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What Ankle Boots To Wear With Wide Leg Jeans For Better Style


Wondering what ankle boots look great with wide leg jeans in winter? In this post, we are sharing what are the best styles of ankle boots you can pair with different styles of wide leg jeans. 

Wide leg jeans are a stylish and comfortable choice, and when paired with the right ankle boots, they can elevate your look to a whole new level. In this blog post, we’re delving into the world of ankle boots and wide leg jeans to help you achieve that polished and fashionable appearance. Whether you’re headed to work, a casual outing, or a night on the town, the right ankle boots can make all the difference. Join us as we explore the art of pairing ankle boots with wide leg jeans and discover the key to looking effortlessly chic.

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What kind of boots to wear with wide leg jeans?

The key to styling wide-leg jeans with boots lies in choosing the right heel height, shape and width. While sky-high stilettos with wide-leg pants do create a runway-worthy look, they may not be the most comfortable or practical choice for an active day.

A better option is a block heel. Block heels provide extra support and stability, allowing you to confidently stride through your day in style.

Don’t discount the comfort of a slim heel, especially if the heel is only one or two inches in height. A low, sleek heel provides just enough lift to balance out the voluminous silhouette of wide-leg pants while still allowing freedom of movement.

Ankle Boots For Dark Wash Wide Leg Jeans

You don’t have to just wear black wide leg jeans in cold weather. Dark wash wide leg jeans are an alternative shade that you can wear in winter.

Here are ankle boots styles you can wear with them:

White Block Heel Ankle Boots

It’s hard to pair brown with dark blue shade, but if you wear white ankle boots with dark wash wide leg jeans your outfit will look sophisticated and chic. They also  brighten up a dark tone outfits. 

So even if you wear a dark sweater, you can still wear white ankle boots with them.

But this is a great way to also wear white tops and change your dark tone boring winter looks.

Nude Ankle Boots

Tan or beige ankle boots are better than brown ankle boots when it comes to dark blue jeans. They are still lighter than dark wash jeans, so they brighten up and make your jeans outfit look sophisticated. 

This is a great way of elevating your denim look. But because they are not as bright as white ankle boots, you can easily wear any color of tops or sweaters with them and easily create a cohesive outfit.

Tan Ankle Boots with Wide Leg Jeans

Shop Tan Ankle Boots

Block Heel Black Ankle Boots

Black ankle boots are essential boots that go with any style of bottoms. But with wide leg jeans, make sure to pick block heel black ankle boots which will dress up and look better than flat Chelsea boots. 

These are great when you pair them with black tops or sweaters and coats. But you can also get away with wearing them with dark colored tops like burgundy, navy, forest green and so on. 

These shades are darker, so easy to wear.

Black Ankle Boots with Dark wash Wide Leg Jeans

Black Pointed Heeled Ankle Boots

If you want to dress up your dark wash wide leg jeans, pick black pointed heeled ankle boots. The pointed heel makes the outfit dressier and it’s perfect for special occasion of going out looks where you still want to wear jeans. 

Wide leg jeans generally look more put together than other styles of jeans, and adding pointed heel ankle boots will elevate it further.

Black Pointed Heel Ankle Boots with Dark Wash Jeans
Black Pointed Toe Ankle Boots with Dark Wash Blue Jeans

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Ankle Boots For Light Wash Wide Leg Jeans

Light wash blue jeans are too bright for winter outfits, but you can wear them in early spring with ankle boots when it’s still chilly out but you want to wear something bright. Here are the best ankle boots you can wear with them.

White Block Heel Ankle Boots

White ankle boots with block heels will compliment the light wash shade of the jeans. So, these will be really easy to grab and style with your blue jeans. It really does not matter which color of tops you are wearing. 

And they also look chic and will elevate your outfits compared to black ankle boots. 

White Ankle Boots with Light Wash Wide Leg Jeans

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Nude Block Heel Ankle Boots

If you don’t want to wear white ankle boost then light tan or beige ankle boots will also look great with light wash jeans. They almost look neutral from far away which compliments your look instead of standing out in your outfit. 

That is what should be the goal of ankle boots when you pair them with wide leg jeans. 

Tan Ankle Boots with Light Wash Blue Jeans

Ankle Boots For Colored Wide Leg Jeans

Colored corduroy jeans are popular for cold weather. They change up your denim outfits and they are also a great way to add some festive vibe to your outfit. 

Here are the best ankle boots you can style with them

Nude Block Heel Ankle Boots

If you have lighter shade of colored jeans like pink or gray you can wear neutral ankle boots with them. They look really chic and balance the colored outfit. This way you can either go monochromatic by matching the top or sweater with the jeans or you can also pick neutral tops. 

As always you need to pick block heel ankle boots. 

Nude Ankle Boots with Colored Wide Leg Jeans

White Block Heel Ankle Boots

Alternatively you can also pick white block ankle boots to wear with light colored wide leg jeans. They are the perfect neutral palette that will help you wear colored tops or sweaters. Or you can also wear white sweaters with you wide leg jeans to create a monochromatic outfit. 

I think by this time you must have realized that white ankle boots are really versatile. And you can also wear white ankle boots with other style of bottoms.

White Ankle Boots with Colored Wide Leg Jeans

Matching Ankle Boots with Tops

If you are wearing dark colored wide leg jeans like green, maroon and other shades, match the top color with the ankle boots to create a chic wide leg jeans outfit. 

So, if you are picking black top you can go for black ankle boots. And if you have a fun red top, you can pick red ankle boots to create a chic casual holiday outfit.

Colored Ankle boots with colored wide leg jeans

Ankle Boots For Black Wide Leg Jeans

Black wide leg jeans are the most versatile pair and the easiest to pair ankle boots with. You can technically wear most dark shades of ankle boots with them and look chic. Here are top picks:

  1. Black block heel ankle ankle boots
  2. Black pointed heel ankle boots
  3. Brown block heel ankle boots
  4. Brown pointed heel ankle boots
  5. Black suede ankle boots
  6. Red ankle boots

The shades of ankle boots you should avoid wearing with black wide leg jeans are:

  • All white ankle boots: They just look too contrasting and grab attention. This ruins your look.
  • All beige ankle boots: Falls under the same category as white ankle boots because of the contrast.
Ankle Boots with black ankle boots

Ankle Boots For White Wide Leg Jeans

White wide leg jeans are another versatile pair of jeans that look great on everyone and you can wear most ankle boots with them. But again avoid wearing really contrasting dark shades like:

  • Dark colored ankle boots
  • Black ankle boots
  • Dark brown ankle boots

These just create a lot of contrast in your outfit and does not look flattering. You are wearing white wide leg jeans to brighten up your outfit don’t you, so why wear dark boots to ruin it. So, you can wear white and neutral light shades of ankle boots with them.

Ankle Boots with White Wide Leg Jeans

Ankle Boots For Cropped Wide Leg Jeans

If your jeans fall right above your ankle then these are considered cropped. While I don’t recommend wearing these style of wide leg jeans because they just make you look short, you can still get away with making it stylish.

Specially if you are on a taller side, then you really don’t care if these wide leg jeans are making you look short. You can actually pick flat ankle boots with these styles of wide leg jeans. Here are the top styles that will flatter your cropped wide leg jeans looks:

  • Flat combat boots with lace detail: They will add a little bit of detail to your outfit.
  • Lug sole boots: These boots will still add some definition to your outfit with the sole but are flat, so comfortable to walk.
  • Pointed heel ankle boots: This will dress up your cropped wide leg jeans look. 

In terms of colors of boots, you can follow the same styles as mentioned above depending on the shade of your jeans.

Ankle Boots with Cropped wide leg jeans

Best Styles of Ankle Boots For Wide Leg Jeans

While I mostly covered heel height and shades of ankle boots that you can wear with wide leg jeans. There are certain styles of ankle boots you can easily rock with them which will elevate your overall style. 

  1. Pointed Toe Ankle boots: These have a natural way of  elongating your legs which makes you appear taller.
  2. Square Toe Ankle Boots: These look modern and sophisticated. And a must for every women’s wardrobe. 
  3. Combat Boots: The lace detail adds more sophisticated and edginess to your outfit. 
  4. Tall Ankle Boots: Ankle boots which are taller than regular ones will also be easy to wear with wide leg jeans because the wide seam give you room to walk in them.
  5. Sock Style Ankle Boots: These are usually ankle hugging and again will be easy to wear with wide leg jeans. 

Ankle Boots Styles To Avoid With Wide Leg Jeans

Ofcourse the goal of my blog is to help you look your best. And find easy ways you can elevate your outfits. So, these ankle boots styles are not necessarily bad styles, but it will take a lot of styling to rock them. 

So, my best recommendation is to avoid them. 

  • Snake skin ankle boots: Not sure if we are still wearing them
  • Croc pattern ankle boots: Same reason, they just look outdated and not classy. 
  • Round toe ankle boots: These are another outdated style of ankle boots you should avoid. Plus they make you appear short.
  • Studded or buckle Ankle Boots: These edgy style of ankle boots should be ditched. There was a time for it. But no more. 

For what to wear with wide leg jeans and ankle boots, please read:


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