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12 Best Socks To Wear With Ankle Boots – No Show


Looking for the best cozy socks to wear with your ankle booties that are comfortable and no show, in this post I am sharing 12 best socks that you can easily wear with ankle boots without worrying about it showing.

Ankle boots are most worn boots all year round and most of us loose socks like anything may it be in the process of washing, or the socks just not be as good after a few wear. So having enough of these in your closet handy so you never run out of options to wear with your favorite ankle boots. 

So, make sure you save this or bookmark this post to come back and restock or try a new one.

*This post is all bout the best socks to wear with ankle boots.

Finding the right style of socks for ankle boots are a bit tricky. If your socks are a little longer, they peak through the ankle boots and look undone and frumpy. This actually brings down your overall outfit. So even if you are all ready and looking chic with everything else, if you have socks showing outside of your stylish ankle boots, your outfit does not look put together at all. 

And on the other hand if you are wearing socks that are shorter and ends before the ankle, then there is a high chance that the socks will roll up inside the boots because they will run against the boots and start slipping down. 

I have experienced this first hand, so I know how annoying it can get. 

So, lets check out the best styles of ankle boots that you can wear with ankle boots. 

12 Best Socks With Ankle Boots

Hanes Core Cushioned No Show Socks

PRICE: $18

The Hanes Core Cushioned No Show Socks have a cushioned sole for comfort but they are not thick at all. And with the low ankle length these socks are no show when you wear them with ankle boots.  Each pack comes with 6 pairs of them, you can literally wear one each day of the week and repeat. 

They come in black and white colors. I personally prefer black always, but if you wear white ankle boots, then white pairs would be great too. With X-tep technology these socks will designed to adapt to your body temperature, so you stay cool and dry all throughout the day.

Banana Republic Textured Ankle Socks

PRICE: $25

These ankle socks are make for ankle boots with the ribbed ankle style for better grip and perfect length that hits right at ankle and guarantee no show when you are wearing ankle boots. And if you are looking for neutral colors of socks, then they come in all neutral shades along with black, white and gray. 

The socks are made out of 100% cotton which is comfortable and you can also machine wash them. 

These come in one size, but with the perfect stretch they will adapt to your feet size. 

Hue Women's Quarter Top Socks

PRICE: $18

The Hue Cushioned Quarter top socks are made of soft cotton blend and these socks are absorbent yet breathable for all day comfort and fit. The soles of the socks are cushioned as well for comfort of walking all day without the thickness. 

These are built for sports, so they are comfortable and sweat absorbent. So even if your feet sweat in the winter, they will keep you stress free. 

The quarter top length hits right above the ankle and great for ankle boots. They also come in 6 pairs a pack, but with 3 and each color. So you will only need one pack. 

Gold Toe Sport Cushion No Show Socks

PRICE: $19

These no show socks are moisture wicking and cushioned and great to wear with ankle boots where you want to do a lot of walking. Gold toe is know for good quality sports socks. And the Sport Cushion No Show Socks promises comfort and no stretch, so you can wear these socks and not worry about losing their shapes. 

One reader wrote that she used to steal her husband’s socks because they were so comfortable, till he gifted them a pack and now she cannot part ways. 

The 9-11 sock size fits for Shoe size of 6-9 and comes in a pack of 6.

Bombas Women's Solids Ankle Sock

PRICE: $49.50

The Bombas ankle socks are the socks of every ladies dreams with blister tab in the back for our sensitive feet. These socks have moisture wicking and ventilating design and material that helps keep our feet comfortable throughout the day when our body temperature varies. 

The socks have seamless toes, so there are no annoying bumps when you are wearing fitted ankle boots. The arch support honeycomb design and the cushioned soles help you walk with ease even when you are wearing heeled ankle boots. 

These are a bit pricey, but totally worth your money. And the part that sold me is that they come in varied sizing:

  • Small – US size 4 – 7 1/2
  • Medium – US size 8 – 10 1/2
  • Large – US size 11 – 13 
  • Extra Large – US size 13 1/2 – 17
Each pack comes with 3 pairs.

Bombas Merino Wool Quarter Socks

PRICE: $20

If you are in between sizes and worry about your socks slipping in your ankle boots then you should wear the Bombas Merino Wool Quarter Socks. They are the perfect length and will hide under ankle boots. 

Merino Wool is a natural wonder that is soft, warm, and moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry and cozy. And they have added polyester and spandex for stretch and comfort.  It has the same cushioned footbed and honeycomb arch support design that all Bombas socks do. 

But the most important part, they have seamless toes, so no bumpy feeling inside your boots.  

These are individually sold and also come in Small, Medium and Large. 

Gold Toe Ultra Soft French Quarter Socks

PRICE: $16

The Gold Toe Ultra Soft French Quarter Socks looks so chic with the ribbed ankle that I want it to show. But the quarter length is perfect for wearing it under ankle length. And it comes in a solid black, white, gray and other fun shades too. 

Its comfortable and has the enforced toe style that keeps your socks intact on your feet. It also has cushion support and moisture wicking material that keeps you feeling comfortable and confident throughout out the day. 

Each pack comes with 3 pairs of socks and you can pick sizes from  socks that fit shoes size 6 -9 and 9-11.

Skims Everyday Ankle Socks


The Skims Everyday Ankle Socks come in all shades of skin tone just like other clothing items from the brand which is amazing.  These soft breathable socks are low ankle and have a stretch fit. 

They fall right at the ankle and don’t have a lot of thickness to he ankle fabric which can be annoying when you are wearing them with longer shoes like ankle boots. The socks are pretty elastic and are machine washable as well. 

These are called everyday socks because they can also work with sneakers as well boots. 

Lemon Powder No Show Socks

PRICE: $14

Micro fiber socks, built to provide comfort and coziness to your feet, the Lemon Powder No Show Socks are versatile and great quality that you can keep on wearing everyday. The soft plush material makes it irresistible to not wear. 

And the socks fall right above the ankle making it no show socks for your ankle boots. The elastic around the ankle also feels soft because of the plush material. So if you have a sensitive skin, try these ankle socks with your boots . They also come in black and white shades. 

Fruit of the Loom Cushion No Show Socks

PRICE: $14

The Fruit of the Loom socks are a great value for money as you can get 10 pairs in 1 pack. And they are the perfect ankle length so you can wear them with your ankle boots. 

These socks are one of the best sellers and most bought socks for everyday use with overall cushioning and all comfort. But jus the right amount of stretch to keep your socks intact and no slip. 

Cozy Foot Low Cut Socks

PRICE: $14.99

The Cozy Foot Low Cut Socks are a best seller in amazon made out of 75% bamboo cotton which is breathable and 5% spandex for the perfect elasticity and thin enough for everyday wear with ease. 

It also comes with a heel tab in the back to prevent from any scratches at the back of the feet specially when boots become too tight or your feet is swelling. These socks fit right at the ankle and are great for everyday wear as well as to be worn with boots and other dress shoes. 

Stems Ankle Socks

PRICE: $26

The Stems Ankle Socks are a best seller at Nordstrom. These come in 5 pairs in a pack in both black and white. If you are looking for a thin pair of socks that are soft and comfortable for all day wear, then these are the ones. 

And with low ankle, they fall right at the ankle so they will be invisible when you wear them with ankle boots. What I love most about them is the uniform color, so if you are wearing them all day even at home, you look chic and comfy. 

Best Socks for Ankle Boots Comparison Chart

For more on ankle boots styling, please read:

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