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Chloe Tess Day Bag Complete Review And Shopping Guide


Chloe Tess Day Bag Complete Review And Shopping Guide - Blog Banner

Looking to buy a black crossbody or a top handle bag and bumped into the Chloe Tess Day bag? In this post I am sharing a detailed review of this bag and the best places you can buy it from. 

A good quality crossbody bag with top handle is versatile and functional. So, if you don’t own one, I highly recommend investing in a piece that you can wear from day to night and in many different ways. 

Table of Contents

About Chloe Tess Day Bag

Now this is not my first or my last Chloe bag, I already own some of the popular Chloe bags – Chloe Faye Bag, Chloe Nile Bag, Chloe Tess Small Bag. 

The Chloe Mini Tess Day Bag was introduced in 2020 as an updated or a more functional version of the classic Chloé Small Tess bag that I can literally buy in every color. 

While this bag initially came in a small and mini size, the mini has become popular and that is what you will see in the brand’s store as well.

And this bag comes in a variety of shades just like the Tess bag.

The Review

What I Bought?

I bought the Chloe mini Tess Day Bag in black with Gold tone hardware after constantly looking at it for months. I had almost worn out my Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis bag and needed to pick up another everyday black crossbody bag.

The timeless design and the sturdy leather texture heavily influenced my purchase. 

When looking for an everyday designer bag, you need to pay attention to design and functionality. I am sharing some tips on what to consider when buying your first designer bag that will help you with a checklist when buying your next bag.

This bag retails for $2050, but I got a steep discount for it from Gilt and only paid 50% of it. And no, this bag was not on final sale. So, I had time to return. 

Size and Material

My first reaction when I opened the bag was that it is small and not sure if it will fit my things. I had envisioned it to be a bit wider. But I was pleasantly surprised that it actually fits all my necessary items without any issues. 

I usually carry a full wallet, my iPhone max, sunglasses, lipsticks and if needed hand sanitizers along with my car keys. 

And all of them fit snuggly. And I do anticipate the bag expanding a bit over time as the leather is not extremely sturdy like the Chloé Tess bag.

The bag is a made out of two tone black leather which adds a an interesting detail to the overall style of the bag. The bottom and sides along with the strap are smooth leather. But the front, back and top flap are textured leather. 

And I feel this is done geniuosly. This adds more detail to the bag and a bohemian style without making it too busy. 

You probably won’t notice the difference that much in the black bag, but its noticeable in other shades.


  • Width – 8 3/4 inches wide (bottom) and 7 3/4 inches wide (top)
  • Height –  6 inches
  • Depth – 4 1/2 inches

Design and Functionality

The bag went over my expectations on functionality. It has a back slip pocket which is soft and can hold your smaller phones. It does not fit your iPhone Pro Max. But it does hold my keys. 

Once you open the flap, there is also a front slip pocket similar to the back pocket. And the bag also comes with a zipped interior pocket. This makes it really spacious and functional. 

There is plenty of room to store things. Now, the interior is canvas and is contrast in shade, so it’s easy to find things. 

The Chloe Tess Day bag has the similar ring hardware at the front that the original Chloe Tess bag has which makes it timeless and chic.

The hardware for closing the bag is different though. It is way more secure than the Chloe Tess bag, but at the same time it’s a bit harder top open. And the soft leather does not help. I usually put my thumb to hold the closure, so I can pull the magnetic clasp with push and pull mechanism and it works. 

It does need a bit of practice, though! But the leather and stitching are pretty high quality, so you dont have to worry about any tears.

The long strap is perfect for petite and tall ladies as it’s adjustable and not as long as the LV Pochette Metis bag, which is a bit annoying to me. And its wide enough (2 1/2 inches) so your shoulders will thank you.


The textured leather is always a much more durable leather as it scratches less. And most of the bag is made of textured leather. The bottom part has hardware buttons so it’s not directly sitting on the floor, so you won’t be scratching the soft leather as much. 

I also love that the hardware is not too heavy which is a common complaint about Chloe bags. So, whether you are carrying it as a top handle, shoulder or crossbody bag, it does not feel as heavy as the Chloe Faye bag whose leather is pretty heavy in construction.

And a bag in black always lasts longer than other shades. 

Overall Thoughts

I love that the hardware on the Chloe Tess Day bag are two tone and not too gold. This makes the bag more versatile and wearable for different occasions. 

One of the biggest reasons I go back to the Chloe bags is their minimal use of logos in these bags. This makes them timeless but the design and hardware placement gives them a signature look. You can spot a Chloe bag without even looking at the logo.

And the size and quality of this black Chloe Tess bag makes it easy for me to take it with me on travel as well as for daily wear. 

Where To Shop

The bag is still available on a heavy discount on Gilt. But if its sold out by the time you get there, sharing some places where you can get some points or rewards while shopping for this gorgeous bag:

For more on women's bag, please read:


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