Best Straw Hats That Will Complete Your Summer Outfits

Best Straw Hats That Will Complete Your Summer Outfits


Are you ready for all your summer vacations or summer outdoor events and are searching for some good straw hats because you are tired of your floppy straw hats that you bought last year, then you are at the right place. In this post I am sharing some awesome straw hats that are not just to protect your face in the sun, but they also look stylish and would compliment your outfits.

I have never been a big fan of floppy straw hats and honestly don’t own any. I made the switch to structured hats a few years ago and absolutely love them. They look way better than floppy hats. 

And with fashion evolving these hats have also evolved quite a lot. For now, I am sharing four of my favorites, but as I discover more, I will update this post. If you want to get notified, don’t forget to subscribe.

Straw Fedora Hat

This is my favorite everyday hat that has replaced my Fall and winter Fedora hats. I picked this one from Etsy, and I am so glad to have found it. This style of hat is perfect for your everyday looks in summer where you want something that does not look like you are on vacation, though I dont mind that at all. 

I love wearing this hat with any of my casual outfits. I have styled it with my favorite outfit for this year, a linen shirt, straight leg jeans and espadrilles. The hat completes the Western style of this outfit and looks so chic. 

What I absolutely love about it is that the hat is a bit porous so my hair does not get sweaty in it. Its also really light weight, so you don’t have to worry about hat hair at all.

The brims are wide enough and stay completely straight. There is no floppiness at all or it does not feel like the brim would be squished or bent.

This is why this hat looks so structured and stylish.

The price of this hat is too good to be true. I feel like these days a good hat is so expensive, but this one delivers on the quality even with a budget friendly pricing.

Price : $37.99

Fringed Boater Hat

I have been wearing this hat for a couple of years and taken its to a lot of my vacations as well, so I am linking something I found really similar to this from Lack of Colors, a brand that I love for hats.

The fringe details of the hat gives it that beauty bohemian vibe and it definitely brings that aspect to all of my outfits. But this hat is not floppy like many beach hats. So you don’t have to lift it to actually talk to someone (you can relate don’t you).

The color of the hat is also best suited for beach vacation which a black bow style that brings in a bot of structure and sophistication. That is why it looks perfect with summer dresses even though it has the fringe style.

Since I have been wearing this hat a lot, I can tell you it has not lost its style or faded in these many years. When you are looking at a hat specially for a vacation, you want it to fit perfectly with all your outfits and this hat is definitely one of them.

I found this hat on Amazon as well, so linking that because who does not love amazon. If you are looking for a good beach hat that you can take for your beach vacation or wear it in the pool, then this would the versatile hat for you.

Price : $89

Fringed Boater Hat

Just like a white hat, a black hat is also really versatile because it will mostly go with everything you wear and add that sophistication to your outfit. 

I had bought this several years ago from a Downtown fairground and I am so glad I did. I have worn it so many of my trips and the wide brim looks really stylish and keeps my face safe from sun as well. It also looks really chic with any outfit.

The good part about it is its a bit heavier, so there is no fear that it will fly away. And throughout the years of my packing it in my suitcase, I haven’t noticed any change of shape at all. 

I love its simplicity and how it can look casual as well elegant depending on how you wear it. 

I have found a similar one in Etsy which is really beautiful and has a similar style like the one I have. The only difference is that it has a black ribbon which gives it much elevated look than the one I own. 

Price : $120.65

Straw Boater Hat

This hat is one of my newest hats and I am so in love with it. Th hat is called boater hat, but the style of the head is that of a gambler hat style. But the wide ribbon bow style is what gives it such a chic and elevated look. 

The brim edges are slightly bent you can say and that is what makes it a perfect boater hat. This combination hat is the hat for you ladies who want a more dressed up look for their straw hats. 

You can wear with cute cocktail day dresses, sun dresses or even casual resort outfits and look elegant as well as have the protection from sun. 

The wide bow detail is what gives this hat that luxurious vibe. This hat definitely looks way more expensive than it is. But the quality of the hat is at par.

This one is also from Etsy, and by now you probably would have realized that Etsy has some awesome brands that have great products on good budget. 

This hat also comes with a black ribbon, so you definitely have two great choices depending on what you like. 

And the best part is price of this hat. Its just $55, but on Sale right now. So, if you like it buy it.

Price : $55

Which one is your style of straw hat? Are you a western style lover or do you like elegant straw hats that you can rock in your next backyard party?


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