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What To Buy For Holidays Before It Sells Out


If you are preparing for Christmas shopping or you are a procrastinator who thinks since all of us think that if its online shopping we will find everything, but this year might not be what expect. If you want to still do all your online shopping successfully then read on.

I am sharing what are the top things you need to shop early so that you find what you are looking for.

Is it too soon to star wearing Christmas PJs? Not really, sometimes, I just wear them when it gets really cold. This year we shopped for our family Pjs early and actually shopped for some more items that is potentially selling out pretty quickly. While a lot of see no reason to buy anything since we are going nowhere, which absolutely makes sense. 

But for those of us, who still want to keep some normalcy and honestly this pandemic has made me go even fiercer with trying to be the very best of me, I wanted to share some items that I totally think you should shop early for the holidays that might get sold earlier this year. This is to help you make quicker decisions in whether you can shop early and a lot of these items you would be able to save money on during this thanksgiving time and will come in before Christmas.


1. Family Pjs

This one was not hard to guess for you all since I made it obviously with the outfit I am wearing. But family Pjs always sell out early at the shops. I remember last year compromising with a larger size of the Pjs because we just could not find the one we wanted. And Saanvi also did not like what she was wearing, but we could only find that style that was available for us during that time. 

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Some of the stores that you want to checkout are Target, Macys & Amazon. The one I am wearing is from Macys, and I will link it at the bottom of the page if you like more of a minimalist modern Pjs.

Shop Some PJs

2. Puffer Jackets

This might feel uneccessary but if you have kids who grow out of there clothes pretty fast, I recommend buying puffer jackets early. And in general everywhere except Southern part of California, we need puffer jacket for most of the winter. This year I have a colorful puffer jacket in my wishlist. And I am eying them in stores like Macys, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales where I can find some good quality ones.

Here is the thing, even if you think it wont be sold out, trust me it will. We learnt our lesson with shopping for a new bike for Saanvi as she grew out of it. Oh gosh, her bike was more expensive that the combined prices of mine and Subhechhu’s.

Shop Puffer Jackets

3. Loungewear

Just like summer loungewear just sold out like anything, winter loungewear are going to be extremely difficult to get your hands on with a majority of us still working from home. Loungewear are the new fancy pieces thanks to a lot of influencers sharing there stylish outfits and brands coming up with new designs that are relaxed and still stylish.

I love to look for them in shops like Lulus, Asos, & Other Stories, where I can find some affordable styles.

Now before you think that these items are all great for online shopping, I often also forget that, because of Pandemic the manufacturers have lower number of staff to support the making of these garments which is hurting there supply and demand situation. 

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4. Winter Sport Gears

If you love to do winter sport with your family, I recommend shopping for any new item you need now. While a lot of items could be rented, to be safe in this situation, I would recommend to buy some of the wearable items like helmets, gloves, snow boots that you don’t bring in any germs with you. 

I am not really the best at shopping for those gears, but I have trusted Amazon with some of my helmets, gloves and goggles. I have had mine from Amazon and it has lasted my 2 years and I will also be using them this year.

4. Gifts

This goes without saying, but I recommend, shopping for all your Christmas gifts early, since you might have ship a lot of them this year. Even if you are not doing that, you have to think that either most items might get sold out early, or shipping delays that is normal thing during this time might cause for your loved ones not getting them on time. 

I used to be a huge procrastinator with this one, but when my Diwali gift for Subhechhu arrived late, I have completely changed my shopping strategy for holiday. Now, I will also be writing a blog post about how to buy a good gift for your family soon, so keep an eye out for that, or even better, subscribe to the blog so you will be notified when that is published.

I hope these tips are helpful or give you that push you needed to not procrastinate and get your shopping hat on. 

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Stay Safe! Happy Holidays

I hope these tips are helpful or give you that push you needed to not procrastinate and get your shopping hat on. 

Stay Safe! Happy Holidays


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