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13 Best Shops To Buy As A Grown Women For Better Style On Budget


13 Best Shops To Buy As A Grown Women For Better Style On Budget

If you are wondering which stores you can shop to find great stylish clothing items without spending a ton of money, then checkout this guide where I am sharing 6 of my favorite stores where I regularly shop and what exactly I shop there. If you are tired of shopping at Zara or fast fashion shops where you just cannot find anything that fits you and flatters you properly, then these stores will definitely change that.

In this guide, I am comparing sizing guides of these stores, how to pick different items and the price point of each of the stores, that will help you to decide what to wear and also sharing when you can snag a deal in these stores.

Just a note that I almost always shop online for clothes. If you struggle with that I have a shopping online guide specifically for clothes, check it out below.

So, let’s begin, shall we.

Where to Shop for Clothes in Your 30s Without Breaking your Wallet

Best Budget Friendly Stores For Workwear


Mango is one of my most favorite stores to shop online. After shopping here, you will literally forget Zara. Some of the pieces I have bought from mango have lasted me for years together. 

And Mango is the perfect European store for that with all the latest styles and finds but most importantly for everyday women body type.

Mango has a fairly decent price point unlike a lot of high street brands. A basic T shirt pricing starts from $16 depending on the style. 

The best things are its jeans which starts from $59 and I absolutely love that about the brand.

The most expensive pieces would be Blazers and coats that would be around $100 – $250.

JCrew Factory

JCrew Factory is the best place to find classy preppy quality clothes on a great budget. Does not matter which season you are shopping, you will find relaxed fit but preppy style of clothes.

But it comes with a huge price reduction when you compare it with JCrew. I know the name factory throws all us of, and we instantly think its probably just last season clothes or bad quality clothes. And we could not be far from wrong. 

A lot of designers also have factory stores, these stores sell products that are mass produced hence, they are cheaper compared to the original brand with limited amount of a style.

Since its a factory store, you are already getting a good deal, but let’s dive into what are best value for money items you can shop at the JCrew factory. 

The run promotional offer almost everyday, so you know that you will get a deal today or tomorrow. 

I love their denim which is high quality and lasts a long time and usually starts at $48. Shirts and blouses would start fro as less as $39. You can also find good quality coats under $150.

Banana Republic Factory

If you are looking for sophisticated casual and elevated clothing items but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you need to start shopping at Banana Republic Factory. The brand has reinvented its workwear style since 2021 to create smart casual looks you can wear at work and everyday as well. 

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You can find really high quality garment in a fraction of the price. More importantly these styles are elevated clothing items you should be wearing in your 30s. 

All their sizing is catered to modern mature women and they look so flattering as well.

And price point is really good too. You can get a good quality work top under $30. A lot of my work basic tops are from the store. 


I first discovered NA-KD on social media and immediately got obsessed. The brand featured contemporary French women style clothing and accessories that will look chic and yet comfortable for office wear. 

You will find a lot of neutral pieces like, navy, nude, blacks and whites. These are perfect for work wear. 

And you can pick some special occasion clothes for office parties too. 

The sizing guide is Euro size. But if something does not fit, their return policy is pretty good (free return).

In terms of price point, you can really pick up some cute items under $100.


H&M remains to surprise me every time I visit their online store. They continue to innovate and design clothes meant for modern women. And their size guides has gotten really good too. 

You can find really chic pieces for office wear in a great deal. From blazers to trousers, they literally have everything you need.

Since H&M is still consider fast fashion, I always recommend picking styles that are timeless and paying attention to fabric quality. 

But some of the dresses and jackets that I have bought from the brand have literally lasted me for years. 


Looking for some business formal clothes that look preppy and chic, shop at Goelia. The Parisian design from the brand looks perfect for those corporate looks where you want to dress up a bit.

The sizing does run slightly small. So, going up a size would guarantee the best fit with the best quality of clothes.

I have bought a striped cardigan jacket that I literally wear everywhere. 

Best Budget Friendly Stores For Dailywear


If you love Madewell but hate the overpriced pieces then my friend Loft is definitely your store and you should be shopping at. I love the modern bohemian vibe or you can call it Cali Girl style of clothing that the brand shares which feels effortless and comfortable for everyday wear. 

I love that Loft includes all three sizing types, Regular, Petite and Plus which definitely makes each of their designs versatile and more customized for your body type. But They have also included a Curvy section, which sometimes is best for my body type if I am looking for a flow piece.

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The T shirts or more casual jersey tops for me feel a bit pricey, but their blouses, bottoms and jeans are really well priced. 

A blouse can range from $35 – $70 and a pair of jeans will mostly be around $80 which is amazing, isn’t it. 


Everlane has taken clothing brands to whole another level where they promise to offer you the best price for their product because they are selling directly from the factory. This cuts the middle market which is really commendable. 

Checkout my complete review of the Everlane clothes I have worn over the years. 

Everlane specializes in elevated basics. But their styles are also comparable to Madewell which is a bit pricey for sure, but way more modern and structure. A style that I absolutely love.

The jeans starts with $78 which is incredible and actually way cheaper than Levis jeans which I feel like are great value for price. 

Their tops and t-shirts start from $28 which is really awesome price point compared to like Express.

But the best pricing is for sweaters, their basic crewneck sweaters start at $50. Their most expensive clothing piece are the woolen blazers at around $170.

Land's End

If you are looking for that Italian twist of effortlessness in your style, shop at Land’s End. The store offers clothes starting from swimwear to casual basics perfect for daily wear. 

You can also find great Athleisure pieces for ladies who love wearing them. What grabbed my attention to this brand was there sizing guide which is perfect for women who have gone through live like motherhood and other changes. And not just for those model figured one. You will find both regular and plus sizes as well. 

But the brand does not compromise on design. It constantly brings new styles and updated trendy pieces too on a budget friendly price point. 

But it does not give you cheap fabrics. You can find a lot of clothes in natural fabric which always looks better. 

You can find a lot of good pieces under $100.

Z Supply

Z Supply features athleisure clothes that are lounge focused. And that makes it perfect store to shop for daily wear. 

But it does not sell trendy clothes. The brand features neutral pieces that just looks so inviting and comfy. You can also find denim and t-shirts for going out looks. 

What I loved was that most items are below $100 and affordable, that you can build a complete look with $100 or slightly more than that. 

The store does not have free returns, but they do offer free exchanges. 

Saint + Sofia


This is the best budget friendly brand where you can find all classy styles. You can find real leather, real silk, real cashmere and more. Your search for the best of fabrics is over with Quince

And you can literally find budget friendly options of your favorite pieces that you just can’t afford from expensive brands. 

Their sizing guide is pretty good as well as their shipping fees. 

Best Budget Friendly Stores For Vacation


Vici was an up and coming brand around 2019, but has become really popular amongst a lot of ladies. It has that California style with a southern charm. And you can find all your favorite finds there on a great price point. 

The brand has beachwear, bohemian style clothes as well as shoes and accessories to style the clothes with.

The best part is that the price point is great for you to actually be able to do some substantial shopping.

Sabo Skirt

I discovered Sabo Skirt on Instagram and instantly fell in love with their tropical prints and effortless clothing pieces. If you are looking for modern tropical vacation clothes that look dreamy but do not cost you an arm and a leg, then shop at the store.

I literally want to wear everything from the brand, from printed dresses to tops and swim wear.

Its an Australian brand and know exactly how to make tropical vacation clothes look stylish. 

Petal and Pup

Looking for chic wedding guest dresses that just look so pretty, but you can rewear them? Look no further, Petal and Pup is here. Another Australian brand that I am absolutely in love with.

The dreamy chic dresses look stylish and put together. And perfect for vacation and events alike. 

But it does not stop there. They also sell pretty accessories and shoes. So, you can pick up your whole outfit from the brand.

Even if you don’t like shopping in any of these stores, I hope this post helps you to look at shopping from a perspective of finding a brand that will work for your body type rather than fitting yourself into a brand just because everybody shops there.

This is actually the making of a true personal style.

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