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Best Women’s Ankle Pants for Work That’s Comfy Too


Best Women's Ankle Pants for Work That's Comfy Too

Looking for a good pair of black pants that are ankle length and would be versatile and comfortable, rounding up the best black pants for work in this post. 

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What Are We Looking For

Here is our criteria to decide what are the best black ankle pants. Even if you don’t get what we are recommending, you can use these tips to find the one that works for your.


Paying attention to fit of the pants based on your body type.That is why we chose pants that come in different length and sizes, so you can pick the perfect fit instead of having to deal with what you have got. You should also pay attention to how the pants will look on you. Not all of them will. 


I love the ones that don’t crease a lot, so I chose materials that you can sit, walk and jump and will not show creases. This is a really important tip for looking put together. If your clothes look crumply, you look the opposite. So, I paid attention to the material.


This is where you need to pay attention to whether you want something rigid or stretchy. Stretchable material will always be more comfortable. 

Best Black Ankle Length Pants

Halogen Relaxed Ankle Pants

The Halogen Relaxed Ankle Pants have stretchy waistband. Yes, that is amazing. This makes these pants comfortable when you are sitting at your desk all day. With 28 inches inseam, it fall right at ankle for someone like me whose height is around 5 ft 5 inches to 5 ft 6 inches.

If you are taller, these pants will be cropped. And it also comes in plus sizes. The part I love the most is the Viscose fabric, that does not wrinkle as much. So, you can rock these pants with confidence all day. 

If you have a belly pooch and are uncomfortable with structured trousers, these will be perfect for you. 

Wit & Wisdom Ankle Bootcut Pants

The Wit & Wisdom Ankle Bootcut Pants are a modern version of the classic ankle pants with the bootcut style. And this style of pants look really elevated.  Because they enhance your curves and make you look flattering. 

These pants are also super stretchable, so you will feel comfortable in them. The stitching detail on the side add more structure to the pants and makes them appropriate for work even though these are marketed as Athleisure pants. 

The length is also perfect to be Ankle length for shorter women with 27 inches inseam. 

These black ankle pants are machine washable, so their maintenance is also worry free. 

Loft Riviera Slim Pants

The Loft Riviera Slim Pants are a great pair in every color. I own them in green and have been wearing for a couple of years now. They are mid rise, so even more comfortable.  And completely stretchy. 

And the great thing about Loft is that they come in Petite, Regular and Tall sizes along with curvy. So, you can pick them in the specific length and fit perfect for your body type and height. 

They run a little large to size down if you are in between sizes. I honestly fell in love with these pants when I wore them. And I am so glad they come in black and other fun colors. 

All Green Monochromatic outfit

Boden High Waisted Richmond Pants

The Boden High Waisted Richmond Pants are my favorite cropped wide flare pants that look chic and sophisticated. They are cropped in length and come in Regular and Petite sizing. 

I bought the Regular and its just above an ankle length pants, but the wide leg style balances that. With a cute pair of kitten heels or even loafers you can create awesome work outfits that are functional and stylish. 

These pants are stretchy as well with 3% elastane and cotton. They are really comfortable and soft. So, you can wear them all day at work or even run errands or go out with them. 

If you have a little belly pooch or have straight figure, these pants would look great on you.

Express Super High Waisted Pleated Ankle Pant

The Express Pleated Ankle Pants is true high waisted ankle pants, that is why the brand emphasizes it. But the pants come in so many different lengths that you are gaurantee to find one that works for you.  

The pleated detail makes it really comfortable and flattering for us when we are sitting or have a little belly pooch which is absolutely normal. 

Express sizing runs a little small. I am usually really comfortable in size US 8 in most brands bottoms, but for express super high waisted pants, I have to wear size 10. This is also because I have a straight figure, if you have hour glass, you are good. 

These pants are machine washable, so really easy to care for and is stretchy as well. But something to really note is because these pants are polyester blend, it’s not going to crease a lot. Exactly what we need at work.

Ann Taylor Eva Easy Ankle Pant

The Ann Taylor Eva Easy Ankle Pants are actually pull on ankle pants which is just amazing. This means that there is an elastic band in the back which makes these pants really comfortable and perfect for everyday wear. 

If you want to look put together but crave comfortable clothes, these pants are a great work wear pants for you. 

The seam length is 27 inches, which is perfect ankle length. But if you are on the petite side, they also come in that sizing. But size down since they run large. 

These pants are 100% polyester, so they easy to wash and won’t have a lot of creasing. This makes them perfect for everyday wear. 

If you are looking for a little thicker material, they also come in knitted fabric.

Athleta Stellar Trouser

The Athleta Stellar Trousers are the perfect commuter pants that are ankle length. So you can wear them and stay comfortable on the move. The perfect Athleisure pants that also look elevated. 

The pants are made of Lycra and nylon, these pants are stretchy and have zipped pockets so you can put your belongings in confidence. I love when pants are built with function in mind. 

The pants also come in Petite, Regular and Tall and extended sizing. So, there is a fit for all body type. 

These are perfect smart casual pants for the modern woman on the go. And I hope they make them in other colors too.

JCrew Jamie pant with elastic waist

The JCrew Jamie pants are another best seller pull on pants with elastic waist that are also ankle length. The inseam for Regular or classic is 27 inch which is perfect ankle length. This 100% polyester pants have a wider hip design, so they sit comfortably and look flattering as well. 

This is a key point we need to look when buying a good quality pull on pants. 

The pants also have slanted pockets that are easy look modern and are actually functional. These pants are a best seller from JCrew factory and also come in navy. Because of the elastic design, these pants do run large, so size down.

Best Women's Ankle Pants Comparison

Black Pants Care

Whether you are working or on the go, your black pants will attract dirt and it will be visible really fast. Yes, and nothing worse than having a lot of lint. 

Here are two things you should keep at work that could help avoid any fashion faux pa.

  1. Lint Roller: I highly recommend getting a travel size one. Linked what I use that will help you get any fuzzies or anything out of the pants easily no matter where yo are. 
  2. Tide Pen: Even though you think black won’t show any dirt. It’s actually the opposite, they do show anything including lipstick or makeup the easiest. So make sure you keep a tide pen in your purse to clean it up quickly. 

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