How to Wear Blazers with Jeans: 24 Ways to Look Sharp In Them


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How to Wear Blazers with Jeans: 24 Ways to Look Sharp In Them

*This post is all about what blazers to wear with jeans and how to wear them.

Blazers are quickly becoming the most popular essential in our closet and we see more and more brands coming up with different styles of blazers. But they are also a bit tricky to style with jeans to look sophisticated and elevated. In this post, I am sharing was you can style different styles of blazers with jeans and how to wear them. 

I will also share some jeans and blazer do’s and don’ts.

If you don’t own blazers this is a great post to read through to see what blazers you should buy that will be versatile and wearable with most of the clothes in your wardrobe. 

I personally am a big fan of blazers, they easily make your outfit look polished and put together whether you are wearing really casual clothes or fancy, they easily elevate your outfits.

And one of my favorite ways are to elevate my denim outfits with blazers.

But before we get. there, lets check out what are the best styles of blazers for jeans. 

Best Blazer Styles To Wear With Jeans

You can argue that all styles of blazers will look great with jeans. But there are certain blazer styles that will elevate your jean look and some might make your outfit basic and frumpy. 

These blazers will keep your outfit looking current and stylish, but they won’t compromise comfort which is always key. 

When you are wearing blazers with jeans, you are either wearing it to run errands or to work, you want a more relaxed and effortless styling. So, I will try to stay away from classic fitted blazers, that are out of style anyways. These blazers are good for formal wear. 

But you don’t have to just wear oversized blazers because they can make you look bulky and unflattering with jeans. So, lets find out some versatile styles of blazers that go really well with jeans. 

Longer double breasted Blazers

Mango Double-breasted blazer - $45.99

Long line blazers add an effortless touch to your jeans outfit and act as a great 3rd layer if you trying to look polished and slimmer in jeans. The double breasted style makes it easy to button up and you can literally wearing any style of top or knitwear underneath it and look stylish. 

The length helps create an hour glass structure even though you might not have one. This is my favorite style when it comes to looking polished and sophisticated in jeans. And you can wear any style of jeans with it. Yes you can also get away with skinny jeans. 

Wrap Blazers

JCrew Wrap blazer-jacket - $213.99

This is where if your blazer falls on your hips, you will still get away with it. I love the effortless coat style these wrap blazers bring to our outfit. And you don’t have to one wear them in winter with woolen wrap blazers, you can also pick ones for spring and summer. 

The belt adds detail and makes it look casual and pairs really well with jeans. This style of blazer will look great with wide leg jeans, straight leg jeans, slouchy jeans, flare jeans. 

Single Button Straight Blazers

Mango Herringbone suit blazer - $45.99

The straight first blazer is a little more relaxed fit and it does not have the hour glass tailoring as the double breasted blazer does. But its still long and has structured shoulders and collar details. Its one of the most popular styles of blazer and would look great with jeans. 

The tailoring elevates your denim outfits, but the relaxed fit makes your outfit versatile and you can wear it anywhere even when you are doing a grocery run. 

This style of blazer comes in both woolen and summer poly blends as well as linen material, so you can rock it all season. And the best jeans to wear with them are skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, flare jeans, cropped flare jeans.

The only jeans I would not recommend are wide leg jeans or  baggy jeans. While this combination is really popular in Gen Zs, it needs a skinny figure to pull this off. And if you are mid size woman like me, you might look bulky or bigger wearing them together. 

Oversized Blazers

Everlane Oversized Blazers - $228

The oversized blazer is much more relaxed but its still structured and tailored if you pick the right brands. Everlane oversized blazer is one of my favorite ones that look structured and are still stylish. And they are high quality too. 

These styles of blazers are great for layering with blouses and knitwear and you can rock with jeans too. The best jeans to wear with them are narrow leg or mom jeans, straight leg jeans and skinny jeans.  These jeans will keep you lean at the bottom while the oversized style of the blazer will keep it relaxed and effortless up top.

How to Style Blazer with Jeans

Blazers and Jeans Color Pairing

Now that we figured out what are the best styles of blazers to rock with denim in any seasons and any weather, lets checkout what blazer colors go with different denim shades. 

I will share some easy ways you can rock colored blazers with any shade of jeans too. Don’t forget to scroll and check out how. 

Blazer colors with Light Wash Blue Jeans

Light wash blue jeans are perfect for all year round, but they are most worn in warmer months from spring to early fall. So, its naturally easy to style it with neutral tones of blazers like white, nude, beige. You can even wear light blue, light pink and other pastel shades.

Pair it with a white T shirt and sandals and you look chic and ready to enjoy brunch outside. 

Since the jeans is lighter in shade you can also get away with navy or even black blazers. These shades will add more definition to your blue jeans outfit. They can also be used to style night time looks with jeans by simply adding a black top and some nice heels. 

Because the color of the jeans are lighter, you can also easily style them with dark browns, terra-cotta and other earthy shades of blazer that are darker in color. These shades add color to your jeans outfit and look sophisticated too. 

This way your outfit looks interesting and structured. 

Blazer colors with Dark Wash Blue Jeans

Dark wash jeans are even easier to stye with different colored blazers since they are darker in shade and act as a balancing shade. But if you wear lighter colored blazers like tan, brown, it looks neutral yet with some color. 

This is great for those of you who don’t wear a lot of different color but get bored with the same shades of jeans outfit.

Because of the dark wash shade you can also pair them with gray, black and even patterned blazers like houndstooth or plaid patterns that look versatile and more interesting than just plain solid color blazers. 

This is a great look if you have a smart casual work dress code. You can rock you favorite blue jeans with these styles of blazers without feeling like its too much for work. 

And you can also wear soft colors like pinks, light blues or mauve shades of blazers with dark wash blue jeans. The dark wash makes the jeans more like black jeans which are versatile and you can wear with a lot of shades of blazers. 

Blazer colors with White and Black Jeans

Black and white colored jeans are the most versatile shade and you can rock and color and patterned blazers with them. These jeans paired with blazers are great for work, parties or any specially occasion  where you want to look a bit more put together and want to wear blazer. 

Depending on the event you are going to, you can pick the blazer. 

How to wear Colored Blazers with Jeans

As the weather gets warmer, you would want to wear colors. Or you love wearing colors and want to checkout the best ways to wear colored blazers with jeans. I got you covered. 

I personally am a fan of colored blazers and using these tricks I wear all shades of blazers with jeans. 

Go Monochrome

As the weather gets warmer, you would want to wear colors. Or you love wearing colors and want to checkout the best ways to wear colored blazers with jeans. I got you covered. 

I personally am a fan of colored blazers and using these tricks I wear all shades of blazers with all shades of jeans. Yes, you can. You can still rock a bright color blazer with light blue jeans with this formula. 

You can either match the shade of your jeans with your top which is easy if you are wearing black, blue or white. Of you can also match the shade of your top with your blazer. They don’t have to match completely. As long as they are in the same color family you are good. 

Cropped Blazer Denim shirt Outfit

Match Your Shoes

This is also an easy trick to make your outfit look cohesive and put together. Just pair match the color of your shoes with with your top, jeans or blazer. You don’t have to match the rest and your outfit will look well coordinated. 

This is a great way to ad some fun colorful shoes to your collection and easily wear them with you everyday outfits. And you can also wear this style of look to work with work appropriate shoes.

White Crewneck T shirt & Colored Blazer Spring Summer Outfit

Coordinate your Accessories

You don’t have to match your bag  with your clothes, you just need to ensure that the shades are coordinated. This trick works great if you are wearing neutral black or white clothing and have a similar color tone of handbag. 

I am sure you have some shade of black, tan and white handbag, just make sure you wear similar shade of top to  coordinate and your colored blazer with jeans outfit will look so cohesive and put together. 

And you can apply the same rule to any accessories like scarf or hats you are wearing, match the shade with the jeans or blazer. 

Jeans and Blazer Pairing Ideas

Sharing some easy ways you can style different styles of jeans with different styles of blazers. 

Slouchy Jeans

Slouchy Jeans + Striped T Shirt + Double Breasted Blazer + White Sneakers

Slouchy Jeans + Printed Shirt + Black Blazer + Black Ankle Boots

Slouchy Jeans + Black T Shirt + Pink Oversized Blazer + Pink Pumps

Slouchy Jeans + Black T Shirt + Plaid Oversized Blazer + Loafers

Slouchy Jeans - Pic 10

Slouchy Jeans + White T Shirt + Pink Oversized Blazer + Pink Loafers

Slouchy Jeans + White T Shirt + Blue Linen Blazer O + Blue Loafers

Narrow Leg Jeans

Narrow Leg Jeans + Black T Shirt + Black Blazer + White Ankle Boots

Narrow Leg Jeans + Black T Shirt + Black Double Breasted Blazer + Nude Pumps

Narrow Leg Jeans + Black T Shirt + Plaid Oversized Blazer + Black Ankle Boots

Narrow Leg Jeans + Pink Knitted Top + Houndstooth Oversized Blazer + Pink Loafers

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight Leg Jeans + Yellow T Shirt + Yellow Linen Blazer + Platform Sandals

Straight Leg Jeans + Pink Shirts + Black Sweater Blazer + Pink Slingback Pumps + Blue Scarf

Straight Leg Jeans + Blue T Shirt + Blue Linen Blazer + Blue Loafer Mules

Straight Leg Jeans + Black Bodysuit + Black Tweed Blazer + Black Sandals

Straight Leg Jeans + White Shirt + Yellow Blazer + White Ankle boots

Straight Leg Jeans + White Sweater + Houndstooth Blazer + Brown Slingback Pumps + Brown Scarf

Straight Leg Jeans + Black Bodysuit + Blue Blazer +Black Sandals

Straight Leg Jeans + Printed Blouse + Lilac Blazer + Pink Slingback Pumps

Wide Leg Jeans

Wide Leg Jeans + White T Shirt + Plaid Blazer + Brown Slingback Pumps + Wrap Belt

Wide Leg Jeans + Chambray Shirt + Yellow Tweed Blazer + Espadrilles

Cropped Blazer Denim shirt Outfit

Wide Leg Jeans + Striped T shirt + Black Double Breasted Blazer +Black Ankle Boots

Wide Leg Jeans + White Turtleneck Sweater + Blue Blazer + Black Loafers

Wide Leg Jeans + Printed Shirt + Black Sweater Blazer +Black Ankle Boots

Wide Leg Jeans + Black shirt + Pink Blazer + Pink Slingback Pumps

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