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Best Elevated Denim Jacket Styles to Upgrade Your Basic One


Love wearing denim jackets because it’s just an integral part of your wardrobe. I hear you. But it’s time to upgrade your basic shirt style denim jacket with these elevated styles. This will not only upgrade your outfits but also keep you looking current and modern.

Denim jacket is the ultimate Millennial basic we are all have been rocking. But it’s seen better days and honestly when you do have better versions of these denim jackets available, why wouldn’t you try them instead. 

So, let’s checkout what other styles of denim jackets you can wear instead of your basic shirt style denim jackets. 

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Why Your Basic Denim Jacket Isn't Working Anymore?

If you are wondering why do you evened to do this? Here are some reason I am recommending upgrading your basic denim jacket:

  1. Your body has evolved. The basic shirt style denim jacket works for skinny smaller chest body type. But our bodies have matured now. So, you just don’t look the same anymore.
  2. You are wearing other styles of clothes and your basic denim jacket does not look good with them. I understand its your go to jacket, but its time to find a better versatile go to denim jacket.
  3. You are still wearing skinny jeans. In that case, the skinny jeans and shirt denim jacket combination is really outdated and making you look frumpy. If you want to update your skinny jeans outfit you should update your denim jacket style.
  4. These denim jacket styles we are recommending are much more versatile for your everyday style without compromising on comfort.

Best Denim Jacket Styles To Wear

Bomber Denim Jacket

Bomber jackets are a athleisure must have. It looks athletic, flattering and is absolutely comfortable. You can easily wear it with full sleeve tops or sweaters because of the loose sleeves. 

But the structured collar and zipper details gives your outfit an edgy look which instantly elevates it. 

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So, if you love wearing denim jackets with leggings, simply swap your basic silver buttoned denim jacket with the Bomber denim jacket. 

Your outfit will look fresh, modern and elevated. 

You can also wear them with tshirt dresses, joggers and so many other casual outfits to look more put together.

Belted Long Denim Jacket

A long jacket comes handy when you are wearing leggings with tops that don’t really cover your bottoms fully. And what better style than a trench style long denim jacket. The longer length will help with coverage. And the belt will add a waist definition. 

This is one of the common issues with the basic denim jackets. They just make you look boxy and if you are not size 0 then you look heavier in them. So, belt helps with creating a waist definition. 

You don’t even need to wear the belt that it comes with. Thanks to the loop you can swap with your favorite belt and elevate the denim jacket further. Checkout some more ways to style a belt.

The long denim jacket is perfect pairing with skinny jeans as well. Instead of wearing the basic denim jacket you can update your skinny jeans outfit with a long denim jacket.

Denim Moto Jacket

Moto jackets are a fall favorite for all of us. I literally wear it all year round but in a leather material. What if you can find one in denim fabric. Isn’t that amazing?

The lightweight denim fabric makes the denim moto jacket an all year round outerwear that will make your outfits look stylish and modern. 

You can wear it with jeans, trousers, skirts you name it. The collar details of moto jacket makes them interesting and in this denim fabric you can wear them with summer clothes and not feel guilt of wearing a moto jacket. 

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This style of denim jacket is perfect for you if you like to dress minimal but with some spunk. 

Pair the denim moto jacket with just a basic tshirt and jeans and see the transformation yourself.

Denim Boucle Jacket

Boucle jackets are the new trend that you will see everywhere and for a good reason. They symbolize classy style. But most of them are made out of tweed or other thicker fabric. But if you pick a denim boucle jacket, you can wear it everyday without feeling overdressed.

Denim fabric is a casual everyday fabric. That is why we all love jeans in the first place. And when added to the collarless boucle design it looks perfect for everyday wear. And at the same time elegant and sophisticated. 

So, if you have been thinking of channeling some elegance but not sure if it’s your style, try swapping your basic denim jacket with this boucle style of denim jacket. 

The collarless style and button details makes them great for dresses, skirts and trousers as well. 

Denim Utility Jacket

A utility jacket is everyone’s favorite. You can wear it anywhere and also a great outerwear for your athleisure outfits. And if you wear a denim utility jacket, it looks casual but definitely better than your basic denim jacket. 

Utility denim jackets are relaxed fit so they are better than those shirt style denim jackets that look a bit restricted. But if you pick a light wash one, it looks fresh and will compliment all your summer outfits.

This style of jacket will also look great with skinny jeans in spring summer and leggings in fall because of the loose fit style. 

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Denim Blazer

This is my favorite version of a denim jacket. A blazer is one of the most elevated jacket styles that anyone can rock and looks great on everybody. And if it comes in denim fabric, then it also looks perfect for everyday wear. 

A denim blazer brings the retro vibe to the blazer style. And this is an excellent fabric which you can easily create a suit style without feeling over dressed. 

I love how a blazer makes your outfit instantly sophisticated and stylish. But the casual denim fabric does not take it away. And here are some inspiration on how to wear blazers with jeans.

Cropped Puff Sleeve Denim Jacket

A cropped puff sleeve denim jacket would look chic and stylish with any style of bottom. Whether you are wearing a dress or wide leg pants. And because of  the puff sleeve details, the cropped denim jacket looks dressier. 

So, you don’t have to feel bad that it’s making your next date night outfit dull. In fact you can wear it with day time outfits or night time looks too. 

Cropped jacket also work well for all you Petite ladies who have trouble with finding jackets that fall at the right place. Most of the time jackets would drown you. 

But with a cropped denim jacket you have nothing to worry about. I also love the puff sleeve details which makes the sleeves loose fit. So, you can wear them with full sleeve tops or sweaters.

Checkout some cropped denim jacket outfit ideas.

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