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How to Wear Colors In The Fall


If you are like me who loves colors and lives for summer clothes, you are probably dreading fall and winter because you don’t want to let go of all the fun colors. What if I tell you, you absolutely do not have to only wear blacks and browns in fall!

Fall is the best time to wear colors. You see colors all around you with the leaves changing their colors to welcome a new season, we can do that too to our wardrobe. 

In this post I am sharing some awesome fall colors that you can wear, and I also wanted to help you with color combinations and how to wear them so your style looks cohesive. While, I am firm believer of wearing what you love the most and specially for fall, there are certain colors that just imbibe the fall spirit and will make it easier for you to transition to a new season.

How to Transition to Fall Colors

If you are in between weather or you just are not ready to buy all of the fall color pieces or wear them even, you can easily transition to fall colors gradually with the hep of your summer colors.

But the best way to start wearing fall hues is to pair them with white. White is just the perfect palette which can help you feel like a clean slate and it will go with any of the above shades I mentioned. 

I usually wear white footwear. A pair of good white boots can do wonders. You can pair them with black of even colored bottoms like skirts and pants. Trust me, your outfit will look amazing every time effortlessly.

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You can also wear white jeans or bottoms and incorporate fall colors as your top or outer layer. A pair of white jeans are like the basic and it will look great with fall colors as well. 

Wither you wear sweaters or you layer up, a Pair of good white jeans will always enhance your fall look. And they effortlessly level up your style game as well.

Check out this post where I share some easy tips you can follow to wear white in fall and winter

Wardrobe Essentials To Invest in Color

This is where you can build an awesome fall color collection slowly each year, so that when fall arrives suddenly, you don’t feel like you are not ready for it, or you have nothing to wear for fall. 

This is not only great for your wardrobe, but its also good for your wallet. Lets face it we cannot always buy everything new. Some of my fall essentials have been bought and collected for years that I bring out and enjoy each year. 

The key is that you should invest in pieces that are timeless and not a trendy item that will go out of style. You see no matter how much you feel like colors are not at all trendy. They come back each year with a different twist and if you invest in a timeless piece, you can still wear it and look chic. 

This is a big misconception a lot of people have, but I am here to prove that wrong. 

Colored Coats

A good quality coat in fall color is the best investment piece in your closet. My orange tone Wool coat that I own is over 2 years old, but every fall it becomes my statement color. And because the style of the coat is so timeless and structured, it looks good every single year. 

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Longer and minimalistic coats will always be timeless compared to something that is trendy for a particular season. No matter whether you spend less or more in them, the key is to find a style that will flatter you and be timeless.

Sharing some of my favorite colored coats that are on good price point and will enhance your fall style.

Colored Jackets

If its not too cold yet for coat season, a good colored jacket can also bring in some fall vibes to your outfit. There are so many styles of jackets these days that I am always excited to wear them as the season changes.

Pick up a color that will go with a lot of your outfits and is in one with your style as well. 

I am a big fan of shirt style jackets that look good with everything, even dresses. These have the perfect length to keep you cozy and make you look structured as well. 

Colored Blazers & Cardigans

Colored Bottoms

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, colored bottoms can easily add some much needed color to your outfit instantly. And when you are looking for jeans, pants or even skirts, make sure you find a style that flatters your body type, because colored pieces can enhance whatever you are wearing.

I also like to invest in some good colored bottoms that will last me through winter and I can also bring the out he next year. That should be your key thought whenever you shop for colored pieces, because when you fall in love with a color, its important that you can wear them a lot so you can maximize the wear out of them.

Skirts are equally good investments as jeans or pants, because as the weather gets cooler, you can wear them with tights or tall boots that will elevate your outfit even more.

Checkout the best colors to wear this fall and how to wear them.

Do you know? Another easy way of looking chic and adding some color is by changing your nail colors.


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