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Best Small Makeup Pouches For A Clean And Organized Bag


Sharing 21 cute and stylish compact makeup bags that you can carry in your tote bag, backpack or large handbags so you don’t make a mess inside your bag or have to take everything out of your bag to get that lip balm out when you need it.

These bags are functional, stylish and leak proof, so you can be worry free when carrying your favorite makeups on the go. 

*This post is all about the best small sized cosmetics pouches for your purse.

It’s the most embarrassing and annoying thing when you need something from your bag, and you end up taking out everything else, instead of what you need.  

But worry not, these small cosmetics bag will keep your bag organized and tidy. 

What qualifies for a good compact makeup pouch?

Here is how we have determined that these are perfect cosmetics bag you can carry in your bags:

  • Not too big. Most cosmetics bags are made for travel, its hard to find one that is in a smaller size fitting your everyday bags. 
  • The right material. Made out of nylon, faux leather or leather so they are spill proof and keep everything neat. 
  • Look great. Yes, its important for us that these cosmetics bags are not only functional but look nice so you don’t feel embarrassed taking them out of your bag in public. 

What to put in the small cosmetics bag?

These bags are not meant to carry all of your makeup, but they can also be used to keep things other than makeup. You can put your hand sanitizer, hand creams, medication as well. 

In terms of makeup, we recommend keeping travel size products, compact brushes that you don’t need to take out when you get back home. Because you might forget packing them back. I have a whole blog post on how to organize your tote bag where I share my exact process of organizing a tote bag with mid compartment. And I also have a video where I share what essentials you need to pack in your tote bag.

But here is a quick list to help you:

  1. Compact powder for touch ups. (You would not need a brush)
  2. Lipstick
  3. Lip balm
  4. Concealer
  5. Mascara
  6. Eye liner
  7. Makeup setting spray
  8. Sunscreen
  9. Hand sanitizer
  10. Tide pen
  11. Bandaids
  12. Safety Pins
  13. Small Comb

Our Top Picks!

Most Budget Friendly Small Cosmetic Pouch

Vivitop Small Makeup Bag from Amazon

Best Designer Small Cosmetic Pouch

Gucci GG Matelassé beauty case

Best Minimalist Small Cosmetic Pouch

Tumi Belden Cosmetic Pouch

Most Functional Small Cosmetic Pouch

Hobo Leather Cosmetics Case

Best Small Makeup bags For Handbag

Royce New York Compact Cosmetics Bag

PRICE: $135

The Royce New York Compact Cosmetics Bag comes in so many fun and neutral shades, so you will have no problem picking your favorite. It has leather exterior material and the interior lining is water proof and stain resistant. So, you can carry your makeup in confidence. 

This bag is small enough to also go in your everyday handbags as well as tote bag and backpacks.


5″W x 4″H x 2″D

Tumi Belden Cosmetic Pouch

PRICE: $95

The classy minimal look of the Tumi Belden Cosmetic Pouch makes it a must have for travel and every day use. In fact you can also use it as a regular pouch to head out. 

The grained leather look so luxe and it is the perfect side to keep your makeup and more organized in your handbag. And it also comes with a 2 year warranty


4.25″ H x 7.5″ W x 1.75″ D

Zenpunk Small Makeup Bag

PRICE: $18.99


5.3” W x 4.2″H x 2.1″D

Mark & Graham Leather Cosmetics Pouch

PRICE: $69

A small cosmetics pouch that you can monogram as well. I love Mark & Graham products. They are high quality and look so chic. 

This fun aqua colored cosmetics pouch can be easily found in your bag because of the shade. The grained leather looks so luxe even in the bright color. And just add your name or anything you want while you order this bag, and the cosmetics pouch has a custom effect. 


5.75”w x 1.25”d x 4.5”h

Vivitop Small Makeup Bag

PRICE: $9.99

The Vivitop Small Makeup Bag is made out of high quality waterproof Polyester and also comes with two year warranty, replacement guaranteed.

It has double zippers so you can open from any side, and also has inner compartments to keep your makeup even more organized. The nylon material makes really easy to clean for everyday use. And the bag comes in a fun pink and sage color as well. 


6.1″ L X 2.5 ” D X 4.7 H 

Madewell Leather Makeup Pouch

PRICE: $39.50

This compact makeup pouch from Madewell looks so stylish in the cognac leather shade. But its actually made out of vegetable tanned leather. 

The brown leather looks perfect with the gold zipper. This cosmetics pouch is compact and stylish to carry in your purse and comes in black as well. 


4″H x 6 1/2″W x 3″D.

Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Cosmetic Case

PRICE: $155

The Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Cosmetic pouch looks sophisticated and luxe in the classic front flap design, but is compact enough for your handbag. 

The monochrome logo button and embossed logo, makes this pouch a style statement as well. The grained semi shiny leather looks polished and minimal. This is one pouch you would want to show off in your bag. But you can also pick this in a dark navy shade if you are bored of black. 


6.7″W x 2.2″D x 4.3″H

Matt & Natt Abbi Mini Cosmetics Bag

PRICE: $55

This vegan leather cosmetics pouch is roomy yet stylish and looks so fun in this fun yellow shade. Matt & Natt is a completely cruelty free and vegan  brand, so when we came across this cute makeup bag, we had to share. 

The interior lining is made out of recycled plastic and also has compartments for more organization. This bag has the perfect length to keep your long makeup brushes too.


7”L x 5”H x 3.5”D

Whistles Nina Leather Cosmetic Bag

PRICE: $109

One of the best part about the Whistles Nina Leather Cosmetic Bag is that it opens all the way with all round gold zipper. This makes it really easy to find everything you need from the bag when you are in a hurry. 

I love the grained leather material which makes this pouch bag look luxe and perfect to carry outside of your bag too. 

The semi circle shape makes it easier to pack variety of sizes in the pouch as well utilizing all of the space. 


4.9″H x 7.1″W x 3.3″D

Hobo Leather Cosmetics Case

PRICE: $49.97

The Hobo Leather Cosmetics Case bag actually opens up completely and you can lay it flat. It has two size netted zipped compartment that will keep everything secure.

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You can easily access everything and not worry about any items slipping out. The hidden magnetic clasp that will keep it closed. The print on the leather is a nice change to the plain colors.

And one of the reader was excited that the cosmetic pouch is perfect size for even tech accessories. Fits all USB power adapter, charging cable, emergency battery, airpods charging case, pen, flipnotes book and keeps thing organized and easy to find. 


7 ½”W x 5 ¾”H x 2 ½”D

Kate Spade Morgan New Cosmetic Case

PRICE: $98

This cosmetics bag is on the longer side, but the short height makes it compact too. So, if you want to bring your makeup brushes or long combs, then this is your cosmetics pouch. 

The Kate Spade Morgan New Cosmetic Case is made of Saffiano Leather which is durable and long lasting. 

The classy look of this pouch is perfect in a classy handbag. 


3.7″H x 8.7″W x 3.5″D

Narwey Mini Cosmetic Pouch

PRICE: $8.99

You can open up this bag down the sides so you can see and reach everything in it without taking everything out or dropping things out of the opening. Very practical and useful. The pink is muted, pleasant, not bright. 

This is the most budget friendly, functional and stylish cosmetic pouch. The Narwey Mini Cosmetic Pouch is durable and functional with side slip compartment and netted longer compartment.


6.7″ W x 2.7″ D x 5.1″ L

Ted Baker Croc Embossed Makeup Bag

PRICE: $55

The Ted Baker Croc Embossed Makeup Bag is a classy with an edge cosmetics pouch made out of faux leather. The bag looks minimalist and is the perfect size that you can also carry it for travel. 

The faux leather makes it leak proof but has a long zip opening that will keep everything secure. 

The croc embossed pattern makes this pouch look luxurious. 


7.8″W x 2.7″D x 5.7″H

Mulberry Darley Cosmetics Pouch

PRICE: $350

The Mulberry Darley Cosmetics Pouch is not just a cosmetics pouch, this looks so chic that you can also use it as a regular pouch. But this makeup pouch has grained calf leather exterior and faux leather interior lining. 

This makes it easy to clear and not worry of spills. The Mulberry logo and hardware enclosure looks so luxe and officially a great gift idea too. 

The bag is compact to fit in your palms and one of the best sellers from the brand.


7¼”W x 2½”D x 5″H

Pottery Barn Emery Leather Cosmetic Case

PRICE: $109

This grained leather makeup pouch from Pottery Barn looks so fun in the shade but also comes in more neutral shades. The interior has a sail cloth lining. And the best part is that you can customize it with a monogram for $15. 

I lobe the inverted design of this bag which is great for fitting different sizes of products. This leather cosmetics pouch is actually compact with just 5.5 inch length.


5.5″ W x 0.25″ D x 4″ H

Gucci GG Matelassé beauty case

PRICE: $690


6.3″W x 4.9″H x 3.5″D

Furla Camilia Cosmetic Case

PRICE: $108

Furla is one of the best leather handbag brands perfect for everyday wear. Their bags are durable, stylish and great value for money. The Camilia Cosmetic Case is nothing different with sleek classy design. 

The classic Furla gold logo adds a luxe touch with minimalism. The bag also has n internal slip pocket great to compartmentalize products. This bag looks modern and sophisticated and the perfect size to fit in larger handbags as well. 


5.71″ W x 3.54″ H x 1.77″ D

Longchamp Le Foulonné Cosmetic Case

PRICE: $125

This grained leather pouch from Longchamp is so sophisticated and minimalist with black embossed logo and stainless steel zipper hardware. If you like more subtle minimalist pieces, this is perfect for you. You have a designer product in affordable pricing.

The interior lining is polyester making this cosmetic pouch leak proof and also has a pocket to compartmentalize items. This pouch is in the classic semi circular style which is great for storing different sizes of makeup products and more. 

The pouch is actually compact even though it does not seem so. 


6.75″W 4.75″H x 2.5″D

Stella McCartney Alter Cosmetic Case

PRICE: $550

This compact makeup pouch from Stella Mcartney is made from Faux Leather which is the brand’s mantra. But it looks no less designer worthy with the classic perforated logo which is minimalist and functional. The pouch also comes in black, but this nude color enhances the logo and looks so chic. 

It has a masculine style with the thickness but the semi circle curve design looks feminine. It also has a pocket inside and the big zipper opening makes it easy to reach for items. 


4.8″H x 6.3″W x 1.4″D

Leatherology Small Cosmetics Pouch

PRICE: $75

The Leatherology Small Cosmetics Pouch is classy and absolutely functional and great value for money. The classy grained leather exterior competes with a lot of designer options. 

The pouch is rigid and holds its shape really well which means that your items stay secure and not get crushed. The inner lining is waterproof, so you dont have to worry about your mascara soaking through it. But if you are a darker color bag works. 

There is an inner pocket which helps compartmentalizing items and the bag also comes in bigger sizes, so you can create a cute travel kit. 


4.5″H x 7.2″W x 1.4″D

Givenchy Cosmetic Bag

PRICE: $440

The Givenchy logo in this cosmetics pouch looks luxurious yet  does not look over the top. This is a fun preppy cosmetic pouch that will elevate your tote bag style. But you don’t have to stop there, you can also use this as a regular pouch.

The exterior material is a mix of cotton, acrylic, and faux leather which makes this makeup pouch durable and long lasting. And really easy to spot in your black bag. 

This pouch is longer and shorter so you can carry it like a pouch. 


2.8″H x 7.5″W

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