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The Only Makeup Products You Need for Your Beach Vacation


The Only Makeup Products You Need for Your Beach Vacation Blog Banner

Heading for your next beach getaway and wondering what makeup products you can or should be packing, then check out this blog post where I am sharing what are the only makeup products you should carry with you for a beach vacation that won’t melt in the heat as well as keep your luggage light. 

Also, if you are someone like me who tends to darken significantly under the sun, you know how difficult it gets when you apply your makeup and suddenly the shade does not match. So, in this post, I am sharing products that you should carry which will help you with your makeup look even when your skin color changes.

I recently went on a beach vacation myself, and while packing for makeup products I realized that there were a few items that I didn’t have which are better suited for humid climate compared to products I already owned.

So, I am really excited to share everything that I learned about hot weather makeup products. 

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents


The wrong primers can clog your pores in the heat with all the sweating. So, I used to skip primers all together. But primers are key to holding your makeup all day. I needed a primer that can keep my skin hydrated as well matte the oiliness all day.

I am sharing both face and eye primer. Eye primers are great if you are doing a nice dinner look and want to apply some color or even eyeliner on your eye lids. This helps the liner to not bleed.

Pore Diffusing Primer - Rare Beauty

The wrong primers can clog your pores in the heat with all the sweating. So, I used to skip primers all together. But primers are key to holding your makeup all day. I needed a primer that can keep my skin hydrated as well matte the oiliness all day.

I found the Pore Diffusing Primer from Rare Beauty that was a really inexpensive primer and I loved how it worked on my skin with my makeup. Its pretty lightweight and has no tint whatsoever, so even when my skin got darker under the sun I could use it. It felt almost invisible and actually soothing because of the Hyluronic acid in it that keeps the moisture in your skin intact. 


BECCA Undereye Brightening Corrector

I know you must be thinking its an under eye corrector concealer. This cream concealer is really thick for me to apply under my eyes and the shininess adds more light that I don’t like, but this acts as a perfect eye primer for my eye lids because of the shine. You can use it just by itself or use the setting powder to set the primer and make your eye lids matte. 

This cream concealer could also be your night time eyeshadow color for a more dressed up look. Even though the consistency is thick, I have never experienced any creasing of colors on my eyelid for the entire time I was in the hot weather. That is why I highly recommend it. 

The creaminess of the product makes it easier to apply and that is what helps it to stick to the skin even when you are sweating or its too humid. 

BECCA Undereye Brightening Corrector

Foundation & Setting Powder

I usually skip foundations all together when heading for a beach vacation. Because, I feel like I want my skin to breathe and I most certainly know that they won’t stay on my face for long. The moment I feel hot or the weather gets really humid, my foundation will melt. 

But this time, instead of a liquid foundations, I picked up two setting powders that will help me keep my makeup face on where I will be using other products that I am about to share as well. 

Supergoop! (Re)setting Powder Foundation SPF 35

I have taken this setting powder to my previous beach vacation and its absolutely amazing. I also wear this to the beach after applying my sunscreen just to mattify my face so that I can take some cute pics. This definitely helps to keep all my makeup on place because the powder has matte effect. 

But the best part is that this powder comes with SPF protection. Yay!! That is why the supergroup setting powder is my favorite day time setting powder because I really like to protect my face from sun damage as much as I can.

The powder comes in 3 shades as well, but I think the translucent one would be perfect for daytime when you are tanning in the sun. There are more compact powders with SPF in the market which have more wider ranges of shades.

Supergoop! (Re)setting Powder Foundation SPF 35

Laura Mercier Pressed Setting Powder

I have been using Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder for years now, so I got super excited when I saw this pressed setting powder since its really convenient to carry when you are traveling. You can also pop it in your handbag for retouch up whenever needed. 

I used this setting powder for my night time makeup since it did not have any SPF in it. I also purchased this in a medium deep shade that adds some color because I am not using any other foundation as my base. The tint helps give you the illusion of applying foundation without applying it. 


When you are not wearing foundation, concealer is your best friend. You can use it to touch up any imperfection as well as use it as an highlighter under the eye with a lighter shade. 

I have been using them as highlighter for my under eye and my T zone to add some dimension to my face.

I picked up Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in two shades so that I can use either one depending on how my skin darkens throughout my trip. Tarte is probably the best beach product brand and the concealer speaks for it. It stays put all day. I literally danced in it all night without any issues. 

The concealer comes in many shades so you can always find your perfect shade. And the best part is that it also comes in travel size, so if you are not a frequent concealer user, you can absolutely buy the smaller size.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Eye Liner

I did not pack any liquid eyeliner because it will bleed or as you get sweaty, it could be wiped off easily. Even though a lot of brands promise all day wear, liquid liners are really difficult to stay. And where I was going, there were chances of rain as well. 

So, I decided to only carry gel eyeliners and I am so glad I did it. There were two benefits, it was easier to apply them compared to liquid eyeliners, so I didn’t need a precision mirror or a lot of light which can be difficult to get when you are in a hotel room no matter how fancy they are. Not sure why?


I picked a dark brown color for my daytime look and a black one for night time. Both of these gel liners are from Tarte, a brand that really makes awesome waterproof makeup. 

Even in the rain, I had no issue with these eyeliners, and I got the perfect eyeliner look every time. And you also don’t need a cutter since you can keep rotating the ends of this gel liners as you finish the tip. 

Since Tarte uses natural products these eye liners are not really gel liners and I so love that. The Black eyeliner is called sex kitten and is the perfect night time eyeliner with pitch black shade and is made of natural wax.

The daytime eyeliner is called sugar rush and is made of clay. I loved the daytime eyeliner even more because I have been wearing brown eyeliner these days in my everyday makeup. Wondering how to make your eyes look bigger, checkout the blog post below.

Tarte Sex Kitten Eyeliner

Tarte Sugar Rush - Easy On The Eyes Clay Liner


Powder blush would be a bit difficult to apply when its humid out there. I also feel like it might not look the best on your skin for hot weather, so I took with me this cream blush from NYX that is not at all creamy. 

It feels like soft clay like when you apply it on your cheeks and I just used my finger tips to blend it on my cheek bones. The color looks really vibrant in the tube, but when you apply it, its just perfection.

You can always build it up depending on how much color you want on your cheeks.

There are ofcourse way more shades in this product. But I think this blush has become my new best friend. 

NYX Sweet Cheeks Soft Cheek Tint Blush

NYX Sweet Cheeks Soft Cheek Tint Blush

Brow Pencil & Mascara

Eyebrows are critical when you are doing a minimal makeup. But you do not want to apply any powder in humid weather. It has a higher risk of bleeding. I took my favorite gel like precision brow pencil from Benefit cosmetic that promises a 12 hour stay and it delivers. I used it for both my day and nighttime looks and it complete my minimal makeup look.

It comes in lighter and darker shades. I recommend going a bit lighter than your brow color so after filling them up, your eyebrows don’t look too intense.

For my mascara I always use the Benefit Lengthening mascara which is also smudge proof. And it actually is. You need makeup removing wipes or micellar water to wipe them out. 

But the real reason I use it because it adds volume and length to my lashes without making them feel too heavy. 

Benefit Ultra-Fine Shape & Define Pencil

Benefit Ultra-Fine Shape & Define Pencil

Benefit Lengthening Mascara

Benefit Lengthening Mascara

Lip Liner

While on a day by day basis I do not use lip liners for a natural look, I prefer them on a trip. Specially if you are going to be outdoors for a longer period of time and don’t have a lipstick handy because they actually melt in the heat, a lip liner would act as your base and you can apply lip balm on top of it to create a natural look.

I prefer matte lip liner so they stay longer on your lips and the Charlotte Tilbury Cheat Lip liners are the best. They feel creamy when you apply but they stick to your lip and act as a perfect base for lipstick. This lip pencil comes in a variety of shades, but I prefer more of a mauve nude shade, so Pillow Talk is my favorite color from the brand.


Setting Spray

Setting spray is a must for hot weather makeup look. This actually seals in everything and helps your makeup products to stay longer on your face. I love my Dior Backstage Radiance setting spray because it adds a bit of tint and is really misty on my face compared to other setting sprays that feel watery. 

It feels like Hair Spray for my face being extremely lightweight. And it provides that airbrushed look that you want to achieve with your makeup look. This setting spray is perfect for all your night time events. 

Dior Backstage Radiance Setting Spray

But during the day, you want to wear something which gives you more sun protection. You can retouch up your makeup and also get sun protection. Checkout the best setting spray with SPF you can use over your makeup.

For more on beach vacation, please read:


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