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Best Straw Hats Styles That Will Complete Your Summer Outfits


Looking for a chic summer straw hat style that will give you coverage from the heat and protect your face? But also want it to elevate your style and give you the confidence this summer? 

Sharing the best straw hat styles you should add in your summer wardrobe that will elevate your everyday outfits. 

What Are We Looking For?

Here are a few criteria we are looking for when picking up a stylish straw hat. 

  • Need to be sturdy. Straw hats that wobble don’t look good on anyone, probably on babies. They make your outfit look outdated.
  • Need to have a wide brim. This is to actually protect your face. Otherwise what’s the point of a straw hat. 
  • Neutral Shades. We are looking for white, tan or black straw hats that will universally go with all your outfits. Any other shade will make styling your straw hats harder.

Straw Fedora Hat

Fedora style straw hats have a western vibe to them. They are a summer alternative to the Felt Fedora hats that are popular in fall and winter.  This style of hat will naturally have a firmer brim. 

If it does not, then that’s not a good Fedora style straw hat. 

You should pick a lighter shade for this hat style. Going black will enhance this hat and it will overpower your entire look. I picked white here, because it gives this hat a fresh touch. It looks perfect for hot weather. 

And white is such a classy color as well. This way when you pair with your casual summer outfits, it will compliment the looks. 

Fringed Hat

Fringed straw hats add a casual bohemian style to your outfits. the raw hems of the brim make it look beachy and tropical. So, these hats are natural great for beach vacation.

But you can also wear it with your everyday outfits whether it’s something casual like shorts and t-shirt or a cute summer dress.

The straw fringed hat will tone down a dressy outfit and make it perfect for daily wear. 

Again pay attention to the brim. It should be wide enough to cover your face and should be sturdy. Otherwise it’s going to look like those floppy hats you wear at the beach. 

While I love them, they don’t look elevated.

When it comes to picking the right shade, I would say they look best in tan shade. This color looks casual but also compliments a lot of summer outfits. 

So, you can wear it with your favorite summer looks while you are running errands or even going out to wineries to enjoy drinks.

Picked my top favorites below.

Black Straw Hat

Just like a white hat, a black hat is also really versatile because it will mostly go with everything you wear and add that sophistication to your outfit. 

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The black shade will add a classy elegant touch to the hat and usually is the best color to hide the straw weaves as well. 

So, even if this hat is made out of straws, it will look expensive and sophisticated.

I did not pick a certain style of hat, because you can choose to wear a fedora style as well. But if you want to look classy and elegant, pick a boater style hat with either round head or edgy head.

And don’t forget the rigid wide brims. That adds to the classiness of the hat. It literally looks great with any outfit. 

You only need one of this. I had bought this several years ago from a Downtown fairground and I am so glad I did. I have worn it so many of my trips and the wide brim looks really stylish and keeps my face safe from sun as well. It also looks really chic with any outfit.

I love its simplicity and how it can look casual as well elegant depending on how you wear it. 

Ribbon Boater Hat

This hat is one of my newest hats and I am so in love with it. Th hat is called boater hat, but the style of the head is that of a gambler hat style. But the wide ribbon bow style is what gives it such a chic and elevated look. 

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The brim edges are slightly bent you can say and that is what makes it a perfect boater hat. This combination hat is the hat for you ladies who want a more dressed up look for their straw hats. 

You can wear with cute cocktail day dresses, sun dresses or even casual resort outfits and look elegant as well as have the protection from sun. 

The wide bow detail is what gives this hat that luxurious vibe. This hat definitely looks way more expensive than it is. But the quality of the hat is at par.

This style of hat adds an Italian vibe to your outfit. The ribbon adds detail to the hat and you can technical match the ribbon with your outfit as well.

But if you want to go with one hat like this, I would recommend going with a black ribbon. It will go with all of your outfits even the colorful ones.

Found the exact one I am wearing in this outfit below. 


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