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13+ Classy And Casual Thanksgiving Dinner Outfits For Every Event


Classy And Casual Thanksgiving Dinner Outfits For Every Event - Blog Banner

Struggling to put together a chic yet comfortable look for your Thanksgiving dinner celebration? Say no more! We’ve rounded up the best casual Thanksgiving outfit ideas to ensure you look and feel your best while enjoying the company of loved ones and indulging in delicious holiday treats.

These outfits will be cozy and comfortable, but you will look classy and sophisticated in them as well. And the best part, you don’t need to put a lot of effort into it.

Because thanksgiving is all about staying comfortable and spending quality time with friends and family. So whether you are going for a Friendsgiving dinner or spending time with family, you will love wearing these looks. 

All of these outfits will cover all of your dinner party looks.

Table of Contents

Printed Midi Skirt With Cardigan

This cardigan and printed skirt outfit can be replicated in so many outfit formulas. Simply pick a midi length printed skirt. And add a contrasting colored cardigan as a top. 

If you want to be cozier, pick add a camisole underneath. This outfit looks comfortable and needs no hassle at all. But with the printed skirt detail it looks different than your boring everyday jeans and sweater outfits.

Pair it with tall neutral boots for a chic dinner party.

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Idea - Printed Skirt With Cardigan

Recreate The Outfit

Fair Isle Sweater With Pants and Coat

Winter season is the perfect time to start wearing the best sweater stye – Fair isle sweaters. And it does not have to look frumpy. Simply add a classy bottom like a wide leg pants with your fair isle sweater to instantly elevate the outfit. 

Add cute heels or you can also pick boots. And layer with your favorite patterned coat for a sophisticated and cozy thanksgiving dinner outfit. You can wear this outfit for dinner parties at a restaurant, Friendsgiving and also to family thanksgiving dinners.

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Idea - Fair isle sweater wide leg pants

Recreate The Outfit

Black Turtleneck Sweater With Corduroy Pants

This outfit is so chic and at the sometime comfortable too. Turtleneck sweaters would instantly elevate your casual outfit. So, if you avoiding them, this is your sign to try them now. 

Pair the turtleneck sweater with colored corduroy pants and you have a fun yet classy outfit. And corduroy pants are also much more comfortable and give you a casual vibe. 

Add black loafers and accessorize with scarves to get the chic winter look.

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Idea - Corduroy Pants and Turtleneck Sweater

Recreate The Outfit

Printed Maxi Skirt With Cardigan and Top

This outfit can be toned down by swapping the slide sandals with ankle boots or taken up a notch by adding fancier sandals. But in either way you will stay comfortable and look chic and classy.

The key is to keep the top’s color match the some of the print of the skirt. And have the cardigan be a contrast or match the other shade of the skirt. You can sit around drink and eat comfortably and still look chic. 

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Idea - Printed tiered maxi skirt with cardigan

Recreate The Outfit

Matching Jogger Set With Coat

Want a really comfortable outfit to wear to your family thanksgiving dinner that looks classy too. Try this outfit with a matching wide leg joggers with sweatshirt. And add a white wool coat that will instantly turn this casual look sophisticated and classy.

You can boots or white leather sneakers for comfort and function. The wide leg joggers look much better than the narrow ankle joggers. And they will flatter all body type. 

Add some pearl jewelry to imbibe the classy casual aesthetic.

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Idea - With Matching Jogger set
by @bysaher

Recreate The Outfit

Printed Sweater With Straight Leg Jeans

Trousers always look classy no matter what you pair them with. In this outfit the casual printed sweater looks much better paired with the wide leg pants. And because the color of the sweater is similar to the trouser, the outfit looks luxe and sophisticated. 

But this outfit is so easy to put together and is also comfortable to wear to anywhere. Whether it is a work party or Friendsgiving dinner at their place, you will look chic and stay comfortable. Just add your favorite coat and pumps and ready to impress at the dinner table. 

Don’t forget to add some jewelry to elevate the look.

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Idea - printed Sweater with Wide Leg pants

Recreate The Outfit

Matching Sweater and Coat with Blue Wide Leg Jeans

Jeans is everyones favorite when the temperatures drop. But with wide leg jeans you can create classy outfits effortlessly. I love this outfit for so many reasons. It’s timeless, so you can wear it anywhere. And it’s also easy to dress up and dress down depending on your occasion. 

The matching sweater and coat make this casual outfit sophisticated. And you can elevate this look by pendant necklace and a classy black leather belt.

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Idea - Wide leg jeans
by @igladon_

Recreate The Outfit

Knit Skirt With Matching Sweater

This outfit will not only keep you cozy and comfortable, but it also looks put together.  And it’s a great way to wear some colors to your outfit without feeling overwhelmed. 

The wool coat is optional but, if you are out and about a similar shade of wool coat will keep you comfortable in the cold weather. If you are going to meet your family, you can swap the tall boots with loafers that are easy to slide in and out of.  

Otherwise tall boots do look chic. 

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Idea - Matching Sweater Skirt with Coat

Recreate The Outfit

Cardigan As a Top With Wide Pants

Another chic and comfortable outfit that you can recreate in any color combination and it will look great. It’s classy sophisticated and casual too. But if you want to look put together, pick lighter shade pants like camel or white in this case. 

And go with a winter shade cardigan with collars. The winter color will give your outfit into thanksgiving mode but you can also wear this outfit anywhere else. So your money would go a long way.

Grab your favorite black crossbody bag and create a chic look.

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Idea - Cardigan with wide leg pants

Recreate The Outfit

Sweater Maxi Dress With Boots

Sweater dresses are the most comfortable outfit for cold weather and would be perfect for a casual dinner party as well. But solid colored sweater dresses quickly become boring. Instead pick a patterned sweater dress like this one. 

The stripe details add more detail to your outfit and you don’t even need to dress it up this way. Simply add gold hoop earrings and your favorite bag and boots. 

This outfit will be chic and yet so comfy.

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Idea - Striped sweater dress

Recreate The Outfit

Striped Sweater with Straight Leg Pants

This outfit combination is timeless and you can again recreate in different color combinations. But this is why it’s our favorite. The stripes will never go out of fashion and you can pair them with any bottom to change your entire outfit. 

Just add a cute handbag, some cute earrings and a pair of heels to create the ultimate classy thanksgiving dinner outfit. This is not over the top but you will still stand out. 

If you don’t want to wear heels, you can swap them with black ankle boots.

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Idea - with striped sweater with black pants

Recreate The Outfit

Printed Satin Skirt With Oversized Sweater

Satin skirt would be really comfortable to wear around the house while still looking chic. But if you are worried about wrinkles, then pick a printed satin skirt. 

Since the skirt is bias cut, you can add an oversized sweater to balance the proportion and create a casual yet chic thanksgiving dinner outfit. 

Pair tall boots or you can also pick ankle boots to complete the look.

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Idea - Printed Satin skirt with oversized sweater

Recreate The Outfit

Printed Satin Pants With Matching Sweater

Satin pants are a huge trend this year, but printed satin pants are the best for many reasons. They look much more elevated. And they add more details to your sweater outfit. 

Simply pick your favorite structured sweater with printed satin pants. Add black ankle boots and your favorite coat for the ultimate classy outfit. 

This is so easy to put together and look great on anyone. If you create a monochrome look with matching a similar shade of coat, your outfit will look even better.

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Idea - Printed Pants and Sweater

Recreate The Outfit

Velvet Pants and Satin Top

Velvet pants will keep you cozy and they look chic too. The only tip here is to pick a non conventional color like navy or purple instead of traditional Christmas shades. This makes them look modern and elevated. 

Add a satin full sleeve top to balance the outfit. And layer with a long coat and pick your favorite shoes. This outfit will look chic and you can not only wear it to thanksgiving dinner at someone’s house, but you can also wear this as a casual dinner party outfit.

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Idea - with velvet pants

Recreate The Outfit

How to Pick The Right Dinner Outfit

The key to nailing a great dinner party outfit is not wearing the fanciest outfit. It’s wearing the right outfit. As we get older, this differentiates us from everyone else. While all of these outfits can be worn anywhere, here is what you should wear for each of the different types of thanksgiving dinners.

For Friendsgiving Dinner you Can wear the Following:

For Thanksgiving Dinner Outside you Can wear the Following:

For Thanksgiving Dinner At Home you Can wear the Following:

For more on party style, please read:


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