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What Necklaces You Can Wear With Turtleneck Outfits To Look Stylish


What Necklaces You Can Wear With Tutleneck Outfits To Look Stylish - Blog Banner

Wondering how to make your turtleneck outfits more stylish and interesting? You’re in the right place. Turtlenecks are cozy and versatile, but they offer a perfect canvas for accessorizing, especially with necklaces. In this blog post, we’re here to guide you on what necklaces to wear with your turtleneck outfits to achieve a stylish and put-together look.

Whether you’re headed to work, a casual gathering, or a night out, the right necklace can transform your turtleneck into a chic fashion statement. Let’s explore the art of pairing necklaces with turtlenecks and elevate your style effortlessly.

Table of Contents

Necklace Length For Style Of Turtlenecks

The biggest dilemma with turtlenecks are because of the extra fabric around the neck. So, not all necklaces would look the same as you expect them to be with turtlenecks. 

So, let’s see what lengths of necklaces would work for different styles of turtlenecks. 

Chunky Or Loose Turtleneck Sweaters

This is the worst turtleneck style to wear necklace on. Chunky turtlenecks have way more fabric around the neck, making it impossible to wear basic 18 inch or even 20 inch necklaces. 

So, this is where you need a chain length of 24 inch or more. 

Pendant necklace with a long chain is the easiest to wear with a chunky turtleneck. 

But if you want to make your chunky turtleneck look polished and sophisticated, try wearing a thicker chain instead of a really skinny chain.

This looks polished and classy. 

Chunky necklace with pendant
  1. Link chain necklaces would be perfect for these styles of sweaters. They are not as dainty, so they are visible over the turtleneck and you can find them in so many different lengths. And you can also wear them with other necklines.

2. Cuban chain necklaces would also be perfect pairing with chunky turtlenecks which are thick enough that they are visible and you do not even need a pendant because they are pretty thick. 

This a great way you can layer a cuban chain with dainty long necklace.

3. Long multiple pendant necklaces look great on a chunky turtleneck. Usually these styles of necklaces are different to wear with most necklines, but they look great with turtlenecks. They add a classy vibe to your casual chunky turtleneck. And would elevate your outfits. 

Just make sure to not pick weird colors that don’t pair well with your sweater shade. Gold and pearl or diamonds are timeless options.

Long multiple pendant necklace

The classic clover shaped necklace can be found everywhere. These look chic, have the Van Clef style and will elevate your turtleneck.

4. Long petal necklaces will also look great specially with black turtleneck sweaters. They will add a classy expensive touch to your outfit. Pearls have a way adding a feminine touch to your outfit. And they will make your turtleneck look polished.

Pearl necklace with turtleneck

You don’t have to wear plain pearl necklace if that is not your thing. Pick one with gold chain embedded. This way it adds some variety to your look and is a bit more tone down, so perfect for casual looks.

Fitted Turtleneck Sweaters

Fitted turtleneck sweaters are the most versatile style of sweaters where you can pair almost all styles of necklaces. Because they are fitted to your body, you don’t need a very long necklace. So, you can get away with wearing 18 – 20 inch long necklaces.

  1. Layered Necklaces would look perfect with fitted turtlenecks. You can add one thicker and one longer pendant one which looks casual yet dressy. This way your turtleneck does not look plain or boring.
Layered Necklace with Fitted Turtleneck Sweater

2. Simple Pendant Necklace can also be worn with a fitted turtleneck. This would be appropriate for work or other places where you don’t want to wear a lot of bling. Your turtleneck outfit will still look nice and polished, but you will have an elevated detail with it.

Pendant Necklace with fitted turtleneck

3. Chunky necklace which is not choker style will also look great on a fitted turtleneck. They  are perfect to create a dressy look with your turtleneck outfit. You can wear them with a fitted turtleneck dress or top paired with a fancier bottom to create a special occasion outfit.

Chunky necklace with fitted turtleneck

Printed Turtlenecks

Most of the time you will not find printed chunky turtlenecks. So, let’s skip that all together. The key is to pick gold or silver necklaces and avoid any multi colored necklaces with printed turtlenecks. 

They can make your outfit look tacky. If you have a doubt, always pick gold necklace and even better pick chunky gold necklace.

Chunky gold necklace with printed turtleneck sweater

Mockneck Sweaters

Mockneck is a bit easier to wear necklaces with because they don’t have a lot of fabric around the neck like the turtleneck. Hence you can get away with wearing shorter necklaces. 

But again, if you are wearing a loose mock neck, you have to pick the necklace accordingly. You can literally wear all the styles I shared here for chunky turtlenecks.

Necklace Styles That Will Elevate Turtleneck Sweater

If you are looking to elevate your outfits, necklaces will help with that. But only the right ones. Here is a quick list for the same:

Material of necklaces that look chic over turtleneck

  • Gold
  • Pearl
  • Silver
  • Diamond

Designs of Necklace that make turtleneck outfit better

  • Simple chain necklace
  • Pendant necklace
  • Multiple chain necklace
  • Tennis necklace longer

What Necklaces To Avoid Wearing With Turtlenecks?

As trends evolve with years, our styles should as well. But it’s also hard to keep up with them. When picking jewelry for your style, always aim for timeless style that will not get outdated in a couple of years. 

This way you can have high quality pieces that will last you a long long time. That being said, we all have some sentimental pieces of necklaces, but not all of them will look good with turtlenecks. Here are some styles you should avoid wearing with them to not look tacky or cheap:

  1. Grungy necklace style : If you are not trying to look edgy, avoid these spikes style necklaces that do not look expensive. There was a time for that,  but we all have grown up now.
  2. Multi dangle necklace: This one has long dangle chains or details across the front of the necklace which looks cheap and unnecessary when you have other high quality pieces.
  3. Multi colored necklace: This was ok when we were in our 20s. While some will disagree with me, they simply don’t look good. May it be rhinestones or anything, if they don’t look like real precious stones, then they look cheap.
  4. Fake colored necklace: And I am talking about these plastic necklaces that have a lot of different colors.


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