Fall Workwear – Plaid Blazer with Faux Leather Leggings

Fall Workwear – Plaid Blazer with Faux Leather Leggings


What I am covering in this post

Monday’s always feel a drag after a really busy weekend specially if you have a family and a million home chores to do. I always feel so tired on Sunday evenings that always contemplate taking a sick day on Monday because I am so tired. I wish there were 3 day weekends. Don’t we all wish for that. 

But, something that always motivates me is dressing up for the week. I always feel that it makes me happier when I put together a nice outfit that I can wear. It lifts my mood and I totally feel that looking good and feeling good are completely related. When you feel good about yourself, you feel better. That is the whole idea behind these posts that I will be starting from now on. I want to share with you some outfit ideas that you can put together quickly and more importantly, look chic in them. 

I am starting a new series where I will be sharing outfit ideas everyday and also share some similar pieces for more of a budget friendly options for those of you who are on a tight budget. The idea behind these posts is to give you a little bit of motivation that honestly I also need sometimes. And when I see someone looking good in an outfit, it instantly inspires me. So, its always a win win.

Now, its no surprise to you that I am a big fan of structured outfits and specially blazers. I have been collecting them for years, and definitely wear them a lot. Blazers used to be more for a formal occasion but now with different styles and fit, they have become an essential to put together any look. And this plaid blazer from Everlane has the perfect texture and pattern to break and all black look. 

I usually don’t go for all blacks, but fall winter all black outfits have a different charm dont they? They look more stylish because of layering and boots. And because this blazer is oversized, it looks like a coat and I could easily wear this with my Spanx faux Leather leggings. I am wearing a plain black tee underneath because the outfit is pretty cozy already. If I need some air, all I would do is take out the belt and keep the plaid blazer unbuttoned. 

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I added the belt to this outfit because the blazer is a bit oversized and if worn without the belt would look more casual, but with it being belted with a contrasting belt, the outfit looks more structured and put together. 

If you prefer, you can totally wear it without a belt for a more casual chic look, but I like things structured and be a little extra. And added pointy heeled booties that is giving me the appearance of longer legs. This is a hack that I love to do when I am wearing something oversized. 

I find that this outfit is so timeless and classic that I will probably wear it for years to come. And this is the point of any outfit you put together and love, to be able to repeat it, and then it becomes your signature style.

All of the Budget Friendly options are listed below. Happy Monday.

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