Where to Shop for Clothes in Your 30s Without Breaking your Wallet

Where to Shop for Clothes in Your 30s Without Breaking your Wallet


If you are wondering which stores you can shop to find great stylish clothing items without spending a ton of money, then checkout this guide where I am sharing 6 of my favorite stores where I regularly shop and what exactly I shop there. If you are tired of shopping at Zara or fast fashion shops where you just cannot find anything that fits you and flatters you properly, then these stores will definitely change that.

In this guide, I am comparing sizing guides of these stores, how to pick different items and the price point of each of the stores, that will help you to decide what to wear and also sharing when you can snag a deal in these stores.

Just a note that I almost always shop online for clothes. If you struggle with that I have a shopping online guide specifically for clothes, check it out below.

So, let’s begin, shall we.


This is one of my most favorite stores to shop online. After shopping here, you will literally forget Zara. Honestly, I never found anything that worked for my body type in Zara and I naturally always blamed myself. But I realized that I was not  shopping at the right stores who made clothes for my body.

And Mango is the perfect European store for that with all the latest styles and finds but most importantly for everyday women body type.


Mango also has the same European sizing guide as Zara does, but it makes clothes for mature women and not teenagers. The sizes work for your curves and they also have a plus size or more like full figure collection called Violeta.

Below is the snapshot of the sizing guide of Mango. But you can also get the full sizing guide. You can also download the full one by clicking the button below it.


Mango has a fairly decent price point unlike a lot of high street brands. A basic T shirt pricing starts from $16 depending on the style. 

The best things are its jeans which starts from $59 and I absolutely love that about the brand.

The most expensive pieces would be Blazers and coats that would be around $100 – $250.


Some of the pieces I have bought from mango have lasted me for years together. I always buy jeans and button down shirts from the store. There sizing fits me well and I can always rely n the quality of the products.

Head to the bottom of the page for a side by side analysis of the stores and my recommendations on what to buy.

The best find for me are their jeans which I have worn for years literally.


If you love Madewell but hat the overpriced pieces then my friend this is definitely your store and you should be shopping here. I love the modern bohemian vibe or you can call it Cali Girl style of clothing that the brand shares which feels effortless and comfortable for everyday wear. 


I love that Loft includes all three sizing types, Regular, Petite and Plus which definitely makes each of their designs versatile and more customized for your body type. But They have also included a Curvy section, which sometimes is best for my body type if I am looking for a flow piece.

I usually shop for Regular, but if I am looking for a cropped bottom like jeans or pants, I also buy there Petite collection, so that I can have that cropped look. 

The good part is that for most products they display the length or other details between different sizes.

There Sizing chart is the best I have seen so far with specifics to each body type.

Loft Sizing Guide

The T shirts or more casual jersey tops for me feel a bit pricey, but their blouses, bottoms and jeans are really well priced. 

A blouse can range from $35 – $70 and a pair of jeans will mostly be around $80 which is amazing, isn’t it. 


I love buying bottoms from the brand because they seem like a good price for value. And I have always found the perfect fit for my body type without sizing up. 

In fact sometimes I have sized down which is the best feeling. Their designs are more catered to Californian laid back living and more of a Business casual pieces. So if that is your style, then this is your store.


They definitely compete with Zara, but instead of being a fast fashion they are working more towards creating designs that are modern and yet good quality which will last for you a while. 

There was a time in 2018 when there styles were dwindling but in 2020 they revived themselves with comfier work wear and styles that really work for American Women.


Express sizing are catered a bit more towards young adults in their late 20s. White that is absolutely fine, it does not at all feel like fast fashion brands.

There sizing guide has both Euro sizing and US sizing (S-M) which definitely helps. Though I wish their jeans sizing should be US sizing which is more accurate. 

But the clothes are true to fit for my average body type, so I have nothing to complain.


This is where Express competes very well with great price point to all of their pieces with their denim and jackets which are competitive to brands like Levis. 

A basic tee starts from $30. And Jeans start from $80 which is pretty awesome.


The clothing quality is average for express and that is why you can probably see a lot of discount promotions to compensate that. 

For me, their pants and jeans are the best quality. But recently with the Body Contour collection, they have created a new design of tops that are high quality and would work for great work wear essentials as well. 

I also love their suits which are good quality and well priced.

& Other Stories

If you are looking for a more modern UK based styling that still looks chic and sophisticated, then check out this new LA based brand. 

I initially saw some Instagram ads of this brand and then when I started looking at their products, I got inspired and started shopping. 


As a relatively newer brand, they haven’t matured in terms of their sizing guide. And its not as relaxed as some of the other brands I have shared. 

But all of their clothes are true to size and that is what you should look for when you shop at any store. I have been shopping their and already loved a lot of the items. 

As per the size chart, I am a size MEDIUM for tops and bottoms.

& Other Stories Sizing Chart

For their modern designs, they have a great price point. I compare their styles to brands like French Connection, BCBGMaxazria all of which are really expensive. 

A basic Crewneck T shirt starts with $25 which is awesome and I am sharing the quality of the Tees soon below. 

A pair of Jeans is cheaper than Levis starting with $79 which is awesome.


There product quality for the price point is superb. I had bought a cropped black cardigan which was so high quality and not at all that expensive for the quality. You can check it in my YouTube video where I shared outfit Ideas with a Black Cardigan.

There jeans are also high quality and really well made and comparable to Levis which is one of my favorite brands.

But the part that surprised me is their basic white t-shirt which is so high quality and not at all see through. If you are like me you know how hard it is to find a good quality white tee.


Everlane has taken clothing brands to whole another level where they promise to offer you the best price for their product because they are selling directly from the factory. This cuts the middle market which is really commendable. 

But their styles are also comparable to Madewell which is a bit pricey for sure, but way more modern and structure. A style that I absolutely love.


I love that Everlane sizes are more diverse than & Other Stories. You can see clothing items to XXL which is awesome. 

This makes the brand more acceptable and clearly we all would love to shop there don’t we. But they also have a garment measurement detail which helps to measure them against our body without trying them.


The jeans starts with $78 which is incredible and actually way cheaper than Levis jeans which I feel like are great value for price. 

Their tops and t-shirts start from $28 which is really awesome price point compared to like Express.

But the best pricing is for sweaters, their basic crewneck sweaters start at $50. Their most expensive clothing piece are the woolen blazers at around $170.


The quality of this brand’s products is at par and really great quality for the price point. I have their woolen plaid blazer which I shared some outfit ideas for fall on my YouTube channel. And I have to say it feels awesome in it. 

The fabric and design both are comfortable which is key for a good quality blazer.

I also have their crewneck tshirt which is really good quality and it does not loose its shape after a washing and drying. 

Brand Comparison

Mango Loft Express & Other Stories Everlane
Most Under $75
Mostly Under $100
Mostly under $100
Mostly under $100
Mostly under $75
Great for Basics
Great for Casual Workwear
Great for Bottoms
Great for Timeless Style
Great for Basics
Buy Jeans, Blazers, Coats
Buy Pants, Blouses
Buy Jeans
Buy Tops, Knitwear
Buy Knitwear, Outerwear
Stays In stock
Quick to Sell Out
Stays In Stock
Very Quick to Sell Out
Stays In stock

Even if you don’t like shopping in any of these stores, I hope this post helps you to look at shopping from a perspective of finding a brand that will work for your body type rather than fitting yourself into a brand just because everybody shops there.

This is actually the making of a true personal style.

Want to deep diver into reviewing some of the stores above. Checkout my Fall Haul where I am reviewing them.

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