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15 Stylish Combat Boot Outfits You Want To Wear Daily


15 Stylish Combat Boot Outfits You Want To Wear Daily

When you need versatile, supportive and statement footwear that will also give you a confidence boost–look no further than combat boots.

These timeless shoes have a unique ability to blend functionality with fashion, making them ideal for outfits that call for chic comfort.

Since these shoes are so adaptable, they can be paired with a wide variety of pieces. Read on to discover combat boot outfits that cater to multiple aesthetics and dive into the plethora of options for integrating these shoes into your wardrobe.

15 Combat Boot Outfits

Striped Sweater + Straight Leg Jeans

Want a casual yet sophisticated outfit, combat boots are perfect for that. Simply pair it with a striped sweater and straight leg jeans for a casual yet sophisticated outfit.

The striped detail always adds more detail to your look compared to a plain colored sweater. And if you have a white combat boot, you can also wear lighter shades of jeans in the cold weather to create a fresh change. 

This outfit is my go to for daily wear. When it gets chillier, all you need a long wool coat for warmth.

Combat boots outfit with striped sweater

White Faux Fur Coat + White Jeans

Want to create a classy yet laidback combat boot outfit, then try a monochromatic look with white jeans and white faux fur coat. This outfit is perfect for extreme cold weather. 

Wear a colored turtleneck underneath and keep the rest of the look neutral to look cohesive with white jeans. This outfit is versatile. You can wear it to work, run errands and so many more places. 

But you can also wear this to your ski trip by adding the right winter accessories.

Combat Boots outfit with white faux fur coat

Sweater Dress + Layered Necklaces

For a refined yet edgy look, pair your combat boots with a classic sweater dress, a few tiered necklaces and a chic construct colored clutch to change up the all black look. Complete the fit with sheer tights and luxe sunglasses.

With this ensemble, the boots are elevated by the classiness of the sweater dress to create a sleek aesthetic via flattering style contrasts.

Wear it in casual workspaces, museums, malls, trendy cafes and live music venues. Alternatively, you could use it to attend film screenings, creative workshops and laid-back gatherings.

Combat boots outfit with sweater dress

Faux Leather Pants + Turtleneck Sweater + Wool Blend Coat

If you have a busy day ahead of you, your combat boots can be worn with an outfit that prioritizes comfort and functionality. Pair them with faux leather pants, a luxurious turtleneck and an oversized wool blend coat.

This look will also work well with a quality crossbody bag, a comfy beanie and dark cat-eye shades.

While the boots and leather pants add a touch of toughness, the look is polished to perfection thanks to the elevated sweater and structured coat.

Wear it to run errands on days when the weather is less than ideal. Coffee dates with friends or strolling the city solo can also become stylish adventures in this type of ensemble.

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Combat boots outfit with leather pants
by @vogueandcoffee

Floral Dress + Faux Leather Jacket + Pendant Necklace

Add a flirty vibe to your combat boots by wearing it with a floral dress. Then, finish the look off with an edgy faux leather jacket and a unique pendant necklace

This aesthetic has the ideal blend of rocker chic and contemporary romanticism, making it a great choice for those who want to showcase juxtaposing style elements. It shifts the boots away from appearing too gritty via the incorporation of floral and feminine pieces.

With its romantic appeal, it’ll work well for movie dates or casual eateries with your significant other. Alternatively, you can wear it to lunch with friends or during weekend strolls through the neighborhood.

Combat boots outfit with floral dress
by @sweetsauceblog

Blazer Dress + Classic Hoop Earrings

Those with a preference for a classic chic aesthetic will appreciate the simple allure of pairing your combat boots with a blazer dress and hoop earrings.

This look is not only easy to put together, but it will also help you achieve an effortless balance of sophistication and edge. The shoes bring a modern contrast to the dress’s structured silhouette, creating a bold and fashion-forward fit.

What’s more, it’s comfortable enough for city sightseeing–while being upscale enough for dinner dates, cocktail bars, art galleries and theater shows.

Combat boots with blazer dress
by @sweetsauceblog

Color Block Sweater + Skinny Jeans + Mid Length Coat

Your combat boots can be a part of a luxe look that’s both comfortable and chic when paired right. 

Try them with a color block sweater, high rise skinny jeans and a mid-length coat. Then, top it off with an elegant crossbody bag, classy stud earrings and metal frame shades. 

Combining classic and casual elements like combat boots with a color block top/sleek jeans offers a unique approach to timeless style. The boots enhance this outfit by giving it a fashionable edge and creating a more functional fit.

Wear it to your kids’ sports games, to lunch with friends, or during a day of bookstore and café hopping.

Combat boots outfit with camel coat
by @luisafermazari

Turtleneck Top + Skirt + Boucle Jacket

Experiment with your boots by combining them with a simple turtleneck top, an elegant skort and a cropped tweed jacket for an unexpected twist on the basics. You can pair this outfit with sheer black tights, a chain necklace, an elegant ring set and a structured handbag.

It’s a look that incorporates traditional sportswear (i.e. the skort) while seamlessly blending it with elevated pieces to give your boots a boost of sophistication.

With this fit, you can head to your weekend getaway in style without sacrificing comfort. Or, head to a trendy restaurant with a few gal pals for a fashionable lunch date.

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Combat boots outfit with boucle jacket
by @lebloguedejulie

Layered Sweater + Relaxed Pleather Pants + Structured Handbag

Using your combat boots to create an elevated yet comfortable ensemble can be easily achieved with a sweater layered over a basic t-shirt and loose-fitting faux leather pants. Top it all off with a structured purse, a necklace or two, small hoop earrings and a chic watch.

It’s a fit that’s practical and layered, offering enough fabric to cover up for colder weather with chic elements. Plus, the combat shoes are instantly elevated by the presence of pleather and softer fabrics for an effortless play on texture.

Don it to the office, to run errands, for casual meetings, or leisure weekend strolls.

Combat boots outfit with V Neck Sweater
by @lebloguedejulie

Belted Denim Shirtdress + Classic Sunglasses + Modern Bracelet Watch

Get that casually chic flair by opting for light-colored combat boots and combining them with a short belted denim dress. A modern bracelet watch and classic shades will complement this laid-back look well.

Since it’s cinched at the waist, this ensemble creates a relaxed yet feminine silhouette. Denim has a way of giving off an approachable vibe, while the light-colored combat boots add to the informal and leisurely aesthetic.

This fit is great for weekend adventures, trips to the amusement park, a fun day with loved ones and scenic pier or harbor strolls during warm weather.

Combat Boots Outfit With Denim Dress
by @heyitsnatalie

Fitted Sweater + Cropped Slacks + Puffer Jacket

Combat boots are a great way to achieve a chic city style with minimal effort. To pull this off, pair your kicks with a form-fitting sweater, some cropped pants and a short puffer jacket.

Since the jacket has silver hardware details, you won’t need many accessories. Here, less is more. Opt for a simple shoulder bag and classic aviators.

It’s a look that lends itself well to cool and casual tastes. The boots give this ensemble a tougher vibe, while the slacks and top offer up sophistication. Your puffer jacket will add the casual flair needed to blend the pieces into an everyday fit.

Wear it to the mall, to the movies, or a casual lunch with friends. Alternatively, you could don it for trips to the city for easy walking and stylish comfort.

Combat boots outfit with puffer jacket
by @ brenna_anastasia

Cozy Turtleneck + Cropped Wide Leg Jeans + Oversized Shacket

Out of all the combat boot outfits, this is the one shacket lovers will appreciate the most. For a sleek and casual vibe, pair your boots with a quality turtleneck, some cropped wide leg jeans and–you guessed it–a shacket. Keep it oversized for a cozier fit.

To accessorize, opt for simple hoop earrings, minimalist sunglasses and a slouchy clutch.

Trendy and contemporary, this ensemble has elements of both modern comfort and practicality while also being in with current fashion preferences. What’s more, it’s got a forgiving silhouette that can flatter a wide range of body types while still showcasing shape. 

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As a casual outfit, consider wearing it while on vacation, during sightseeing, for weekend excursions and to laid-back gatherings with friends.

Combat boots outfit with white jeans
by @miles.and.smiles

Elegant Sweater Dress + Clutch

Create a whimsical and flirty fit by pairing your boots with a layered bell-sleeve dress. The layered effect can be achieved by wearing a bell sleeve blouse underneath your dress. This way, its sleeves and collar will peek out with a touch of color.

Complete the look with a chic leather clutch, classic hoop earrings and a statement ring. For added support, consider shapewear that will smooth out the silhouette and offer extra warmth.

Here, the combat boots are taken to a new level that offers a more romantic aesthetic. Yet there’s balance from the boots that keeps the ensemble from looking too dainty.

Date nights, informal gatherings, café meetups and trips to art galleries are all activities you can comfortably do in this stylish outfit.

Combat boots outfit with sweater dress
by @kahallasaurus

Long Belted Floral Dress + Faux Leather Moto Jacket + Classy Shoulder Bag

If you’re into floral dresses but wondering how to wear them with combat boots–here’s how. Pair the shoes with a long floral dress and top it off with a faux leather moto jacket. 

Add a belt to cinch the waist and an elegant shoulder bag to balance the edginess of the boots. Then, accessorize with classic hoop earrings and chic sunglasses.

What makes this ensemble memorable is how its feminine elements play off of the tougher features like the boots and the leather jacket. It’s a mix of casual chic and fashion-forward finesse.

Try it out on fun days with the kids, coffee dates with friends, city brunches and concerts. It will also work well for casual Fridays at the office or evening strolls around town.

Combat Boots Outfit With Bohemian Dress
by @kahallasaurus

Knit Sweater + High Rise Skinny Jeans + Long Twill Coat

Your combat boots can look polished and refined with the right combo. For that clean and sharp look, pair them with a quality knit sweater, high rise skinny jeans and a long twill coat. Add an elegant leather saddle bag to complete the outfit. 

Thanks to its minimalism and simplicity, you simply can’t go wrong with this ensemble. It’s as versatile as it is stylish with toned-down elements that create a put-together, practical aesthetic. Plus, the shoes add a level of comfort that makes this fit suitable for all-day wear.

You can wear it to work, to run errands, to meetings and casual coffee meetups with friends. Days that require you to be out and about will be effortlessly chic and hassle-free with this ensemble.

Combat Boots Outfit With Black Coat

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