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What Shoes To Wear With Wide Leg Pants: From Flats To Heels


Wide leg pants are a flattering, versatile, and stylish fashion statement. Perhaps you’re planning some wide-leg-pant work outfits, or maybe you’re assembling some going-out outfits that feature wide leg pants. Even if you’re just wearing wide-leg pants to run errands, you may be wondering, “what shoes do I wear with wide leg pants?”

Wide leg pants feature a wide leg that starts at the hip and goes all the way down to the bottom hem of the pants. This wide, flowy leg drapes gracefully over shoes, which may make styling a bit confusing. Only some of your shoe will pop out from under your wide leg pants, so which shoes should you reach for?

No matter the occasion, I’ve got you covered. Continue on for tips on what shoes to wear with wide leg pants:

15 Shoes Styles For Wide Leg Pants

Open toe sandals in the warmer weather

Are you wondering what shoes to wear with wide leg pants in the summer? Choose open toe sandals. Open toe sandals are simple enough to where they won’t take away from the boldness of wide leg pants. They also allow you to show off your pedicure. If you want to express your vibrant personality with your footwear, you can choose an open toe sandal that adds a pop of color to your outfit. If you’re going to a summer business meeting or wearing wide-leg pants to a dinner on vacation, you may want to style your pants with heeled open toe sandals instead. On the other hand, if you’re just running errands or taking your kids to the pool, some flat open toe sandals may be more suitable.

If that isn’t your fashion style, go for a more subdued look with these elegant, metallic open-toe shoes. With a lower heel that is both sensible and stylish, this option proposes striking a balance between comfort and elegance. They are appropriate for both daytime and nighttime occasions because of the metallic finishes reflecting characteristic, which adds brightness and picks up the tones of the dress and any matching accessories.

Think of pairing these looks with a fitted jacket in a neutral hue like black, gray, or navy to give them a more polished look. This updates the outfit for a corporate environment while also adding a touch of refinement. A structured leather purse or a bold watch will keep the elegant charm while adding to the professional appearance.


Mackenzie Heel

Lenqua Sandal

Rachel Sandal

Pair with pumps

Our Top Picks

Alina Flex Leather Pump

Fresh Pointy Toe Pumps

Style with lug sole boots

Want shoes to wear with wide leg pants in the winter? Lug sole boots are the way to go. Not only are lug sole boots warm, comfortable, and easy to walk in during the winter months, but they also add more height and shape to an outfit with wide leg pants. The thick platform of these shoes perfectly pairs with the exaggerated width of wide leg pants, creating a playful and interesting silhouette that elevates an outfit.

Style with lug sole boots
by @ellenbrockygirl
Our top picks

Charges Boot

The Wyckoff Chelsea Lugsole Boot

Froitlan Chelsea Boot Lug Sole

Pointed toe boots

If you want to enhance the silhouette of your outfit, style your wide leg pants with some pointed toe boots. Because wide leg pants cover most of your shoes, the only part of the shoes you can see oftentimes is the toes. Instead of opting for any old shoe, you can choose a pointed toe boot that adds a new shape to your outfit. Pointed toe boots are also timelessly chic, helping elevate your outfit for more formal occasions or sophisticated events.

by @vladislava.r
Our Top Picks

Coach Carter Bootie

Steve Madden Brecken Boot

Vince Camuto Ratony Bootie

Slip on some slides

Wide leg pants can look sophisticated and professional. If you don’t want your outfit to look so conservative, you can make it look more casual and fun with some slides. Slides are easy, effortless, and suitable for those warmer days when you’re out running errands or spending time with family in some wide leg pants.

by @loverlygrey
our top picks

Coach Florence Sandal

Steve Madden Sienna Sandal

Elenaa Slide Sandal

Dress down with chunky slides

Seeking a way to dress down your professional wide leg pants? Casual shoes to wear with wide leg pants are chunky slides. Chunky slides oftentimes feature a thick platform, which not only adds some extra height, but also adds some extra interest to your outfit. The shape that platform shoes create is unique and eye-catching. It’s also a bit more casual than a flat slide or heeled sandal. This comfortable choice of footwear is excellent for those who want to wear wide leg pants during casual events.

Dress down with chunky slides
by @raynagracia
our top picks

Steve Madden Slinky Slides

Aldo Yassu Platform Sandal

Raye Sabot Flatform

Clear sandals

Clear Sandals
by @thacianamesquita
Our top picks

Steve Madden Signall Clear Heel

Raye Wildfire Heel

Style with sneakers

You can never go wrong with sneakers. Sneakers go with everything, including wide leg pants. If you’re seeking casual shoes to wear with wide leg pants, reach for a stylish pair of cozy sneakers and you’re all set. You can opt for a white pair of sneakers that can go with all of your favorite pairs of wide leg pants, or you can choose a more statement-making and colorful sneaker to show off your colorful personality. You can even select from more fashionable chunky sneakers or more athletic performance sneakers, depending on your personal preference.

Our top picks

H&M White Sneakers

Dilathielle Low Top Sneaker

Mule sandals

Mule sandals are the perfect balance between casual and formal. The open toe of the shoes makes them casual enough for daily wear, while the elegant shape and heel elevate the shoe for more formal occasions. Maybe you want to look more put together and sophisticated for an event, such as a baby shower or fundraising event, but you don’t want to go all-out formal. Style a pair of wide leg pants with some mule sandals for the perfect combination of classy and cool.

Mule sandals
Our top picks

Block Heeled Mules

Santana Mules

Elevate your look with kitten heel sandals

If mule sandals are the perfect balance between casual and formal, kitten heels are similar, but one step closer to formal. If you want your wide leg pants to look dressed up, classy, and professional, adding some kitten heels to your look will make all the difference. Kitten heel sandals feature a small heel that is comfortable and easy to walk in, as well as classic and elegant.

our top picks

Sanne Sandal

Jessa Kitten Heel

Serenity Bare Sandal

Loafer mules

Loafer Mules
by @wear.karra
Our top picks

Eden Leather Mule

Moska Mule Loafer

Doriana Mule Loafers

Zagreb Slip On Loafers

Keep it classic with Mary Janes

Mary Janes never go out of style. These closed-toe shoes with a strap can be styled with just about anything, including wide leg pants. Whether you’re going to a meeting or getting coffee with a girlfriend, you can wear Mary Janes with wide leg pants for a timeless, elevated, and feminine outfit that will never go out of style.

Keep it classic with Mary Janes
Our top picks

Vicenza Mary Jane Heels

Steve Madden Mary Jane Heels

Dolce Vita Mary Jane Flats


For those who love the classic feel of Mary Janes, but prefer something less feminine and more androgynous, oxfords are the shoes for you. Oxfords are a timeless shoe that is always in style. They are the unisex answer to mule sandals because they offer both a more masculine feel and a more formal feel, while still being casual and cozy. When worn with wide leg pants, oxfords can look chic, intelligent, and stylish.

Our top picks

The Rhys Lace Up Square Toe Oxfords

Yboan Oxford Shoe

Dr. Martens Oxfords


One of the most effortless shoes to wear with wide leg pants is loafers. Loafers are timeless, cozy, and easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion. If you’re styling a pair of wide leg pants and want to achieve a classic, timeless, and effortless look, style your pants with some loafers. Consider choosing neutral shades when styling this outfit to achieve a trendy yet timeless look that can be worn to a wide variety of occasions, such as brunch, business meetings, or bridal showers.

Loafers for Airport look
by @pinkaprildiarystyle

Steve Madden Mistor Loafers

Coach Haley Loafers

Loafer pumps

Love the look of loafers, but want something more feminine? Loafers have an androgynous look, which is chic and classic, but maybe also a bit masculine for some styles. Those who want to create a timeless and elegant outfit with a pair of wide leg pants and loafers should try loafer pumps. Loafer pumps combine the look of loafers with a feminine pump that gives extra height and elegance. This outfit can be worn to countless events including more informal gatherings like business casual events and dinner parties, or more professional events like interviews and business meetings.

Loafer pumps to wear with wide leg pants

Sarah Flint Loafer Pumps

Tory Burch Loafer Pumps

LK Bennet Loafer Pumps


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