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10 Best Lipstick Shades For Office Wear To Feel Confident And Look Great


Makeup is part of a woman’s dressing routine, but things get a bit complicated and challenging when finding the best lip shades for office wear. A good matching lipstick shade for the office is a confidence booster. It gives you a subtle elegance, making you look like you know what you’re doing. If you don’t want to look tacky or cheap in a formal setting, don’t compromise a good lipstick shade.

Amid the hustle and bustle of work, the last thing you want is to feel your makeup is not up to par. However, several working women complain about what color lipstick to wear to the office, as not all colors are suitable. If searching for the best lipstick shades for office wear is why you’re here, rest assured you won’t be disappointed. I’ll tell you the right lipstick shades to wear, whether dark, light, or dusky skin. Let’s get started!

10 Best Lipstick Shades for Office Wear

Nude Lipsticks

Nude lipsticks are golden. They’re never wrong and a safe bet for office wear because of their subtleness.

What I love about nude color is that it goes with every skin tone, whether dark or light. If you want to keep things minimal, nude lipstick shades are your go-to. It goes perfectly with formal clothing.

Finding the right shade for your skin is crucial when it comes to nude lipsticks.

I recommend nude brown shades. They look decent on any skin, but if you want to be noticed, the pink nude is your choice. It keeps your lips glowing without the glitter, which adds a spark to your entire face.

The best nude lipstick shade products you should try include:

Nude Lipstick for work
by @mariamchehab

The best nude lipstick shade products you should try include:

Gucci Velvet Matte Lipstick: Rosewood

Gucci's matte lipstick is so silky and hydrating while being matte. And its shade rosewood is the perfect nude lipstick you need to have in your work bag. It screams sophistication and style.

Mauve Lipsticks

Mauve, a blend of pink and purple tones, is an all-multipurpose lipstick shade.

It’s another flattering color suitable for every skin tone, so you don’t have to worry about wearing lipstick that clashes with your skin color.

Many women love this color because of its rosy appearance and the depth it adds to their lips, creating a refined look.

Apart from complementing your skin tone, this color adds sophistication to your office outfit. A mauve lipstick shade will make your face office-ready. 

Maeve Lipstick for office
by @chrysazacharaki

Let’s look at some lipstick products with this color:

Soft Pink Lipsticks

Pink Lipstick for work
by @stunner_skincare

Some soft pink lipstick shades you can try include:

Brown Lipsticks

Brown is known for exuding a warm and earthy feel. They bring a certain level of sophistication and professional demeanor that most other colors rarely offer. From light, muted browns to dark, richer shades, brown lip color provides various shades that suit varying skin complexions.

I love brown shades because of their natural mimicking abilities. Its rich hue enhances your lips with a warm glow and adds an earthy warmth to your skin color while maintaining a professional look. I also love the versatility and day-to-night transition – you can effortlessly rock it from the office to after-work events, making it a more practical choice over many colors.

If you want to exude confidence, create a natural, polished look, and stay elegant even after work is over, brown is your go-to choice.

Brown lipstick for office

As I said, brown exists in different shades. You can try the following out according to your skin tone:

Pink Nude Lipsticks

Pink nude is a shade of the traditional neutral nude color with a pink hue. This nude tone offers a natural flush of color that enhances your lip color and provides a refined finish. One of the strong points of this lip shade is its ability to transition from day to night while maintaining a polished look. That means you can move from the office to after-work events without looking different.

Another strong point is its versatility. It complements various skin tones, from medium to deep skin due to the pink undertone. Make pink nude a staple in your makeup collection and stay fresh all day. 

Pink Nude lipstick for office
by @chiaraconroy

Shop some of our top recommendations are below:

Subtle Coral Lipsticks

The best lipstick shades for office wear offer a certain level of vibrancy without sending the wrong message. This subtle coral lipstick shade is a perfect blend of energy and liveliness that instantly brightens your skin color and injects playfulness into your lips.

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If you want to make a bold statement, say you want to woo a client into investing or make a good impression on your colleagues, coral lipsticks offer you that choice. From pink to orange to red, there’s a coral lip shade for you.

Coral is typically dark hue, but you can make it lighter by dabbing some foundation on it. I suggest applying less makeup to complement the lip color.

Soft Coral Lipstick for office wear

Let’s check out some products with this bold and bright color and why I recommend them:

Peach Lipsticks

The last thing you want is to wear a lip color that antagonizes your complexion. With peach, you’re wearing a lip color that will perk up your skin tone – that doesn’t make you feel like you’re trying too hard.

Peach is not a conventional office lipstick shade, but it can add a refreshing and bright color to your office makeup and outfit. Known for its warmth and cheerfulness, peach adds a youthful glow to your lips while keeping you professionally looking. It’s also a versatile shade that complements various skin colors, making it an ideal choice for official or formal occasions.

Peach Lipstick for work
by @tobimakeup

Here are peach lipstick shades I recommend for office wear:

Rose Lipsticks

Rose is a shade of red and is considered less feminine. However, it does make an excellent lip color for office wear. While rose lip shades make a strong impression, they offer a subtle balance that makes them ideal for office wear. Its rosy hue bolsters your lips naturally, giving a radiating appearance. 

Wearing rose lipstick maintains a polished look from day to night. More importantly, it complements many skin tones because of its darker shade. If you want a flattering and striking lipstick shade to maintain a professional appearance, don’t think twice about choosing the rose color.

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Rose Lipstick shade for work

Some of our top recommendations of rose-colored lipstick shades you can try:

Berry or Plum Lipsticks

The berry color is one of my favorite lipstick shades for the office because of its sophistication and rich hue. This color is bold, style-elevating, and inspires confidence, which makes it the perfect shade for office wear.

A berry-colored lipstick can help you create a statement-making finish that looks professional. It will also compliment dark skin tones without being too overpowering. Whether attending a meeting or a corporate event, the berry is an excellent lip color that can enhance your makeup and outfit.

Berry ranges from light to dark shades, so try experimenting with different shades according to your outfit and complexion. 

Plum lipstick shade for office

Get ready to rock any berry lip colors below and wow your colleagues.

Brick Red Lipsticks

Want to wear a red lipstick, but it feels too intense for work, try the brick red lipstick. You can also call it the burnt orange lipstick. This is great for all skin tone, but looks amazing on cooler skin tone. 

While this shade has some red tint, the brown tint balances that and brings it closer to our skin color. And it does not look as intense as a red lipstick shade. So, you can easily wear it with dark tone outfits like black, browns or even navy. 

Brick Red lipstick for office

Checkout some of my fav brick red lipstick shades:


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