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How To Style Crossbody Bags With Your Outfits

It is highly unlikely that someone  does not own a crossbody bag. They are one of the most underrated bags which is styled correctly looks phenomenal on everyone. If you are a busy Mommy, or a student, or even someone who is running errands, a crossbody bag comes in handy for getting all of that done. Which takes me to my first question.

In this post I am answering 14 important questions people have asked about how to carry a crossbody bag including my top style tips and hacks that will help you look stylish while carying your crossbody bag with all your outfits. Did I say all your outfits? You heard it right. 

If you are looking for some crossbody bag recommendations or how to decide what crossbody bag will be ideal for you, then you have come to right blog. 

What are Crossbody Bags?

Crossbody bags sometimes also known as messenger bags are designed to be worn on one shoulder with overhanging across your body. They are designed to make it easier for us to be able to carry heavy items because the way you wear the strap across the body also distributes the weight making it easier to carry things.

They also became popular handbag for women because of the casual and effortless design which makes it easier to carry as an everyday bag for your chores and more. They look more laid back because of the longer straps and the way you carry them.

Why are Crossbody Bags So Popular?

I think the main reason this style of bag is so popular is because of the versatile design that can be morphed into many different shapes and styles. The simple style of a crossbody bag can be made to look as sophisticated we want with intricate details we can see from designers like Bottega Veneta or as simple as crossbody bags from Fossil. 

The choices are endless and honestly anyone can easily style one with any of their outfits. I honestly have taken just one crossbody bag for an entire month long trip and still rocked it for every single outfit I carried with me.

Here is a bit of back story: These bags were also known as utility bags were carried by Fisherman, Soldiers, or you can say mostly people who had goods to carry. While the style of bags have long past just that style of utility, we know how much a crossbody bag helps us in our day today lives. 

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How low should a Crossbody Bag hang?

If you are wearing a crossbody across your body, which most medium sized bags are worn as, you should ensure that the bottom of the bag does not fall below the hip bone. It should hit right below or lay on your hips.

Now you would wonder why is that so? Typically our hips are built to carry heavier weight. In old times heavy objects were also carried on your hips if you could not carry them on your head or shoulders specially for women. So, it naturally feels most comfortable there. 

But, it also looks disproportionate if you crossbody bag falls below that. It looks as if the bag does not fit you or is too big for your body. As a result it does not look as flattering. 

How do you wear different styles of Crossbody Bags?

Again, these are general rules that I have picked up over the years while carrying different styles of crossbody bags. And yes they are not just messenger style bags. So I will share some tips about different straps styles of bags and how you can style them.

Chain Strap Crossbody Bags

Image Via Pinterest

Envelope Crossbody Bags

They are actually y favorite crossbody style because of how secure I feel since you can wrap all your belongings inside the top flap and not worry about anything falling out. They also usually have a lot more room as they are made to carry more item compared to other styles. 

These bags are the most versatile and depending on where you are wearing them to, you can easily wear them crossbody style or as a sling bag. But this might depend on whether you have an adjustable strap or you have a fixed length strap. 

If you have a fixed length strap you can wear it across your body if the strap is not too long for you  (something to thing about while you are shopping for one).

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Top Handle Crossbody Bags

These bags are the newest trend since 2020 and I absolutely love them. These are the rare style of bags where you also have room and you also have versatile style. 

Now, because of the top handle, you can hold the bag in your hand, or slide it on your wrist as well. So, there are usually 4 ways you can wear this bag. 

Most top handle bags come with adjustable straps, but I would not be surprised if there are exceptions. 

What should I put in my Crossbody Bag?

Though there are no right or wrong answer to this question and it completely depends on 

  • your lifestyle,
  • which event you are headed to
  • and what style of bag you are carrying

But most of the time, these bags don’t have as much room as a tote bag has, so you cannot really carry your whole entire world in it ( I mean it depends :)) But these are some basic things I feel like as women, we should be able to carry in our crossbody bag. These factors can also be taken into consideration while shopping for the perfect crossbody bag that fits your lifestyle.

  • Your wallet – A good size crossbody bag should be able to carry your wallet.
  • Your phone – The purpose of the bag is to give you more independence, so you need to have enough room in the bag to be able to carry your phone for sure.
  • Your basic beauty items – These include lipstick, lip gloss, or other sanitary products which can be store in the small chain compartment which was designed to carry your valuable belongings, but has become unnecessary.
  • Your sunglasses – You don’t need to fit your case in it, as long as the sunglass could. (you have no idea how many times I have forgotten them on a restaurant table).
  • Keys – This is the most important thing after your wallet that should comfortably fit in the bag. 

How to Wear a Wide Strap Crossbody Bag?

Wide strap crossbody bags are usually also called messenger bags and are perfect for everyday chores or activities where you need to carry more things together like heading for work, or to the gym or even heading for a big shopping trip. 

But with Dior revolutionizing the thick strap style which you might have seen literally everywhere, wide straps are back in style even with smaller crossbody bags. 

If you have a normal solid colored strap and want to look a bit chic in them, carrying theban as a sling bag might look way better than across your body. 

But, if you have a statement strap with more details on them, wearing it as a crossbody bag enhances your overall look and adds a statement style to your outfit. But, I would recommend going with minimalistic jewelry since you want the strap to be the focal point.

How do you wear a Crossbody Bag if You are Big Busted?

I have been asked this question a lot of times and it is a valid point specially because if you are carrying a heavy crossbody bag, it can create a valley in the middle of the chest area and it can be uncomfortable. But there are some ways to avoid it:

  • Wear a heavy crossbody bag as a Sling bag. If you are really uncomfortable, shorten the straps and hang it on a shoulder for a sling bag look.
  • Wear a sports bra. This is a trick that I use when I am carrying a thick strap crossbody bag. A tank style sports bra can help keep your chest area smoother. 
  • Wear Blouses instead of T shirts. This can really help you get over the discomfort of lookin weird while wearing a bag across your body. Let’s face it, its all in our mind. if you wear a blouse with front buttons or cut outs, it does not draw as much attention as a plain T shirt would. Think about it.

How do you wear a big Crossbody Bag?

How do you style a Crossbody Bag?

This is not about different ways you can carry a crossbody bag, but I wanted to share some outfit Ideas and style tips on how you can rock any crossbody bag you own without feeling weird.

Accessorize your bag!

Its not really uncommon to do this. But if you have a really plain crossbody bag or completely solid colored crossbody bag, you can accessorize it in different ways.

A Scarf can be a great way of decorating and transforming a plain bag into more elegant and sophisticated. This would also be perfect if you have somewhere more dressed up to go to. 

Adding a bag charm is also a fun way to accessorize a plain bag. Don’t shrug your shoulders yet, charms don’t have to be childish at all. There are so many sophisticated charms like a tassel   or a coin purse. Even a keychain style charm would add some hardware detail to the bag and transform it into a statement one.

Wear Contrasting Bag

While a lot of us wear matching bags for some reason, I feel like the opposite works better. The bag itself no matter how simple it is, becomes a statement before of the color contrast and transforms the whole outfit. 

I love this tip specially for fall and winter when I am dressed in darker tones. A contrasting bag elevates the whole look. 

You can also do this for spring and summer where if you are wearing a brighter outfit, go for a basic colored bag so that it compliments the outfit and not overshadow it.

Match With Your Footwear

This is my most favorite trick when I am wearing more than one color in my outfit. Its hard to pick a bag, so I usually match it with my shoes. 

Less is More

I always say this for everything, but this tip is for carrying a statement bag which has a lot of details in it. Try to minimize your accessories or hardware details in your overall look. This makes the bag as a statement accessory and you don’t look like you are flashing a lot of bling which can look a bit tacky.

Not More Than Two Logos

Had to put this in there because I see this common mistake that can make you look a bit… tacky. I love my logos, but a lot of them just screams that you want all the attention. 

Subtlety is always the best. So if you have a designer bag logo hardware, make sure you are not wearing a lot f other logos.

How to Look Chic Wearing a Bag as a Crossbody?

I wanted to share some style tips and hacks that you can use to really rock that crossbody style and not just a crossbody bag. 

You can easily transform a bag as a crossbody if you have enough strap length. But this style tips will help you look stylish and smart wearing them in the crossbody style.

Style Tip #1

If you have a medium to large crossbody bag, it looks best if it rests on your hip facing side ways. This does not make your hips look bulky or you. 

This will also help you to carry all your stuff without feeling too heavy. 

Style Tip #2

If you are wearing a smaller crossbody bag, trying swinging it to the front of your body. Usually smaller crossbody bags tend to not stand out so much when carried as a crossbody. 

If you use this trick, the details of your crossbody bag would create a statement look to your outfit and hence it will become a statement accessory in your overall look.

Style Tip #3

This is a great tip to transform your any normal strap bag into a crossbody style. Absolutely inspired by Dior Saddle bag, these styles of bags have become really popular lately. 

You can also use this trick on belt bags with really thick strap. 

Wear them closer to the front of your chest. This style looks amazing with coats and layered outfits where you sometimes feel drowned in the outfit. 

By wearing your bag in a crossbody style, you can easily add some structure as well statement to the overall look.

How to desire what Crossbody bag you should buy?

This completely depends on what you are looking for, but if its your first crossbody bag style in whatever budget you are looking for, you need to think of the following things to get the most value for your money:

  1. Will the bag fit your lifestyle perfectly? If you can spare a lot of money, this might be optional, but I always love buying bags that I can use a lot rather than just buying and keeping. 
  2. Will you get the most wear out of it? This should have been the first point, but think of how much you can use the bag in the first year. specially if it’s an expensive one. 
  3. Does it look good on me? Don’t buy a bag because someone else has it, buy it if you look good carrying it. 
  4. Is it comfortable to carry? Look at how much things it can carry, whether its made of a material that is too heavy for you or whether you have strap adjustment if it has a really long strap.
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I go in detail about this in a post where I share some tips on how you can be smart about a luxury purchase. 

How To Be Smart About Your Luxury Shopping

Best Designer Crossbody bag

I want to share a few of my favorites and some of these are pieces that I own and have been loving for years now and absolutely vouch for.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

This is by far my top favorite and most worn designer crossbody bag, that I could not part my ways. Its been 4 years I have been using this bag almost everyday. So, if you are looking for your first designer handbag, this should be it. It has the most room for a medium to small size crossbody bag. 

The straps are just the right size and are adjustable too.

Fendi By The Way Bag

If I could, I will own multiple colors of this bag. I have been using this bag for the past two years and love the quality of material. Not much creases and it looks so smart and perfect for work as well as casual. The straps are the statement straps and look so chic with all my outfits. It also has top handles, so so many ways to wear it.

Gucci Camera Bag

Another popular bag and for a good reason. This bag is on my wishlist this year, because its an easy to transform bag. You can take it to a special event as well as wear it for everyday purposes. It also has decent room so you can fit all the necessities.

Best Crossbody Bags under $500

If you are looking for a crossbody bag under $500, then I have a few favorites which are still high quality like the designer ones and would last you for a long time.

Tory Burch Convertible Shoulder Bag

One of the most popular and classy bags of all is the Tory Burch top handle convertible bag, which is two styles of bag in one. This bag has been one of the most popular styles of bags in the market and is current on discount. It has plenty of rooms and looks smart as well as elegant. 

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag

The Marc jacobs camera bag known as snapshot bag is one of the sportiest and most fun bag I have seen out there. This one is actually in my cart currently. The strap detail adds the perfect sporty touch to your casual outfit and it comes in so many colors.

If you are look for a really casual crossbody bag, then this is for you.

Kate Spade Leather Flap Bag

This is a fun bag like every Kate Spade bag, but its not so chidish. Its just the right amount of playful style, we all are looking for. This bag comes in a lot of colors and varieties. But this color is my favorite, I think its because I am so ready for spring time. Its a medium size bag which means it has a lot of room but with the chain details, it transforms into a party bag as well. 

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