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Best White Buttoned Shirts to Look Polished and Be Comfy


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*And coincidentally all these white button down shirts are under $100.

A crispy white button down shirt is one of the best wardrobe staples you could have that will literally go with anything. You can not only wearing it to look put together, it will also elevate your casual looks. Whether you are wearing jeans, shorts or skirts, you can count on a white button down shirt to elevate it. 

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You can pair it with colors or with neutral and still look so nice. It feels like you have put a lot of effort into your outfit, without actually doing that. 

But finding a good pair that works for you is a whole another thing. In this post, I am sharing the best quality white button down shirts for women that also looks great. 

How Are we Choosing a Good White Button Down Shirt

Here is what you should look for in a good white button down shirt:

  • Style of the Shirt: It should not have a lot of buttons shoulder flaps or any other crazy that takes it a one type of style kind of skirt. You will not get a lot of wear out of it. And it might get out of style.
  • Fit of the Shirt: Depending on your style, you can actually pick fitted or relaxed, but what we focused here is where this shirt is made for women’s body or it’s just another shirt. 
  • Fabric: Its important to know whether the shirt is polyester, cotton or linen. But more importantly, how see through is it. Ofcourse, we chose pieces that are not that see through and versatile. But if you are worried about it being see through, wear nude bra that’s a bit darker than your skin tone. 
  • Length: A versatile white button down shirt should at least cover your bottom in the back. So, we chose pieces that come in different size for different height. 

Best Relaxed Fit White Buttoned Shirts for Women

Evelane Silky Cotton Relaxed Shirt

The relaxed fit shirt from Everlane is everything I hoped for. It’s under $100 and built to be a versatile shirt. 

Everlane Silky Cotton Relaxed Shirt - Try on

It’s lightweight, but 100% cotton and works great for my 36C chest size. It’s always a challenge to find shirts that fit you well everywhere else without being too tight on the chest. That is not the case, with this shirt. 

The shirt is designed to hug your curves well with a streamline cut. The round hemline also makes it versatile. You can half tuck, or front tuck and get away with looking nice. 

JCrew Relaxed-fit Cotton Poplin Shirt

JCrew Relaxed-fit Cotton Poplin Shirt is on a more casual side with a slight oversized fit, but still has all the structure in a white button down shirt. 

JCrew Relaxed-fit Cotton Poplin Shirt

The shirt has a loose fit and is made for a laid back look. So you can pair it with jeans or trousers and feel relaxed and comfortable in it. 

The shirt is longer in length so you can tuck it in properly or even wear it with leggings because it will cover your bum. And JCrew also offers a wide range of sizes, so you can count on finding one that works for you. 

Athleta Midtown Shirt

The Athleta Midtown Shirt is built for women who commute to work with its relaxed fit and contour stitching in the back for a perfect shoulder fit. 

Athleta Midtown Shirt

The shirt is made out of recycled polyester and built to be breathable and quick drying. The shirt is also stretchable which makes it really comfortable. 

From a mid day quick workout to a board meeting, this shirt will fit your every need. It’s actually one of Athleta’s best sellers. This shirt is only available online.

Ann Taylor Relaxed Perfect Shirt

Ann Taylor Relaxed Perfect Shirt is a classic and looks great with anything. There is a unique factor which inclines me to buy more Ann Taylor shirts, the button placements are just perfect so you won’t get any flys.  

This happens when there is a big gap between two buttons in the gap between your chest. 

Ann Taylor Relaxed Perfect Shirt

The back has a token stitching which makes it comfortable and works for triangle shaped women. The shirt is made 79% cotton and 3% spandex which makes it stretchable as well. And we all know this is rare in cotton shirts. 

And the shirt is not see through, which means even if you wash it lot, you can still wear it.

Jones New York Easy Care Button Up Blouse

Jones New York Easy Care Button Up Blouse is called a blouse for a great reason. It has the comfortable fit of a blouse and the structure of a button down shirt. And it’s under $80, so cherry on top. 

Jones New York Easy Care Button Up Blouse

The shirt has stiff collars but has a V neck opening which looks like a casual T shirt. This is also really flattering for women. The design is genius and works well with both small chested and big chested women where the shirt sits better. 

The side contour stitching gives you a good fit without wearing something really fitted.

Banana Republic Factory Easy Care Shirt

If you are looking for a tailored button don shirt but comfortable too, then Banana Republic Factory Easy Care Shirt is your perfect match. With 2% elastane and 98% cotton, this shirt is stretchable, but also has a tailored fit for your business casual outfits. 

Banana Republic Factory Easy Care Shirt

The side contour stitching provides the perfect fit that will contour your body and the wide range of sizing makes it great for any body type. The size ranges from 00 to 20.

The fabric has a slight shine to it which makes it a great dress shirt making it versatile. And that also helps it from being see through. 

Express Boyfriend Portofino Shirt

Express Boyfriend Portofino Shirt is versatile and is perfect loose fit white shirt for every occasion. You can layer it or wear it leggings, shorts and still look polished. The drop shoulder style makes it casual and laid back. And the loose sleeves adds more feminine touch to this shirt. 

Express Boyfriend Portofino Shirt

The shirt has a rounded hemline which is perfect for leaving out or even half tucking one side of the shirt for an effortless chic look. 

If you have a triangle shape and struggle with looking a little bigger in structured shirts, then try this shirt. The drop shoulders will give you the appearance of having a petite frame. This shirt also comes in a satin finish which is bit more tailored. 

Nordstrom Classic Poplin Shirt

The Nordstrom Classic Poplin Shirt is a classic fit of the poplin shirt. It’s made out of 4% elastane which makes it stretchy and great for everyday wear as well. The shirt is also designed to have a curve cut that looks flattering on any body shape and makes it easy to leave it out instead of tucking in.

Nordstrom Classic Poplin Shirt

The shirt also has double button stripe which looks more expensive even though it’s not at all priced high. And with with 73% cotton and 23% polyester blend, this shirt is also not that see through. 

You can wear this shirt casually or even as a dress shirt.

Banana Republic Classic Shirt

Banana Republic Classic Shirt is a classic poplin shirt that looks laidback and also structured. From office to everyday wear this shirt is a best seller and versatile piece and also under $80.

The classic shoulder fit makes it structured and the relaxed straight fit is great to be worn with any style of bottom.  

Banana Republic Classic Shirt