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15 Best Stores For Work Clothes For Modern Look: 2024 Guide


15 Best Stores For Work Clothes For Modern Look: 2024 Guide

Whether you just started a new job, you want to refresh your current office wardrobe, or you are switching careers and want to make a positive impact with your outfits, you want to find the best stores for work clothes. Many modern stores are packed with ill-fitting, cheaply made, fast-fashion clothing. Instead of settling for less, struggling to put outfits together, and wasting money on cheap clothing, seek stores that are made with your needs in mind.


2024 Best Workwear Stores For Women

One of the reasons these pieces are so well constructed and high-quality is because they aren’t made with trends in mind. Rather, these pieces are made with timelessness in mind. If you want to look sophisticated, classy, and put together, opting for timeless clothing is the way to go. Plus, these clothes will stay in your closet for years to come because you won’t tire of their style.

If you think classic and professional workwear has to be boring, think again. The best stores for work clothes sell fashionable clothing that allows you to express yourself in the workplace. Some options sell colorful workwear that can help you show off your vibrant personality, while other shops sell well-tailored and chic options that can help you look elevated. The options are nearly endless. To discover stylish, high-quality, and well-made clothing, shop at these best stores for work clothes.

Best Store For Suits: Banana Republic

Mango is one of my most favorite stores to shop online. After shopping here, you will literally forget Zara. Honestly, I never found anything that worked for my body type in Zara and I naturally always blamed myself. But I realized that I was not  shopping at the right stores who made clothes for my body.

And Mango is the perfect European store for that with all the latest styles and finds but most importantly for everyday women body type.


U.S. sizing with Petite, Regular and Tall Sizing. Find the company’s size chart here.

Banana Republic Sizing Guide

Pieces range in price from $10 to $700, with average prices around $110 per piece.

What To Buy

Blazers, blouses, pants, suits, blazers, vests


Marconi Cotton Linen Vest

Maya Linen Midi Dress

The Perfect Shirt

Everywhere Ponte Blazer

Lina Straight Linen Pant

Best Store For Modern Skirts and Dresses: ME+EM

ME+EM is a contemporary womenswear brand that is focused on creating high-quality clothing for an affordable price. The clothing sold by ME+EM gives off an elegant and expensive appearance, but prices aren’t astonishing. You can find cutting-edge and trending styles at this retailer that can help you stay on your fashion game in the workplace.


U.S. sizing 2 to 12. Sizing information is available here.

ME+EM sizing guide

Dresses range from $50 to $995, tops range from $40 to $495, and pants range from $90 to $1,110.

What To Buy

Dresses, tops, pants, sweaters, coats, skirts, jumpsuits, shoes, accessories, denim, suits, and co-ords


Chambray Tailoring Wide Leg Pant Suit

Textured Cotton Knit Scallop Maxi Dress

Cheesecloth Ruffle Sleeveless Blouse

Textured High Waisted Maxi Skirt

Halterneck Jumpsuit and Belt

Best Store To Shop For Smart Casual Basics: Modern Citizen

Modern Citizen is a brand that, like its name suggests, creates clothing for the modern citizen. Shoppers can find high-quality basics that can complete a workwear capsule wardrobe. Garments are available in a range of neutral shades that pair well with one another or with pieces from other brands. Its the best store for smart casual basics for women in Tech.


U.S. sizes 0 to 20. The size guide is available at the footer of the company’s website.


Clothing from Modern Citizen ranges in price from $40 to $170.

What To Buy

Dresses, tops, sweaters, skirts, and pants.


Ayumi Gathered Shoulder Dress

Jocelyn Asymmetric Ruched Side Tee

Carson Button Front Cardigan

Harley A-Line Vegan Leather Skirt

Paula Smocked Waist Wide Leg

Best Store For Work Pants and Shirts: Reiss

Reiss is a clothing retailer that offers an extensive variety of womenswear. Customers interested in workwear for women can find dresses, blouses, trousers, skirts, and so on from the company when shopping online. Reiss clothing is simple, with some standout pieces that can act as statement garments in your workwear closet. Satin, lace, and ruffles can be found on some playful pieces from this retailer if you’re interested in something out of the box. Those with a more simple sense of style will also have no problem finding stylish clothing that is suitable for the workplace at Reiss.

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Regular and petite clothing in U.S. sizes 0 to 12. Size charts for Reiss clothing are available on product pages.


Garments range in price from $60 to $1,500 depending on the item, but average prices are around $200 per piece. 

What To Buy

Two-piece sets, blazers, and belts.


Loris Viscose Linen Wide Leg Trousers

Lyocell Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Atelier Silk Ruffle Blouse

Tailored Single Breasted Suit Blazer

Azalea Pleated Asymmetrical Midi Skirt

Best Store For Work Skirts: Posse

The clothing available at Posse is light, fun, and playful, while also being work appropriate and professional. Those with a more whimsical personal style can easily find something that is perfect for the workplace at Posse. Bright colors, airy silhouettes and fun patterns are easy to find at this retailer. That’s not all Posse has to offer though. If you have a more refined taste, the brand also carries clean and simple clothing that will look chic when styled for a day at the office. 


U.S. sizes 0 to 10. Size charts for items are available on product pages.


Clothing from Posse ranges in price from $50 to $420.

What To Buy

A combination of statement pieces and essential basics; vests, skirts, and pants.


Diana Vest

Emma Pencil Skirt

Harper Vest

Alexis Dress

Presley Trouser

Best Store For Jackets: Massimo Dutti

Making a statement with workwear doesn’t always mean wearing a bright pattern or bold color. Sometimes, it’s the cut of the clothing that makes the biggest impact. If you are looking for stylish yet timeless work jackets, this is your go to. 

For the more fashion forward professional, Massimo Dutti is an excellent place to shop. The retailer sells high-fashion clothing that is sophisticated and on the cutting edge of what is in style. Customers who are seeking unique cuts, innovative silhouettes, and chic fabrics and colors can shop from the apparel the company has to offer. These items are both fashion forward and appropriate for the workplace.


U.S. sizes 2 to 14. Size guides are available on product pages when shopping online with Massimo Dutti.


Garments range in price from $100 to $500.

What To Buy

Jackets, Dresses, blouses, pants, and skirts.


Mermaid Satin Skirt

Linen Wide Leg Trousers

Pleated Skirt with Laces

Straight Linen Blend Skirt

Halter Top with Open Back

Best Store To Shop For Work Tshirts: COS

Modern style, designed to last, is COS’ slogan. The company creates high-quality garments that are designed with a timeless element that never goes out of style. If you’re seeking a capsule wardrobe that you can wear to work in the years to come, COS is an excellent destination to shop. While some items from COS are simple staples, others feature a small twist. This small twist, such as a unique print or material, can help your work wardrobe stand out for the right reasons in the office.


U.S. sizes 2 to 14. Shoppers can check the COS size guide for more information about sizing and fit.

What To Buy

Tshirts, pants, tops, blazers, and accessories.


Crewneck Tshirt

Polo Collar Tshirt

Striped Tshirt

Ruffled High Neck Blouse

Wide Sleeved Linen Shirt

Wide Sleeved Linen Shirt

Best Store For Outerwear: The Frankie Shop

The Frankie Shop is a trendy retailer that combines professional workwear with trendy street style. If the corporate look isn’t exactly for you, then The Frankie Shop is one of the best stores for work clothes for you. The Frankie Shop uses bold silhouettes and cool textures to make their workwear stand out.

But if you are looking for outerwear that will elevate your work looks effortlessly, then this is your store. You can find sophisticated business coats and blazers to smart casual jackets.


U.S. sizes 2 to 10. Size guides for items appear on product pages when shopping online with The Frankie Shop.


Pieces vary in price from $40 to $1,400. Garments made from leather and more expensive materials are priced on the higher end, but many other items cost between $200 and $500.

What To Buy

Coats, Jackets, Blazers


Lightweight Coat in Taupe

Faux Leather Bomber Jacket

Striped Navy Blazer

Trench Coat in Sand

Leather Coat

Best Store For Workwear Tops: M.M. LaFleur

M.M. LaFleur is a clothing brand that is dedicated to making professional and stylish dressing easy for customers. Garments sold by this company are chic, classic, and easy to mix and match. Clothing from M.M. LaFleur is also thoughtfully made with high-end materials that are easy to care for. Materials like wool and silk, which are normally high-maintenance, are made into clothing by this company that can be washed in a household washing machine. If high-quality items and easy care are top concerns for you when picking out a work wardrobe, consider shopping with this company.


 U.S. sizes 00 to 18. Size guides for products are available on the item page.


$175 to $525

What To Buy

Tops, Shirts, Sweaters, Cardigans, Blouses


Printed Turtleneck

Silk Button Down Shirt

Cotton Silk Knit Pullover

Knit Sleeveless Top

Printed Top

Best Store For Jeans & Silk: Favorite Daughter

Favorite Daughter is a brand that focuses on womenswear. The pieces for sale at Favorite Daughter have a light and luxurious feel. The clean lines and soft colors of the clothing available at the retailer are perfect for making a professional first impression in a work environment, without going too bold or over-the-top. The last thing you want to do when styling a work outfit is feel like you’re playing pretend. You want your workwear to truly feel like something you would wear, and that’s where Favorite Daughter thrives. Many pieces by this retailer are also easy to transition from day to night.


U.S. sizes 2 to 16. Size guides for specific items are available on the product pages.


Clothing is available for prices as low as $80 and as high as $400.

What To Buy

Jeans, blouses, and pants


Masha Super High Waisted Jeans

Denim Maxi Skirt

Favorite Denim Pants

Boyfriend Ankle Jeans

Mischka Super High Wide Leg Jeans

Best Store For Colored Suits: Argent

Argent designs womenswear for the modern working woman. The clothing the company has to offer is streamlined and classic, with bold touches that help the garments stand out. If you’re looking for the best stores for work clothes that combine classic elements with bold and contemporary details, check out what Argent has to offer. Vibrant colors are a signature part of the Argent style. Completing your wardrobe with workwear must-haves at Argent is easy. 


U.S. sizes 0 to 16. To find the perfect fit, give a look at the size guide on the online product pages of specific items.

What To Buy

One-pieces and separates, including dresses, suit suits, blouses, and pants.


Fuschia Blazer

Fuschia Pants

Red Blazer

Red Pants

Pink Blazer

Pink Pants

Best Store For Feminine Work Wear: & Other Stories

The goal of & Other Stories is to create elevated everyday garments. When you get dressed for work, & Other Stories wants to help you do so in a way that helps you make an impact. What sets & Other Stories apart from other brands is their unique approach to classic silhouettes. The retailer makes subtle adjustments to traditional styles to help make ordinary pieces extraordinary.


U.S. sizes 0 to 18. Shoppers can evaluate the size guide for further information on how garments will fit.

Size guide

Garments vary in price from $30 to $600.

What To Buy

Dresses, blouses, Skirts, Cardigans.


Puff Sleeve Midi Dress

Crewneck Buttoned Cardigan

Pleated Midi Dress

Printed Midi Skirt

Gathered Sleeveless Midi Dress

Best Store For Tailored Sets: A.L.C.

A.L.C. is a brand focused on top-quality tailoring. One of the key elements of looking professional and put together in a work environment is wearing well-tailored clothing. If an article of clothing is well-fitting, it will automatically look more expensive, no matter how much you paid for it. 


Sizes XS through XL. Size and fit information for specific products is available on the product page when shopping online with A.L.C.


Clothing ranges in price from just $50 to $1,000.

What To Buy

Dresses, knitwear, and skirts


Kieran II Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Amy Embroidered Poplin Shirtdress

Declan Linen Jacket

Savannah Stretch Linen Jacket

Elliott Cashmere Sweater

Best Store For Contemporary Workwear: Marcella NYC

Are you seeking the best stores for work clothes that combine classic pieces with bold and contemporary pieces? If so, shop with Marcella NYC. The brand carries the must-have blazers and trousers you need to make a positive impression in the office, as well as more bold dresses and blouse options you can wear on those days where you want to show off more of your personality in the workplace. Creating a capsule wardrobe of workwear requires a combination of traditional essentials and more eccentric pieces that match your personal style, so be sure to check out the variety of garments Marcella NYC has to offer.


U.S. sizes 0 to 20. Sizing information is available for specific articles of clothing on the product page.


 Prices for clothing range from $50 to $425.

What To Buy

Blazers, trousers, dresses, and blouses.


Sheer Full Sleeve Top

Whitney Dress

Marcy Sleeveless Top

Mercer Dress

Sweatshirt Dress

Cooper Top

Best Store For Edgy Workwear: Equipment

The professional who loves playful, bold, and trendy clothing can find their match with Equipment. This womenswear retailer carries statement-making professional pieces that can help individuals stand out in an office space. Not only does Equipment carry bright and vibrant pieces that are professional enough for a work environment, but they also offer more subtle pieces that can dress down more bold options. You can complete your workwear wardrobe with pieces full of personality when shopping online with Equipment. 


U.S. sizes 00 to 12. To find details about the sizing of a specific item, check out the product page.


Clothing at Equipment is priced between $75 and $700

What To Buy

Blazers, trousers, and blouses


Printed Silk Shirt

Zadi Cotton Shirt

Owen Trouser

Maya Long Sleeve Top

Marthe Midi Skirt

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