it. 

As I get older, skin care has become an important part of my daily routine and I am getting more and more aware of what my skin needs. This made me realize that there were a lot of things I was doing wrong and a lot of things that I should have started earlier so I can keep a healthier skin longer. 

And you would be surprised how some of these mistakes are really basic, but can affect your skin negatively in the long run.

Not Knowing Your Creams

For the longest time, and if I can remember correctly, in all of my 20s and early 30s, I just had one moisturizer for day and night for my face. It is not mandatory to have a day and night cream, but its more important to know what your skin needs and address that with the skin care product you are using. 

While that worked fine in 20s as I really didn’t care much about my skin, it drastically affected me in my 30s. I saw a change in my skin in my 30s. My skin felt different and the only moisturizer that I was using didn’t serve any purpose. 

Now, just switching to a day and night cream will not make any drastic change. Its important to understand what are benefits you are looking for in your cream, and pick one accordingly.

Most day creams will not have reparative properties because they are packed with ingredients that are meant to protect your skin from external conditions. 

That is the reason Day Creams have SPF to protect you from sun damage. But you don’t need that in your night cream. 

Most night creams have a restorative or reparative ingredients that will be working on your skin as you sleep. That is why its key that you pay more attention to your night cream that your skin will deeply benefit from. 

No Makeup No Cleaning

This is a common misconception as well. Most women think if you are not wearing makeup, you don’t need to wash your face and continue to damage their skin in the process. 

You should at least wash your face twice a day, and if you have a more active lifestyle you can wash more than once (does not have to be with a face wash).

But cleaning your face is key to keeping dirt away from your skin which might result in breakouts or skin dryness. You can always use a gentle face wash if you are worried about your skin getting dehydrating when washing. 

I have been using Origins Checks & balances face wash that has just the right amount of frothiness to clean my face, but it also keeps the pH level of my skin balanced so, my skin does not feel tight after wash. And its very refreshing as well.

Eye Creams Are Unnecessary

I was on the same boat, trust me. But this has significantly changed  as years have passed. Now, I use more than one. You don’t have to use so many. 

The skin around your eyes are the most sensitive and prone to most damage, even if you are not out in the sun. Prolonged screen time can make your eyes dry which also affects the skin around it specially around your tear duct. And as you get older, it becomes more evident. 

This is a big reason, for under eye dark circles as well. When the skin around your eyes become dryer they start to discolor, does not matter how much face cream you apply. 

And let’s not forget eye makeup that dries your eye lid as well.

Using creams that are specific for eyes will help your skin recover and will also protect it from all of the damages. This is a reason, I have started to load up on eye cream. And you should too. 

Pick one which your skin needs most, hydration, anti wrinkle, or skin brightening. Again, the important thing is to apply them regularly. You will not see the change in a day. 

Checkout the best eye creams that will help reduce dry eyelids problem.

Sunscreen is Optional if You Wear a Hat

Hopefully you wear sunscreen every time you step out. Does not matter whether you have a face covering or a hat. Sun damage does not only occur with direct contact. Sunlight reflects on other surfaces, so the moment you step out of the house, your skin is exposed and is prone to damage. 

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One of the worst signs of sun damage is early aging of your skin which includes pigmentation, dark spots, dryness and wrinkles.

If you don’t like to wear heavy sunscreens on your face, apply a face cream or serum that has SPF in it that could protect and hydrate without feeling like you are wearing a lot on your face. 

Super goop is one of my favorite brands that has a line of products with good SPF amount, including a facial mist that you can rehydrate and set your makeup at the sometime provide sun protection with SPF 40. 

Don't Need Body Lotion Everyday

Gosh, why don’t you? Just like our face, body skin also ages which starts with depleted moisture resulting in wrinkles and saggy skin. As we get older, our pores get bigger which causes  dryness and results in dryer skin. 

Moreover, most of us, shave or wax our legs and other parts of our body as well, but do you know that this is actually making your skin drier. Yes, body hair actually protects your skin from cold and warm weather by balancing the moisture of your skin. So, now that you don’t have any, what do you think is happening to your skin?

Body lotions is a must post shower or anytime your skin feels dry or itchy. The moisture will nourish your body skin just like it does to your face skin keeping it soft and young.

This is the reason baby skin feels so amazingly soft. they have the most moisture retained and the smallest pores. Now, you don’t have to apply baby lotions on your body, please. Your skin is very different from theirs, that is why it needs different products. And unlike face moisturizers, you don’t need to spend a lot on body moisturizers. 

In summer, I pick up Lubriderm that is lightweight and keeps my skin hydrated all day. But in winter when the weather is harsher, I switch to Goldbond which has a denser moisturizer with products that keep my skin hydrated even when its really cold. 

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All you need is an extra 2 minutes after shower to apply your body lotion, just keep it next to your shower.

Serums Are Overrated

I know a lot of women still don’t use serums and I really don’t understand why when they have so many benefits. Serums are concentrated products that will give your skin a boost your face creams can’t. 

Most face creams have a mild composition for any kind of beneficial ingredient you are looking for. 

 If you want better results, add a serum with similar benefits and you will see the results quicker. 

I also started using serums only in my 30s after getting disappointed with face creams. And now, I cannot go back. I love how my skin has improved and I don’t have to apply 15 different kinds of moisturizers, instead I stack up on serums and use one moisturizer as a top coat. 

Don't Need Skincare Supplements

While skincare products definitely work and help protect and restore it, its not just about topical products. Skin is living and breathing and it needs nutrition just like other parts of our body does. 

 Our age, our diet and hormone levels, all of which can affect our skin and sometimes cause deficiencies as well. Skincare supplements can bridge that gap and keep our skin nutritious and healthy as we go through life changes which also includes our age. 

And you don’t need to spend a lot here as well. You can head to your local Costco or order them from Amazon and you will be surprised how inexpensive they are. 

I love taking skin and hair supplements because I know that I don’t have to just rely on diet. And this will not only help you today, but will help restore your skin condition as you age.

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