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Wondering What Shoes To Wear With White Dress: Here Are The Best Styles


Wondering What Shoes To Wear With White Dress: Here Are The Best Styles

What shoes to wear with a white dress? Many of us ask this question as we stand in front of our closets, staring at that perfect white dress but feeling unsure about the footwear to match. Whether you’re preparing for a summer wedding, a casual brunch, or a night out on the town, pairing the right shoes with your white dress can be challenging. The wrong choice can throw off your entire look, while the right pair can elevate your outfit.

Many of you have spent countless hours scouring the internet, seeking advice on the best shoe styles that complement a white dress. The struggle is real: Do you wear classic black heels, trendy sneakers, or something bold and colorful? Should you opt for sandals, wedges, or pumps? These decisions can feel overwhelming, and it’s easy to feel lost amidst the ocean of fashion options.

Fear not, and look at our perfect selections below in this article, providing you with the best styles that perfectly complement your white dress.

15 Best Shoes To Complement Your White Dresses

Slide Sandals

Slide sandals and white dresses are a match made in style eden, especially for those who worship at the altar of no-fuss fashion. 

Slide sandals bring a casual, chic element that complements the airy feel of a white dress without making it look overdone. They are perfect for those days when you want to look put-together without appearing as though you’ve tried too hard. They are ideal for a day spent strolling through a farmers’ market or a relaxed evening BBQ.

They solve a major fashion dilemma—keeping cool while staying stylish. The minimalist design and open structure allow your feet to breathe, which you need on a sweltering summer day. Plus, they’re a cinch to slip off if you fancy a spontaneous dip in the ocean or a walk in the sand.

Pair them with a midi or maxi white dress to balance comfort and style perfectly.

by @sherienboni

Hadyn Slide Sandals

Meltem Slide Flat Sandal

Metallic Wedges

A white dress is a must-have dress code if you want to embrace summer in style, and metallic wedges will do you a lot of good.

They are like the fairy godmother of your wardrobe, who is always prepared to create some miracles with your appearance. Their shiny exterior provides the perfect amount of flashiness needed to complement a white dress but not look like too much. They are great for giving you a few inches of height (and those leggy legs) while keeping your toes in touch with the ground – something that is not always appreciated as one sashays through a garden party in high heels.

Now, while metallic wedges can be the heroes of your ensemble, remember the golden rule: The value of assets minus the value of liabilities is referred to as the balance. If you are wearing any of these glamorous accessories, avoiding over-accessorizing or overloading your attire is advisable. A basic clutch, possibly a small pair of studs—let your wedges have their moment of glory.

what-to-wear-with-white-dress-Metallic Wedges
by @tarinimanchanda
Our Top Picks

Briella Ii Sandals

Adorbs Braided Straps Slip on Sandals

Chunky Sandals

Wearing chunky sandals with a white dress also brings out that nonchalant look you wish you could achieve effortlessly. They complement the airy feeling of a white dress while still providing a sense of roughness that a man does not want to seem to be too dressed up, even when the event is formal. For those who want to step things up a little, try choosing greyish black or earthly brown shades that will keep the look grounded, or go all out and incorporate metallic to bring the sunset vibes.

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However, here’s a nugget of style wisdom: Do not overdo it on the accessories. As for the chunky sandals enhance your looks enough on their own, so there’s no need to overcomplicate things with more accessories. Think of it this way: when your shoes are as daring as chunky sandals, you don’t need any backup; they can do all the singing alone.

by @melissa_poli
Our top picks

Caralyna Platform Slide Sandal

Soya Platform Sandal

Platform Sandals

Let me tell you about platform sandals and why they’re the treasure map to styling your white dress on those yacht days or marina evenings.

Platform sandals are quite the deck darlings when elevating a simple white dress. Why? They add that ‘ahh‘ to the ‘elegant’, creating a sophisticated look without sacrificing comfort—crucial for keeping your composure while on deck. These beauties bring in a little height and a lot of style and ensure the vast open sea does not dwarf you.

Pairing these with a white dress is like pairing fine wine with gourmet cheese—it just works. The key here is balance. The chunky sole of the platform sandals adds a modern twist, while the white dress keeps it classic and fresh. This combo is perfect for sipping cocktails by the harbour or enjoying a sunset dinner on the cruise.

by @martacarriedo
Our Top Picks

Mia Evening Slide Sandals

Miami Xcurve 50 Slide

Patterned Flats

I bet you have not considered patterned flats with a white dress because they are simply perfect for each other. They provide a little touch of spark that transforms your outfit from cute to edgy and trendy. This is where clothing and enjoyment are at one with each other—on your feet. These flat shoes are unique and fashionable, so they can easily transform an ordinary white dress into a stunning piece! Picture them as the garnish on your style cake, the final touch that makes everything look glittering and fabulous.


These shoes, in particular, complement your clean and elegant white dress more effectively than plain pumps or sandals, as they introduce an unexpected touch of individuality. They tell the onlooker that you are not only in fashion but also daring, delightful, and delectable. Pick out a pattern that whistles- be it flowers, geometric or abstract and listen to how cheerfully it interacts with the simplicity of your dress.

by @chasing_v0gue
our top picks

Rounded toe and stripe pattern

Olivea Braided Slides

Strappy Black Sandals

Have you considered a strappy black sandal—a classic that never whispers but always speaks volumes? 

Strappy black sandals are the little black dress of the shoe world—they’re versatile and smart and elevate any look without stealing the spotlight and pairing them with a white dress. That’s a match made in style paradise. These sandals add just the right amount of contrast, creating a visual pop that’s as crisp as a fresh pair of linens on a summer day.

The magic of these sandals isn’t just in their colour contrast but also in their delicate balancing act. They bring a dash of sophistication and a pinch of daring to a white dress, making it ready for anything from a garden party to a city rooftop soirée.

by @loveable_creation123
our top picks

Juleah Strappy Gladiator Flat Sandals

Salty Fem Ankle-Tie Strappy Sandals


Espadrilles are like the cool aunt of the shoe world—relaxed, a tad bohemian, and undeniably stylish. They’re the perfect companion for your white dress, especially when aiming for that boho-chic vibe that whispers summer and sangria. With their jute-wrapped soles and comfortable design, espadrilles offer a casual yet stylish flair that’s hard to beat.

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Pairing these with a white dress brings an eye-catching and understated textured contrast. They can dress down a too formal look or elevate a casual frock, making them perfect for sunset strolls or a breezy day at the market. Opt for a neutral tone to keep things earthy and grounded, or venture into bolder territories with a splash of color if your white dress is simpler.

by @irispejkovic.stylefile
our top picks

Tristeen Espadrille Sandals

Lyddia Espadrille Flat Sandals

Metallic Sandals

It is now high time to turn the volume up on metallic sandals, which are the epitome of a game-changer for the crisp white dress. 

Metallic sandals are one of those pieces of shoes that add that extra little something to your outfit and make it so much better. They are effective by dispersing light and giving that extra element of elegance to the simplicity of a white dress. They are more like accessories that are best worn on feet—delicate, elegant, and timeless, which can uplift your personality without making a loud statement.

But keep the balance. Metallic sandals look great when they raise the glamour level up a notch; nevertheless, a structured white dress restrains the outfit and makes it classy. Essentially, the emphasis is on a balance between business-like and splendid—ideal for cocktail or evening wear.

Metallic Shoes with white dress
by @oddmuseme
our top picks

Mia Glitz Dress Sandal

Miracle Dress Sandal

Slingback Pumps

The sleek secret weapon in your wardrobe that pairs like a dream with a white dress. 

Slingback pumps bring a dash of sophistication with a cheeky hint of playfulness. They’re like the fashion-forward friend who knows how to dress for an occasion without looking overdone. The delicate strap adds a hint of allure while keeping things elegantly in place, making them the perfect plus-one for your favorite white dress.

These pumps are particularly adept at navigating the line between formal and casual. They’re refined enough for a wedding yet relaxed enough for a Sunday brunch—versatility at its finest. When paired with a white dress, they create a clean, continuous line that elongates your legs, giving you a striking and graceful silhouette.

by @sophielouisesdiary
our top picks

Colette Slingback

Billie Slingback Evening Pumps

Mary Jane flats

It is now time to let our guard down and dress more comfortably without compromising fashion. What can you say about Mary Jane flats? They represent an elegant look that perfectly complements the all-time favorite white dress. That is why they say that less is more.

The clean lines and uncluttered design of Mary Jane flats mirror the purity of a white dress, creating a harmonious look that’s tough to achieve with more elaborate footwear.

They are like gentle giants – always backing up the flashier shoes, giving them the stability they need, yet they never demand the spotlight. Therefore, why don’t you give it a try?

by @tanisrosee
our top picks

Micah Mary Jane Flat

Reyes Mary Jane Flats


So why loafers? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this style staple.

Loafers are the ultimate blend of casual sophistication. They offer a dash of laid-back luxe that’s hard to achieve with more formal footwear. Pairing them with a white dress can infuse an element of downtown cool into an otherwise uptown chic outfit, striking a perfect balance that’s just right for the style-savvy urbanite on the go.

But here’s the challenge—while loafers are incredibly versatile, they work best with certain types of white dresses. Opt for a relaxed silhouette or a midi length to match the loafers’ easy-going vibe. These shoes are all about grounding flowy fabrics with a touch of structured elegance.

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by @ancosti_official
our top picks

Wynnie Loafers

Ronnie Sporty Slip-On Driver Loafers

Strappy Flat Sandals

Regarding dressing up a breezy white dress, strappy flat sandals are not just an option; they are the declaration of a summer-style manifesto. Why, you ask? Because they wrap simplicity and elegance around your feet like a vine of sophistication.

Pairing strappy flat sandals with a white dress is like putting strawberries with cream—undeniably perfect. Their delicate straps accentuate your ankles, adding the right allure to your ensemble. Opt for a neutral shade to keep the look understated, or go bold with a pop of color to make those summer tan lines stand out.

by @sarriette_et_ciboulette
our top picks

Serissa Strappy Flat Sandals

Everyday Flat Sandals

Strappy Block Heels

Strappy heels are more than just footwear; they’re the high notes in your outfit’s symphony. They are worth considering. With their elegant straps and poised posture, they offer a refined grace that beautifully complements the simplicity of a white dress. These heels are like your fashion fairy godmother, turning your basic look into a Cinderella moment without needing a grand ball.


When pairing these with a white dress, consider the vibe you’re going for. A slim, minimalist heel is perfect for adding a dash of sophistication to your summer soirees or posh garden parties. They whisper class and scream confidence—all without saying a word.


However, here’s a pro tip to keep you on your toes: Avoid over cluttering your look. With strappy heels, your feet are the show’s star, so let them shine. 

by @ines.campos.costa
our top picks

Mood Ankle Strap Sandal

Haze Strappy Lace-Up Block-Heel

Two-Tone Slingback Pumps

Two-tone slingback pumps blend classic charm with a modern twist, making them an essential wardrobe. The magic lies in their versatility—the dual hues are eye-catching and adept at bridging the gap between casual and formal wear. Imagine walking into a brunch or a boardroom; these shoes can effortlessly navigate both arenas.

Pairing these pumps with a white dress brings out a chic, Parisian-esque vibe. The contrast of the two-tone design against the simplicity of a white dress elevates your entire outfit, providing a visual anchor that’s both grounding and daring. It’s about balancing the act—sophisticated yet playful, poised yet accessible.

by @andreeaski
Our top picks

Reignn Cap Toe Slingback Pumps

Dotti Captoe Pumps

Printed Sandals

The combination of a white dress and printed sandals is eye-catching, different, and beautiful because the shoes bring a fun, vibrant, and daring aspect to the otherwise smooth and calm look of the dress. 

It feeds your eyes and gives you delightful eye candy—these are as extra as the cherry on your fashion ice cream. Whether you are aiming for a faint floral or a wild geometric print, these sandals are here to crank up the conspiracy and attract attention.

However, great caution should be taken when steering the print shoes. Excessive use of patterns can sometimes cause your fashion sense to go awry. Remember, a fabulous sandal is the star of the show; a dress is just there to sing backup.

by @ohmboutique
Our top picks

Cross Strap Sandals

Super chic and sleek Noel Heels

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