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Best Sweaters You Can Wear With Leggings To Look Polished

It’s finally sweater weather and the favorite bottoms we all love wearing are leggings.  When it comes to achieving a polished look with leggings, the right choice of sweaters can make all the difference.

In this blog post,  we are sharing the best styles of sweaters that effortlessly complement your favorite leggings.

Whether you’re going for a casual coffee run, a day at the office, or a relaxed weekend brunch, these sweater choices promise to elevate your style while keeping you comfortably chic. Join us on this sartorial journey as we explore how to strike the perfect balance between cozy and polished with the ideal sweaters for your leggings.

How Do You Style Sweaters And Leggings?

  • Body Shape: If you have an hourglass figure, try wearing sweaters that have a defined waistline or cinch them with a belt. For those with a pear-shaped body, A-line sweaters work well, while apple-shaped individuals can opt for longer sweaters and V-necklines to draw attention upwards.
  • Color: When pairing a sweater with leggings, you can either go for a monochromatic look for a sleek and streamlined appearance or choose complementary or contrasting colors to make your outfit stand out.
  • Occasion: For casual or evening outings, pair a long sweater with leggings and ankle boots. If you’re heading to the office, choose a more tailored and polished long sweater in a neutral color and pair it with heels. You can also layer it with a blazer or structured coat for a more professional look.
  • Accessories: Add a statement belt to create a signature look. You can also layer colorful or patterned scarves or necklaces to give your outfit more depth.

11 Best Sweater Styles To Wear With Leggings

Cashmere Oversized Crewneck Sweater

An oversized sweater can sometimes feel out of shape. But with crewneck detail and in cashmere fabric, it will look luxe and flattering with leggings.

This sweater is a luxury, high-quality piece that will be forever timeless. The textured knit and relaxed fit that never looks messy. You get added style with ribbed cuffs and hem. Take the versatility of this sweater and dress it up or down for a go-to October outfit. Love the inclusive sizes too, from XXS to 3X.

Get the Luxe cashmere oversized crewneck sweater from Naadam in colors white, sand, dark green, and marigold.

Mockneck Tunic Sweater

The original piece that started it all. Immediately beloved, this tunic-style mock neck sweater offers a polished and comfortable look.

The stand-up collar can also be folded down for a full turtleneck look. The sweater has a slight bell shape, but won’t make you look frumpy. Also, the sweater features pockets at the hips that are lined with a smooth and soft material. The sleeves are full length and have an embroidered pineapple at the wrist.

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Along with the array of color options, the Cobble Hill turtleneck sweater from Dudley Stephens can be monogrammed! Grab it in colors berry, blue, army green, cream, cocoa, camel, navy, and black.

Boatneck Slouchy Tunic Sweater

Leggings are pretty fitted. So oversized style of sweater will balance the proportion when you pair them with leggings. And an slouchy style of tunic sweater is oversized and perfect casual sweater to pair with leggings in the cold weather.

Wrap yourself in this chic and comfortable sweater. Midway between a cowl neck and turtleneck which gives it an edgy flare to the typical plain sweater. It is the perfect sweater to just throw over your layered outfit and leggings. 

Grab two or three of these Ottoman slouchy tunic sweaters from Free People in colors black, tan, white, wine red, and sea fern green.

Asymmetric Hem Sweater

Wearing an asymmetric hem sweater is a very smart way of covering your crotch area elegantly. This way you don’t have to wear an oversized sweater. And the overall style with leggings looks polished and stylish.

The asymmetric hem in this sweater gives your outfit a polished look when worn over leggings. You get the relaxed fit with the drop shoulders and ribbed hemline. The asymmetric hem sweater from Karen Kane is available in colors oat and violet.

Oversized Sweater With Loose Sleeves

A nice oversized sweater with loose sleeves will balance out the skin fit of the leggings. And this is a great option to wear with faux leather leggings if you find a fun shade.

You can always scrunch the sleeve to create a smart look and add more layers when it gets cooler.

The relaxed and effortless style of a dolman sleeve adds a touch of casual sophistication to a cozy knitted tunic, making it ideal for layering on those cool and windy days. Even though the fit runs large, this is up to you if you want to size down and just have it slightly loose, but for the oversized look, get the sweater in your usual size. 

The easy street tunic sweater from Free People comes in colors black, white, and pastel jade.

Long V Neck Sweater

V neck style of sweater look much nicer compared to V neck t-shirts. It’s because of the knitwear fabric elevates the neckline style. And if you pick a long V neck sweater, you can easily pair it with leggings covering your crotch and looking effortlessly chic.

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A trendy piece with it’s deep v-neck design. It is still a fairly relaxed fit but still flatters your silhouette. The side zippers can be zipped up or down for an array of versatile styling options. You really need a sweater like this to dress well in your 30’s. You can get the zip side sweater from The White Company in the color black.

Longline Sweater with Side Zip

The size zip detail adds a great detail to your outfit. It also makes a long sweater functional when you are layering for extreme cold weather. 

this way you can still show your hip definition and cover your crotch.

Made with the softest cotton blend material so that it is lightweight but still keeps you warm. It features exposed zippers on the sides. This is the perfect style of sweater to add a wide belt and add some shape to your silhouette. 

The Mae longline sweatshirt from Varley comes in a cream white and is a whole look when you pair with brown leggings.

Oversized Turtleneck Striped Sweater

Stripes add a lot of detail in your outfit and also can create a good distraction if you are not feeling comfortable in leggings. 

But if you pick an oversized turtleneck style sweater, it adds sophistication to your outfit and males you look polished in leggings. Simply add your favorite tall boots and you are good to go.

The oversized split hem turtleneck sweater from Gap comes in many versatile stripe shades. Just pick one that works for your wardrobe and you can create a sophisticated, comfy winter outfit with leggings.

Long Collared Striped Sweater

Want to wear leggings to work, so want to look structured and sophisticated? Then a collared long sweater with stripes will be perfect to pair with leggings. 

Your outfit will look sophisticated and polished. Add your favorite tall boots and see your look turn from basic to fantastic. 

In terms of stripes Breton stripes always look luxe and classy and that is exactly what Rails collared striped sweater is giving us. The soft knitwear and long sleeves make this sweater even more polished. 

Long V-Neck Sweatshirt

This style of sweater or sweatshirt are great for base layer in the extreme cold weather with leggings. You can take off all those coats when indoors and still look chic in leggings. And since they are lightweight, you won’t feel hot inside when the heaters are blasting.

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You can lounge in, shop in, wine & dine in, and pack in your suitcase for travel in this sweater. It’s the sweater you always grab ‘just in case you get cold’. It is made of a Plush Nirvana material that gives the luxury feel of cashmere without the price. 

Black and toasted brown heather are the color options for the Coaster luxe v-neck sweatshirt from Athetla.

Funnel Neck Oversized Sweater

Want an edgy look in faux leather leggings, you can wear a funnel neck or mock neck style of oversized sweater with loose sleeves.

Add combat boots to your leggings outfit and see how it looks edgy and sophisticated. 

The soft wool is beyond comfy along with a sophisticated look. The funnel neck is accentuated from the dropped shoulders and roomy sleeves for a simply relaxed look. 

The A-Star funnel neck sweater from AllSaints comes in colors winter orchard red, black, storm cloud blue, and chalk white.

Do's And Don'ts Sweater and Leggings Outfits

How long should my sweater be when wearing leggings?

A sweater that you want to pair with leggings should ideally be a long sweater that reaches mid-thigh. However, depending on the quality and material of your leggings and your overall outfit idea, you may wear a shorter or longer sweater.

Can I wear any type of leggings with a long sweater, or are there certain styles that work better?

Want to look polished in the winter, black, white and dark brown leggings look great and will work with all the sweaters.

But if you want to make your outfit even better, then go for faux leather leggings. They look much more expensive.

Can I dress up a sweater and leggings outfit for a formal look?

Pairing a sweater with leggings is better suited for casual affairs. Avoid wearing this combo for formal occasions like business events, weddings, and other huge celebrations.

What to wear with leggings to look thinner?

Wearing tall knee high boots with pointed toe will elongate your legs and make you look slim in oversized sweater and leggings.  You can also add structured coats with them to create a shape.

How do I look professional in leggings?

Layer your sweater over a white button down shirt to create a collar detail if your sweater has crewneck or v neck. 

Also adding structured coats and Chelsea boots will make your work outfit polished.



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