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Fashion For Amitious Ladies

9 Ways To Style Wrap Belts With Your Outfits

Wrap style belts are one of the best style inventions and for all the good reasons. In this post, you will find why you should not miss out on this style essentials and effortless ways to style wrap belts with your outfits.

I have been obsessed with them since I started wearing them and I am here to share how and why you will be too. 

So, let’s get started.

Wrap Belt Outfit

Why You Should Own a Wrap Belt

If you are wondering why should you even buy a wrap belt when you have all the regular belts, then you have come to the right place. I have been wearing wrap belts for a few years now and before that I had almost given up on belts. So, lets see why wrap belts have changed my mind of belts. 

  • They are much more flexible than regular buckle belt. Buckle belts have holes to put the buckle in, which sometimes feels restricted if you have a small tummy or just had a big lunch. But wrap belts solve this problem, so you don’t have to worry about making zillion holes in the belt. You can wrap it around yourself at your own comfort.
  • You can wear them with any kind of outfits. Because of the no buckle situation, they compliment all your outfits instead of buckle belts which you have to pair with your footwear and outfits. This is why whenever I go on vacation, I take a wrap belt because if I need to elevate an outfit, I don’t have to worry about the buckle style, I just use a wrap belt.
  • You don’t have to worry about waist buckles which makes wrap belts versatile. This is specially a problem when you wearing skirts. If you wear a regular buckle belt, again you need to make sure it stays where you want it to, but wear a thick wrap belt and that problem is solved. In case you have a dress where you don’t want the waist buckle thread to be visible, you can cut it out wear a wrap belt instead.

Types Of Wrap Belts

No Hardware Wrap Belt

This is my favorite style of belt because they are versatile and can be worn wit many different styles of outfits. These belts will not have any kind of buckle hardwares. They are mostly leather bands you can say that you can tie around your waist. 

Because of no buckles they are much more flexible to wear and you can keep them loose or tight depending on how comfortable you feel. This is the biggest reason I love them.

these style of belts also are around 1 inch or so thick, so they flatter all body type and all outfits easily. 

My favorite one is the Leather Tie belt from Isabel Marant which I have worn for years and absolutely love. It’s simple, looks effortless and the cognac color adds some depth and richness to my everyday outfits. This belts also comes in black and other colors.

Sharing some other styles of belts as well. 

Isabel Marant Leather Belt in Black

Isabel Marant Leather Belt

PRICE: $160

Shop Now | Also in Cognac

Banana Republic Heather leather Belt

Banana Republic Heather Leather Belt

PRICE: $90

Shop Now 

Boston Proper Tie Belt

Boston Proper Tie Belt

PRICE: $119.50

Shop Now 

Amazon Tie belt

Amazon Wrap Belt

PRICE: $11.49

Shop Now 

Hardware Wrap Belt

These styles of wrap belts have the same flexibility as the above wrap belts, but they have a hardware buckle that adds a bit of more definition to the belt. A buckle of hardware adds a luxe touch to a belt and in turn elevates your outfit.

So, if you are looking for comfort and structure, these styles of belts will be perfect for you. Even though they have the structure, the no buckle holes still make them really comfortable to wear with anything. 

For these style of belts, I would pick something thinner because they look much more sophisticated compared to thicker ones. I recently found this Buckle wrap belt from Frame which is now Sold Out, but I am completely obsessed with it.

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Its super long, so leaves a train which looks perfect for dresses and trousers as well. And because of the long trail it looks casual, so its an excellent way to tone down your trouser outfits.

Sharing some similar ones that you might like:

Frame Wrap Tie Belt

Frame Wrap Tie Belt

PRICE: $178

Shop Now 

Open Edit Buckle Leather Belt

Open Edit Buckle Leather Belt

PRICE: $39

Shop Now 

B The Low Moto Belt

B Low The Belt Moto Belt

PRICE: $172

Shop Now 

Brielle Leather Wrap Belt

B Low The Belt Brielle Leather Wrap Belt

PRICE: $145

Shop Now 

Western Style Wrap Belt

These have a western vibe to them with studs and are wider than the belts I shared above. These belts are easy to wear above flow clothing pieces to look chic and sophisticated. The thickness of the belt adds definition to our waistline and is perfect when we need to look structured. 

These belts are also on the flexible side because they have more room to move, so whether you are wearing a thicker layer, or you are wearing this over a swim cover up, the belt will not loose its style. 

These belts also come in a lot of different styles and patterns compared to the regular buckle belt. So, you can go dressy with something that is perforated or has dressed up details. Or you can wear a casual belt with coats to create a casual look. 

The part that I love about them is the tie detail which adds an effortless touch to the entire outfit while still adding structure.

Amazon Western Style Wrap Belt

Amazon Western Wrap belt

PRICE: $10.49

Shop Now 

Raina Bronco Leather Wrap Belt

Raina Bronco Leather Wrap Belt

PRICE: $135

Shop Now 

Lucky Brand Cut Out Leather Wrap Belt

Lucky Brand Cut Out Leather Wrap Belt

PRICE: $29.79

Shop Now 

Ada Skinny Western style belt

Ada Skinny Western Style Wrap Belt

PRICE: $69

Shop Now 

How to Style Wrap Belts

While there are so many ways you can style a wrap belt, I want to share some outfit formulas that will help you effortlessly wear them with any style of looks.


Summer Looks

Summer casual dress outfit with Wrap belt
Wrap Belt Summer Casual Outfit with shorts

For fall and winter you can also easily wear the wrap belt over sweater dresses, or long sleeve dresses. Fall dresses are usually voluminous, so adding a belt definitely helps. 

I also love wearing contrasting belts that add more dept to your look specially when you are wearing monochromatic outfits or you are wearing all black or even all white. 

Fall & Winter Looks

Fall outfit Idea with Long cardigan and sweater dress
Winter layering outfit with wrap belt

Work Wear

I love adding wrap belts to blazers because they compliment the blazers because they compliment the look and you are not really looking to flash logos at work. 

In summer when you are not trying to wear a blazer, I would o for buckle wrap belts that have a hardware detail which you can wear on you trousers. Or you can also wear it with skirts. 

If you are wearing an oversized blazer, add a wrap belt over it to look chic and structured at work. 

Summer Looks

Wrap belt Outfit for work - Summer
Wrap belt outfit for summer with blazer

For fall and winter they can help you structure your bulky layers and create a waist definition. I always feel like I look bigger in fall and winter for some reason. But the wrap belt helps. Because I cannot wear my normal buckle belts which are built for a specific size over these bulky coats, a wrap belt actually comes in handy.

You can layer them over structured coats and look sophisticated or even add them over a thicker or chunkier coats.

Fall & Winter Looks

Wrap Belt winter outfit

Dressed Up Looks

This is my favorite way of wearing a wrap belt. I love adding it to voluminous dresses or skirts where I want to show some waist definition to create an hour glass look. 

This also helps you look slimmer in bulky dresses. And the thick western style belt is super helpful in achieving this. They not only create a thick waist line, they also break a flow outfit. 


Summer wrap belt outfit with skirt


Fall Wrap belt Outfit



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