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How To Elevate Your Chambray Shirt Outfits


How To Elevate Your Chambray Shirt Outfits

Denim shirts are the perfect casual yet structure tops perfect for spring weather, but they can also be very casual and tough to style in a more dressed up way. In this post I am sharing some ways you can wear you denim or chambray button down shirt.

These styling ideas are great for work and everyday wear as well and I am sure after checking them out, you won’t be hesitant to pull out your denim shirts.

What I am covering in this post:

Upgrade Your Denim Shirt

This is not absolutely necessary but will definitely help when you are trying update your denim shirt looks. This year is the year of ruffles and this Chambray shirt from Loft looked perfect. Its collarless with ruffles around the neck that dresses up the casual fabric. But it also has ruffles along the front opening and the sleeves. 

This makes it easier to dress it up and dress it down. And the price is also awesome which made it a smart purchase to upgrade my denim shirts this spring and summer. 

Some More Of My Favorites

Ann Taylor Chambray Ruffle Shirt

& Other Stories Puff Sleeve Denim Shirt

Bottoms To Wear

While you can wear anything with this style of denim shirt, some bottoms look better and will help you dress up the chambray shirt. Depending on what occasion you are wearing the shirt for and what style you are looking, you can pick these style of bottoms to wear with the denim shirt.


If you want to pair the chambray shirt with jeans, then there are few shades and styles of jeans that will elevate your everyday outfit. Again, depending on where you are wearing the denim shirt to, you can pick and style it with jeans to dress appropriately.

The only thing to be mindful is when doing denim on denim styling is to create a separation between top and bottom so it looks more elevated. If the shades of the jeans match the shirt, then it can easily look like you are wearing overalls which is laidback in itself. 

Black jeans always looks great with any style of top as it dresses up the look. You can easily wear the combination from day to night by switching your footwear and accessories.

If you are looking for a style of jeans, I would say styling the denim shirt with wide leg or straight leg jeans creates a much more sophisticated look compared to skinny jeans. 

If I ever want to create a business casual work wear with jeans both of those are my favorite styles to pick.

Black Jeans with Denim Shirt Outfit
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Shop The Details

If you want to pick blue jeans, then lighter blue shade looks way better with the chambray shirt compared to darker blue. Now this depends on the exact shade of the shirt itself. 

If you picked a lighter shade of the denim shirt, then you can pick white jeans with it, or go for darker shade of blue jeans. This way you can create a contrast with the shirt and look elevated. 


You don’t have to wear jeans with  denim shirt all the time. Pants or trousers can be an excellent alternative to jeans when it comes to styling with Chambray shirt. I personally love cropped or ankle length trousers with this ruffled chambray shirt because they show a bit of my ankle and make my outfit dressier. 

This is an excellent choice for workwear with your denim shirt as well. But you don’t have to stop there. You can also wear it for special occasion looks.

Adding colored trousers with the denim shirt can easily elevate your outfit. This look is great for brunches, workwear as well as happy hour where you want to look a little dressed up but still be comfortable and laidback. 

Fuchsia, pink and yellow are great contrasting colors that you can pair with a chambray shirt to compliment the overall look. And this outfit is a great alternative for spring workwear where you want to add a little color.

Pink Trousers with Denim Shirt
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Shop The Details

Wide leg pants are also great for work and look so chic on every one. These style of pants are great to wear all year round because they are easy to style as well. 

If you are picking one to wear with your denim shirt, instead of black pick a white one. It instantly brightens up the look which is perfect for spring and summer weather. You can easily pair lighter shades of footwear with them to create a spring ready outfit you can wear anywhere. 

Maxi Skirt

While any length of skirt can look great, you are not fully ready to wear skirts in spring for whatever reason. Maxi skirts are a great alternative where you still cover your legs but you look chic as well. 

This year, I have seen so many good styles of maxi skirt, but pleated maxi skirts look the best with denim shirt because of the pleats. They look much more structured and add a sophistication to the outfit. 

And most pleated skirts are lined, so you have more coziness.

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Layering Your Denim Shirt

Layering is an essential step of styling any look. Your third layer is key to completing the entire outfit. There are some outerwear styles that can elevate your denim shirt instead of a leather jacket, which I have seen worn most with the chambray shirt. 

Trench Coats

Pairing your denim shirt with trench coats will easily elevate your denim shirt outfit specially if you are wearing a similar style like mine which is more on the cottage core style. 

You can wear this outfit to work as well as run errands in style. Since the trench coat is also in a contrasting shade, it creates more interest in the outfit as well. 

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If you want to layer your denim shirt with something casual, going monochrome will easily look much more stylish. And you can pair any style of outerwear effortlessly.

I love wearing longer coats when I am wearing something fitted like these cigarette pants. This way you balance the proportions and look effortless chic in the process. 

You don’t have to match the shade of the denim shirt, you can wear something darker or lighter and still create a perfect monochrome outfit.


If you are not wearing blazers, then I am not sure why because they literally look great with anything. And they can easily elevate your chambray shirt outfit as well. 

Pair a contrasting color or even patterned one with the chambray shirt as its a solid color in itself. 

I fell in love with this cropped style blazer which is a new style you can experiment this year. 


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