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Fashion For Amitious Ladies

Fashion For Amitious Ladies

20 Summer Essentials Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

The right summer essentials can help you build stylish outfits effortlessly. And also save you from mindless shopping.

In this post, I am sharing 20 essentials from clothes, shoes and accessories that will help build stylish warm weather outfits for you. 

Every year, I try to collect pieces and add to my collection that are timeless even though they are in trend. So, in this post that is what I wanted to share. These essentials will not only be a fun way to add more to your wardrobe, it is going to maximize it as well.

The goal is not to replace your wardrobe every summer, but to rewear quality and timeless pieces from last year and upgrade the ones that are worn out.

So, use this as a checklist or guide for your summer shopping.

Best Summer Essential Tops For Women

Linen Shirts

If you dont own them, you should definitely invest in one. Linen shirts are the most versatile piece for summer. You can wear them with any bottom and instantly feel fresh and more airy in the heat but still have structure and sophistication in your overall style.

They are excellent breathable material for summer and because they are shirts they add a structure to the outfit and is a style must have.

 I have some awesome how to style videos on my Youtube and my IGTV as well, if you are curious, head over and check them out for some styling ideas.

You can play with colors, prints and different sleeve length depending on what you love and look really put together even though its 100 degrees outside. 

Satin Top

You don’t have to wear satin camisole. They are not the only satin top style you can wear. A satin top if perfect for summer weather. 

Its light weight but the shine makes them look luxurious and expensive even if they are not. 

So, if you want to make your outfits look elevated and expensive, you need to at least have one satin top that you can pair with summer bottoms.

Colored T shirts

Graphic Tees are my absolute favorite and essential summer piece that can elevate your t shirt game all together.

They come in so many colors and patterns that everyone can find something that they would fall in love. And its also a great way to creat your own signature style showing your unique personality.

I have always love band tees, there is something super retro about them that makes them stand out and in 2020 Band tees are like a closet must have. But if that is too much, try and stick to a simple pattern that is elevating your t -shirt and keeping it interesting.

Basic Crew Neck T shirt

You might already have some basic tees, but this year the style of these t shirts have been enhanced. They not only come in different styles, they also have different silhouette.

I would recommend going for more oversized or cropped fit, If you are not comfortable with Cropped tees, go for short oversize tees that give you the illusion of crop style and are way more comfortable to wear in the heat than the fitted t shirt, You can pair them with shorts, pants, jeans and the proportion contrast as I call it, will create an effortless chic look.

Now, basic tee does not mean, just white tee. You might prefer wearing black, or stripes in summer. I have listed some varieties for you guys to shop.

Best Summer Essential Dresses For Women

Slip Dress

Slip dresses are the most timeless piece in anyone’s closet. The simple silhouette makes it completely unique and also really versatile. A slip dress can be worn in so many ways, You can wear it above or under a t – shirt, or add a blazer or a jacket.

Or even add a shirt on top and make the outfit vacation ready. Th possibilities are endless. They can be easily dressed down or dressed up depending on any occasion and hence is not jus a summer for all year round essential in our closet.

I prefer a more relaxed silhouette of the slip dress which makes it versatile and easily paired with other pieces in our closet. 

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Puff Sleeve Dress

Another really timeless piece is a puff sleeve dress. As we are seeing it every where in every brand, there must be some weight to that, this style of the dress makes is so put together and chic that you literally only need to put it on and a footwear and you are done.

The puff sleeve adds a drama and personality to the dress and makes it really elegant and stylish. I always feel more sophisticated in them rather than a slip dress. It shows a certain elegance that other styles of dresses done have.

There are so many styles of puff sleeve dressed out there. Linked some of my personal favorites below.

Best Summer Essentials Bottoms for Women

Long Shorts

Shorts are like the one necessity in this scorching heat, but I have always preferred a little longer shorts which looks more stylish than the short shorts which usually look more casual.

There are so many different styles of long shorts this year and I am absolutely excited about them. The Bermuda style is one really comfortable and yet stylish way of wearing the long shorts. You can pair it with a graphic tee and a blazer and you are rocking a business casual work look.

I literally featured this look on my Instagram. I also love long linen or viscose shorts that are more breathable and are also made to be more comfortable in. With Max Mara trail blazing the Bermuda suit style, we are seeing that style of shorts everywhere.

There are also different fits of long shorts, but I always prefer high waisted. It looks the best and also is the most comfortable for everyday wear. 

Relaxed Jeans

Relaxed jeans have been trending a lot last year and this year they are literally everywhere and I am absolutely not complaining. Living myself in baggy jeans and slouchy jeans everyday, I have come to love them a lot. But they are not just comfortable.

There silhouette makes them perfect trouser looks without the creases. They also add a big style quotient and are extremely flattering for most body types. I think I have completely stopped wearing skinny jeans once I wore my first slouchy jeans.

If you dont like slouchy jeans, there are still plenty of relaxed fit styles that works for everyone. There is the straight leg jeans, wide leg styles that are really comfortable to wear in summer when we have to wear jeans and they also look really dressy and stylish. 

Linen Pants

Linen pants will be your best friend for the entire summer. They are not as crumply as cotton pants. And the linen fabric looks way more luxe and classy as well. 

If you hate wearing jeans, but don’t want to wear shorts then these are the best bottoms that will give you coverage. But they are breathable so you wont feel hot in them. 

You can wear then to work, going out even on travel.

These are one of my favorite bottoms that make me ditch jeans all summer. Checkout the best pull on style linen pants that comfy and stylish.

Tiered Skirts

Tiered skirts have made headline this year from designer brands to high street and I am not complaining, They have this effortless style to them and are also versatile piece that no-one could resist.

I love having a mix of mini, midi and maxi tiered skirts to mix and match my wardrobe. The tiered style makes them really elegant and chic and you can easily dress them up with puff sleeve tops and sandals  or dress them down with t shirts and sneakers and run errands in them.

The tiered style gives them more personality and it adds a feminine silhouette to our style. And I strongly believe that this piece is just not a trend piece, it is a timeless style that you will be keeping in your closet forever. I have listed below different styles of the tiered skirts.

Linen Shorts

Best Summer Essential Outerwear For Women

Colorful Oversize Blazers

This is my favorite trend this year and I think its here to stay. Blazers are an awesome way to turn a really casual and laid back look into a more sophisticated and put together look instantly. You can wear them with shorts, jeans, denim skirts and your outfit is now stylish and structured. I have always been obsessed with blazers, but this season, I am specially loving the colorful ones and why not. They add more vibrancy to our look and perfect for summer. I love the oversized style blazers that are lightweight during summer months to add a light layer to my outfit as a backup when the Air Conditioning is making me a bit chilly or for those chillier evenings. The crepe style material makes it easy and wrinkle free and if you prefer Linen, even better, they are breathable and perfect for summer layers. 

Bouclè Jacket

This jacket is classy and elegant in every way and definitely better than knitted cardigans. The button details elevate the jacket, but they are also comfortable to wear. 

These jackets come in variety of colors and patterns, but when you are buying your first one, pick a basic shade. 

You can wear it with different outfits and get a lot of wear out of it. These jackets gives us all the classic Chanel Lady look.  So you will be comfortable and look chic.

The Trench

The trench coat is the ultimate style must have. I say you only need one good trench coat to transform your wardrobe.

They are the classic style that will never go out of style. They come back every year with a different hue and I like to collect one good one that I add to my collection.

I usually pick a neutral color that would go with my outfits because, trench coats are a classic and they look amazing in neutral hues.

You can wear it over dresses, shorts, jeans or you can also just wear them and turn them into a dress. Yup, its that awesome.  A light trench coat will last you from spring to fall and hence makes a perfect essential in your wardrobe. 

Best Summer Essential Shoes For Women


Summer time is when you want your feet to breathe and feel relaxed. While I love boots, I absolutely ditch them with slides in summer and I am so glad that they are not just basic slides this year.

Slides have been completely transformed into the ultimate style essential that speaks effortless from toe to toe.

You can play with heeled slides or flats depending on how comfortable you feel and they never disappoint an outfit. They especially come in handy when you are running errands and really cant be bothered with tying your shoes.

I find them to be the girly version of sneakers, effortless and chic. Heeled slides look really stylish with dresses and makes them look so chic and flats are perfect for vacation, pool side parties and so on. 


These are a dressier version of slides with either open toe or closed. They are perfect if you like a more put together look but still want it to be more comfortable and casual.

They are the business casual version of pumps and loafers and who does not love them. I love the effortless style of mules and also makes our lives easier because lets face it, we like things that makes it easy for us.

The structured front of the footwear makes it a classic and yet the slide in style is so comfortable and I literally wear them everyday to create and effortless chic style.

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They are also an awesome way to play with some colors and patterns and weaves to create your own unique style. 

Don't need to work hard to find the best ones!


Summer is kind of incomplete without them and I could not agree more. With their natural weave and canvas material they make for a perfect summer sandals and even more apt for that beach vacation that we are all dreaming of right now.

They are summer dressy sandals that elevate your outfit and make them look so stylish. I find them super comfortable because of the natural material and super easy to wear all day and not feel sweaty.

You can wear flat ones, but I like a little bit of heel because they make for a perfect dress shoe in summer and go with all our pretty summer dresses. You can also wear them with pants, shorts, jeans and they still look amazing.

You can play with patterns, colors and a summer touch to your wardrobe.

Checkout our best roundups

Best Summer Essential Accessories For Women

Colorful Bags

This year is the year of colorful bags. While I love a basic bag, a colorful bag is a fun addition to your summer closet and you might only need that one color to make your entire outfit pop.

I have been loving pink and that has been my color for this year so, I decided to invest on a Givenchy pink bag that gives me so much joy. If you like more monochromatic looks, they are a fun way to a pop of color and style to your outfit.

And I love this retro trend that we are seeing everywhere starting from runway to the streets. Now, you dont have to just buy any bag, think of one that will work with your color palette and something that you can keep in your closet and will come out every year in spring summer which is the perfect time for those fun colors. 

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are the ultimate summer staples and there are so many reasons for it. They give you more coverage and if you have to tie your hair because its too hot, they add more style to your look. Try it.

I also find that it accentuates my jaws which I am not complaining. If you ditch makeup, you will still look awesome in oversized sunglasses. The retro style sunglasses are here to stay and I am absolutely not complaining.

This is oversized style is not just for round sunglasses, they come in so many styles that there is a perfect pair for every face shape. And they are also a fun way of experimenting with some fun colors. I have own my Dior pair for over two years now and I absolutely wear them everyday when I go out because they look stylish and add a pop of color. 

Summer Hats

And last but not the least are summer hats. A summer closet is never complete without a summer hat. I used to not like them so much till I found my perfect pair. I am not a fan of floppy hats until unless they are oversized because we all saw Jaquemus collection and totally obsessed with them.

I prefer more of lady like summer straw hats that are rigid and structured and add more of a lady vibe to a casual look. And now I love them so much and wear them with all my outfits.

A natural color works with all of outfits and colors and will also not absorb heat like a black one. 

I have a whole blog post sharing best summer straw hats that will elevate your outfits.

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