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Best Shoes To Wear With Sequin Dress To Get Party Ready


Best Shoes To Wear With Sequin Dress To Get Party Ready

Have a fun cocktail party to attend and don’t know what shoes would look chic with your sequin dress? In this post, we are sharing the best shoes styles that you can wear with sequin dress to look classy and elevated. And also be comfortable if you are going dancing. 

And the cool part is that you can use the same shoes styles for sequin skirts and pants. 

We are also sharing tips on the which shoes will look great with different sequin dress styles.

Because no matter how chic you look, the wrong shoes just ruin everything. 

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Shoes To Wear With Black Sequin Dress

A black sequin dress is the most common shade that we wear if we are looking for a party sequin dress. The shade universally suits everyone. And you can easily find one black sequin dress whichever brand you shop for.

And while the simple shoe color that can elevate a black sequin dress is black, the style of the shoes definitely matter to elevate your overall style. 

Open Toe Heels With Black Sequin Dress

Open toe heels look the best with long, midi and even short black sequin dresses. You can either match the color with a black open toe sandal. Or match your accessories or jewelries and pick a different shade. 

Here are some tips that can help pick the right shade of open toe sandal with your black sequin dress:

  1. Long black sequin dress whether it is sleeveless or full sleeve is a lot of sequin on your body. So, make sure you pick black sandals that are minimal and simple compared to embellished sandals. This will make you look classy and sophisticated. 
  2. If you are wearing short black sequin dress showing some legs, then you can pick embellished or fun shades of open toe sandals to add a bit more detail to your feet. Your outfit will look cohesive and stylish. 
Sandals with black sequin dress

Pumps With Black Sequin Dress

If you want to look polished and sophisticated in a black sequin dress wear pumps. They are the best footwear for ladies that makes any outfit look polished. And honestly every woman should at least own one. And the best part is that you don’t need to wear 6 inch high pumps, you can pick block heel pumps or low heel pumps and still look chic in them.

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Depending on the same dress length rule I shared above, for a long black sequin dress, go for plain black pump or a nude one to keep your outfit looking sleek.

But if you are wearing a short sequin dress, you can add more colored pumps and or go bold with patterns. 

Pumps with Black Sequin Dress

Open Toe Block Heels With Black Sequin Dress

Block heels are the best footwear innovation out there. They have the heel factor to them which elongates your legs and dresses up your outfits. But because they are block heels, they are actually much more comfortable than stilettos. So you can stand, walk and dance in them easily. 

And you can rock these block heels with black sequin dress. Simply follow the some basic style rules:

  • Don’t wear casual block heels like espadrilles or wedges that will ruin your sequin dress outfit. 
  • Pick open toe block heels for longer sequin dress to show a bit skin and make your outfit chic. Simple black, gold, or neutral ones would be perfect. 
  • You can wear close toe block heels with shorter sequin dress, but make sure they don’t look too casual. Studded ones like the Valentino Rock stud  sandals are perfect.
Block Heels to wear with Black Sequin Dress

Shoes To Wear With Colored Sequin Dress

Shoes for Dark Colored Sequin Shoes

Dark colored sequin dresses like dark green, navy, wine, magenta and so on fall almost under the same category as a black sequin dress. They are darker in shade and become a statement piece in your outfit. And if you wear anything else that’s loud, it looks a bit too much. 

So, the best styles of footwear are either black simple strap sandals that are minimal. Or if you want to wear a fancy embellishment or pumps, opt for neutral shades that does not clash with the dress at all. 

This way your outfit looks smart and sophisticated but festive too. You don’t want to look like a Christmas tree do you?

Shoes to wear with dark colored sequin dress

Shoes for Light Colored Sequin Shoes

Lighter sequin dresses are fun, flirty and have a young vibe to them. And sometimes they make you look fresh in your party wear. So, don’t hesitate to try them out.  But these sequin dresses are also tougher to pair shoes with. 

You cannot wear black shoes with them, unless there is an element of black in the dress. 

The best colors would be gold, silver or clear ones that create a minimal chic look and make the dress the focus point of the outfit.

Shoes with Light colored sequin dress

Shoes To Wear With Gold Sequin Dress

Gold sequin dress is the ultimate luxe dress for any formal or cocktail party. It’s appropriate to wear to clubs as well. But not all shoes look good with them. And you don’t to wear them if you want to look chic in a gold sequin dress. 

In terms of stye of shoes, pumps and sandals both will work well with a sequin dress, but they need to look dressy. Any casual shoes will ruin the look. So, the color of these shoes are the real important thing to notice. 

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Gold sequin dress with gold sandals are the perfect combination. They look chic on all skin tone and will also go well with black sequin dress. So, you actually get a lot of wear out of them.

But you can also wear black sandals either to tone down a gold dress if say you are wearing it to work. But black shoes look best if you are also wearing black tights with your gold dress. 

Together they tie in your outfit really well. This way you can rock a short sequin dress in confidence. 

Shoes to wear with Gold sequin dress

Style Tips To Not Look Tacky in A Sequin Dress

If you are reading this blog, you want to look sophisticated, expensive and classy in general. And sometimes when you look at a sequin dress, it does not feel like that. And I agree with it 100%. Here are some ways you can ensure that your sequin dress outfit look polished and not cheap and tacky:

  1. Ensure that you pick a dress that flatters your body type. You don’t need to wear a cut out dress if it does not suit you. You can pick a full sleeve one that’s modest yet looks fun. 
  2. Pick minimal jewelry. You don’t need to skip chandelier earrings or embellished ones. But make sure you stick to one bold jewelry piece and its almost always a statement earrings. Whether your neckline allows for a statement necklace, don;t wear it. Focus on a fun earring. This will elevate your look.
  3. Pick accessories and outerwear that are not glittery. So go for a faux fur black coat or jacket to balance the glitter of the dress. And pick a black or leather evening bag that looks chic but is not flashy. This balances your outfit. 

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