Sharing 5 practical ways to tuck in your t shirt or tops to you jeans or skirt which creates an effortless style. 

#1 Full Tuck

This works best with more fitted T-shirts, because they cinch in around your wait naturally and naturally stay around your waist. But You can also do a full tuck with oversized T-shirt, the trick would be to put the extra cloth on the sides rather than on the back to create a more slimmer look. You can also do this for skirts.

#2 Cinch Tuck

This One works for a Fitted or more narrow shaped T-shirts that you want to still do a partial tuck and would work for women with wider hips. And this also creates an illusion of a cropped top without showing any skin.

#3 Side Tuck

This would work with Sweats and T-shirts that are more flowy or have a side slit. The Effortless tuck wouldn’t work as great in this scenario, but if you do the side tuck, it still looks chic and not just an overhang.

#4 Effortless Tuck

This is the style where you don’t tuck your T-shirt all the way, but just partially, so that you can look more stylish the effortless way. This style of tuck makes your outfit more effortless and chic at the same time. And this will work best with more oversized T-shirt which you want to pair with your skinny jeans and you cant quite tuck it all the way.

#5 Crop Tie or Tuck

This is a tying technique that I shared in my How to Tuck in a sweater video as well, and it works perfectly with T-shirts too. Since T-shirt fabrics are usually lighter, so rather than using a thing elastic band, we will use a clear elastic that wouldn’t ruin the shape of the T-shirt.


Let me know which is your favorite tuck style.




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