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Everyday Essentials for Women’s Work Bag


Everyday Essentials for Women’s Work Bag

Ready to head back to office after long term work from home life, and wondering what should be in your work bag, so you can have a smooth work day at office? In this post, I am sharing your work bag essentials that will help you stay focused and enjoyable office time. 

Whether you are going to office for the first time or you have been in workforce for a while, I am sure this list will help you prepare for your day at office. 

I am also covering essentials that would be specific to you if you are a commuter or you drive to work. 

Essential Tech to pack

Other than your laptop, which is absolutely needed for any time of corporate work these days, there are other tech you should be packing with you.

Tech Essentials for Work

Laptop Charger

A lot of offices have removed designated cubicles or desks for their employees, so it’s obvious that you need to carry a charger to power your laptop at work. This also becomes essential, if you are someone who has a lot of meetings in their calendar for a day. 

You might not get enough time to sit at your desk and charge your computer, this way you can charge it on the go.

Phone Charger

You need to take this with you as well, because I don’t know about you, but I really get anxious when my phone has low battery. This will also come in handy whether you are driving or you are commuting. 

if you commute, you need to entertain yourself during the commute. 

Head Phones

With the new working from home model, you will find that a lot of meetings would also happen in zoom even if most of the attendees are in the meeting room. And so sometimes, you will need your AirPods, or your headphone or any other ear phone to be able to talk to your co workers who are not present at the office. 

Any Other Gadgets

In case you need more devices like tablets or you have a display at office and you need to carry your keyboard or mice to use in the office and then bring it back to use it at home. 

Or you like to also use your tablet for work or you need it for commuting, then you need to also pack that. 

Personal Care Items to Pack

Makeup Essentials for Work bag

Hand Cream

Between bathroom visits, and continuous use of hand sanitizers, your hands will get really dry, and a small tube of hand cream will come really handy. If you have a designated desk space, you might want to keep a big one at your desk, but I like to have one in my work bag at all times. 


If you take regular medication, then you probably won’t miss this step. But there are a few ones you should always carry. Headache pain reliever is a must have for me and goes with me anywhere I go.  

If you have problems with acidity, then you should also carry a small pack of Tums. They really help. 

Mouth Freshners

Not all of brush our teeth 15 times a day. I know some of you will frown, but just brush twice. So, I use mint most of the times. But you can also carry with you small mouth rinser that can help get rid of the germs that cause mouth to smell. 


Between lunch walks, commuting or driving, you will need to reapply sunscreen. You can carry a makeup spray one like the Supergoop makeup setting spray with SPF 40which you can apply on your arms, face and neck. 

Makeup Touch Up

Whether you apply a full face of makeup, or you just do light makeup, you might need to do touch up because you are sweating or it rained.  So, packing a small bag with all travel size makeup like:

Period Kit

I always carry this whether my period was just over or it’s far away. This just gives me a piece of mind. And you don’t need to carry everything, just pack a small pouch with your essentials.

Absolute Essentials

You probably won’t forget them, but you should not leave your house without them. 

Work bag essential list - The whole list



If you use blue light computer glasses, then don’t forget to pack them. Honestly, if you don’t you should start, they give your eyes comfort and reduce strain from computer.

You should also pack your sunglasses for driving and for commuting. Even if you are walking to the bus, you should protect your eyes. They also make you look nice. 

House Keys

Another common item we all might forget after working from home for so long. But if you drive to work, you probably have them with your car keys. 


Whether your office has them or not, you should carry a small notebook and pen just in case you need them. I am an old school, I need to write in my notepad so I can remember my tasks, even if they are right in front of me. 

A Healthy Snack

Pack this one for your own good. You have been so good while working from but trying to eat healthy. Don’t give it up for the afternoon sugar rush by heading to the donut table. 

Pack a healthy energy bar, or fruit that you can munch while working at your desk to minimize cravings. 

And if you are a commuter, you definitely need this. 

Essentials to carry if you are commuting

If you are commuting, you need to walk to your bus or train or even walk home from the stop. You would want to be prepared for the full commute and not just the work part.

Work Bag Essentials for Commuting


Whether it’s sunny or its raining, an umbrella can come in handy in protecting you from the elements. 

Picking a compact one will also help save space in your bag. Most compact umbrellas are also lightweight. 

Something to keep you entertain

You might not want to work during your commute. A lot of people do it, but it’s ok to also take a break. It also depends, what if you don’t have internet connection on the train or its very slow to get any work done. 

You can carry a book, or even download one, that you can read offline. 

Or listen to your favorite podcast or music to de stress.

Hand Sanitizer

Power Bank

A power bank is a must have for your phone when commuting. This keeps you worry free from having a dead phone. 

There are plenty of light weight ones that you can just plug into your phone and use your device normally. I have a two pack power bank that I interchange everyday from iWalk. They are available for both Android and iPhones.

Work bag Essentials - power bank

Water Bottle

You need to hydrate yourself on the go, and a lightweight water bottle that you can put in your bag will come handy. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether you use earphones or headphones, you should pick a noise cancelling one, so you can block out all the noise on the transportation to focus on your work, or to just relax. 

You don’t have to carry two different pairs. AirPods Pro is the perfect noise cancelling pair that will stay in your ears while you are walking or running to your destination.

Essentials to carry if you are driving

These items are specifically needed if you drive to work whether it’s long distance or short distance. 

Work bag essential to drive

Hands Free

You can also use your AirPods Pro, but if you are driving for a long time and need to take calls in the car, I suggesting using a hands free ear phone which is not covering both your ears. 

This will be really dangerous while driving. A hands free has one headset, so you can still be aware of your surroundings.

Charging Cable for Car

You need to charge your car so you can keep your phone’s power longer. This also helps you to use your phone for calls worry free. 

Food & Water

Driving for a long time while hungry is not really a fun experience. So, always have a snack with water in your car. Something dry and quick to eat, so you are not distracted while driving. 

And water or other beverage to keep you focused. 

Complete Work Bag Essentials List

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