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What Heels to Wear for Walking and Still Look Cute


What Heels to Wear for Walking and Still Look Cute - Blog Banner

As we get older comfort becomes a key priority and heels are definitely not comfortable. But what if I told you that you can wear heels and walk. Ofcourse you can’t wear all heels and be comfortable. 

In this post I am sharing what heels are comfortable and you can easily walk on. Something to bear in mind that practice makes everything perfect.

For me when I started wearing heels again, I had difficulty walking, but after I did some calf stretching exercises, it got better. That is why it’s important to practice. So, if you haven’t worn heels in years, start will the heels I recommend below and practice.

Table of Contents

How To Pick The Right Heels

There are some key things to notice when picking the right heels that would keep you comfortable. These are the exact tips I use to shop for heels that not only look cute but also are functional. You can do this at the store or use them while you are shopping. A few of these tips has to be done physically, so my first tip is:

1. Don't buy finale sale

Whether you shop online or at the store, shoes should never be bought in final sale unless you are buying the same exact pair you owned earlier. Because if there is a chance that they are not comfortable, you can never return them.

2. Pick the right heel height

If you are reading this, you know that heels make you uncomfortable, but not all heel lengths are uncomfortable. Yup, you most likely are not buying the right height. If you are starting out wearing heels again, or really find them uncomfortable, try a 2 inch heel. They almost feel like nothing at all. 

But if you are confident that you have stronger calf to wear a little taller heel try 2.75 inch. They are tall enough, but not so tall that you can’t wear them.

3. Wear the Right Heel Style

This is key to feeling comfortable in heels. And I am speaking with experience. It does not matter what heel height you are wearing, block heels are much more comfortable than pointed heels. So even if you are wearing kitten heels, they will make your feet tired eventually, but you walk miles with block heels because the hole heel supports the back sole of your foot balancing your weight on it. 

4. Wedges can make you get taller

Wedges or platforms can help you to rock more heel height. The front of the shoes heel height offsets some of the back. So, if you are petite and you want some higher heels, wear wedges. If you are looking for cute ones, espadrilles are your best friend. They are comfortable and super cute and look great on anyone. 

Now that we have figured out what heel styles would be comfortable, its also important to figure out how to pair the right heels with the right occasion or event. 

Heels To Wear To Office

Ofcourse this is the first place we think about as we spend the most amount of time at work. And you also do a lot of walking around at work, so its important that you stay comfortable, but you don’t want to wear flats always, specially if you want to look nicer. 

Below are some of my favorite work shoes that are comfortable and you can wear and walk in them all day.


If you have a more business formal dress code then you most likely would prefer close toe footwear, or shoes that look put together. 

Sarah Flint Slingback Pumps (LUXE)

Sarah Flint footwear are meant for long term walking. The soles of the pumps have 3 mm extra padding that makes walking really comfortable. The pumps have 2 inch heel height which is just the right amount that flatters your outfits and gives you the height, but are really comfortable to walk. It also comes in Black and 2 more shades.

Franco Sarto Racer Slingback Pumps (Wallet Friendly)

This is my favorite budget friendly slingback pump that also comes in wider feet style which is comfortable and you will wear and walk in them for miles. And you don’t need to buy pink if that’s not your color. This slingback comes in many different color options. Here is a basic black one from Macys.


Business casual footwear are a little more flexible and you can definitely go open toe in them as well. But we also need to pay attention that, they should still make you look smart and work ready.

Frame Le Carlotta Sandal (LUXE)

Just bought this in green and already obsessed with it. The cushioned sole is so soft that you feel like you are walking on a pillow. The wide frame and 2.75 inch heel makes it perfect for walking around office. It also comes in white, but to me this black looks perfect for work.  

Because of the cushions, you can stand in them as well. They also look really sophisticated and well priced for the style. I am already headed for my second purchase which are the black ones.

Calvin Klein Belma Strappy Dress Sandals (Wallet Friendly)

A repeat buyer of these sandals because I walked my first one to death. The platform heels are super comfortable, so much that I walked for around 10 miles in a Vegas hotel for work conference in 3 days. 

More over, because the straps are minimalistic, you won’t get any blisters from all the walking or standing for hours which I also did. 

Trust me if you buy these shoes, you won’t regret them. They come in so many colors too. 

Heels To Wear To Parties

Parties and heels go hand in hand, but if you are going to an event where you might potentially do a lot of standing or dancing around, you really are hoping for something more comfortable. And while your brains tell you to grab flats because they are practical and always a comfortable choice, you heart is telling you to pick heels. 

Worry not, you do not have to make the choice when you see all the options I am sharing.

Day Parties

You can also count casual or non formal parties in this category where you don’t have a strict dress code but you still want to look and feel party ready and wear appropriate shoes to your outfit. These shoes are meant to party around and no jokes intended.

Loeffler Randall Emilia Knot Slide Sandal (Luxe)

The dreamiest party sandals from Loeffler Randall. This brand specializes in the romantic footwear style and this particular mule slide sandals come in so many different heel heights, but for me these 2 inch heel height is just perfect. The block style of the heels make them really comfortable. If you have weddings to go to, these are your best friend.

You can walk in them for miles and they look pretty with any outfit. These sandals also come in so many neutral and a fun green color, but I picked this one out because I usually wear solid colored outfits, so printed sandal will add such a contrast.

Schutz Sinara Sandal (Wallet Friendly)

These knotted sandals are another really romantic and sophisticated footwear that you can wear to so many occasions. I already own a similar style from Stuart Weizmann, but found a cheaper alternative from Schutz, a brand that I absolutely shop for over and over again. 

The best part is that you get them in block heels compared to pointy toe ones that I picked from Stuart Weizmann. So you can walk and dance in them all day long. 

Evening Parties

Night parties are heel worthy, but you also end walking and standing a lot. Whether you are going out for drinks, headed to a club, or have a house party to attend. So, the big question we all have, how do we look cute and stay comfortable at the same time.

I was asking myself the same question for years, till I finally found options that actually work. 

Valentino Garavani Rockstud Slide Sandal (Luxe)

These are pricey but worth every penny. I resisted them, but when I wore them, I could not stop wearing anything else. The 2.5 inch block heels are so comfortable that you can dance in them all night. And while I always thought the studs were unnecessary, they added a party vibe to the sandals. 

The straps have a barely there feel. I absolutely love them, and honestly would not hesitate to buy a different color option because these classic best sellers have so many options. 

Michael Kors Amelia Slide Sandal (Wallet Friendly)

I own them in white and would buy the black one in a heart beat. These are BOTTEGA VENETA inspired but are super comfortable and walkable sandals in the fraction of the price. Even though these have 3 inch heels, they are so comfortable because of the thicker soles. I have walked around downtown areas as a day trip and would also love to wear them at night for party looks. 

But these sandals also come in other colors.

Heels To Wear On Vacation

Yes, you can also wear heels on vacation where you have to walk a lot. Your best bet is going for block heels which balance your weight on your soles this way you don’t feel the pressure of long walks on your toes or calves.

So lets check out what are the best footwear to wear on vacation that will make your outfit look cute but are comfortable as well to walk in.

Dolce & Gabbana Open-Toe Mules (Luxe)

Whether you are headed to a beach vacation, a romantic getaway or headed for a city visit you will not stop wearing these sandals. I also wore them to Vegas on a work trip with my business casual outfit. the barely there 1.5 inch block heels look super cute and are extremely comfortable. You can walk miles in them or lay on the beach lounger all day. 

These sandals would probably be the only pair you would want to wear on your vacation.

Castaner Espadrille Wedge Sandals (Wallet Friendly)

Espadrilles are the best vacation as well as everyday footwear that can elevate even your casual outfits. And because of the wedge style they are really comfortable to wear. I have worn them in different heel heights, colors and styles. If you are starting out with espadrilles, checkout ways you can tie espadrilles that will stay put

Castaner is my favorite pair of espadrilles because they are comfortable and are long lasting. I have owned pairs for so many years and take them out and wear them every summer or to vacation as well.

RELATED: Castañer Carina Espadrilles Review

The awesome part is that you can wear a lot of the above shoes everyday as well. I have shared pieces that are versatile and wearable, because if you can rewear a piece there is no point in buying them at all. They will be a huge waste of money.

Here are some chic flat shoes for summer if you want to wear flats instead.


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