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How To Pick And Style Belts With Your Outfits: Dresses, Skirts, Outerwear, Bottoms


How To Pick And Style Belts With Your Outfits: Dresses, Skirts, Outerwear, Bottoms

Wondering how to style belts with all your outfits to elevate them. This style guide will help you pick the right style of belts for your looks. And style them effortlessly. 

I know belts look amazing, but when it comes to styling them with your outfits most women struggle. 

*Consider this post as your cheat sheet to pairing the right belts with your outfits.

I used be a non-believer till I started experimenting with belts and now it is like an essential in my closet.

But 2020, became the year when I figured out my belt game, but someone who has a rectangular figure, its really hard to accentuate your waist without wearing something too tight. And as I have gotten older, wearing super fitted clothes does not really reflect my style or my comfort. 

How To Wear Belts With Your Outfits

How To Wear Belts with Dresses

While belts were built to be worn with pants to stop them from falling down, it has clearly evolved into an essential and you just don’t have to wear it with pants.

Flowy Dresses

A flowy dress with no waist definition is great to hide any imperfections but it sure does look frumpy and old fashioned. 

There is nothing working for you in the outfit. But you add a belt, and your outfit instantly looks stylish. 

The belt at the waist adds a waist definition giving you an hourglass look effortlessly. 

The rule is to pick a 1.5 inch to 2 inch or thick (if you are taller) for longer midi length dress. And go for 1 inch to 1.5 inches thick belt for over the knee dresses.

This way the belt does not overwhelm the look and you don’t look short. 

Wear belts with flowy midi dress
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Plain Colored Dress

Wear belt with black fit and flare dress
Wear Belt with Black Sweater Dress

Non Shape Dresses

Aline dress can make you look boxy without any waist detail. And this can happen even if you have an hourglass shape.

A great hack is to add a belt to give some detail to your waist line. This adds some curves and the dress looks much more flattering. 

It’s one of my favorite hack to add to any style of straight cut dress or sweater dress. 

Wear belt with Shirt Dress

Maxi Dress

If you have a flowy or loose fit maxi dress, you can use a thick belt to create a waist definition which will make your maxi dress outfit look nicer. It’s all about using the right accessories to enhance your outfits. 

Now it does not have to be a buckle belt. For this particular style, wrap belts work really well as well. Specially if you fell restricted in buckle belts.

How to wear a belt with a flowy maxi dress
How to wear wrap belt with maxi dress

How To Wear Belts with Cardigans

Last year with Working from Home, I have fallen in love with cardigans again. They are a relaxed version of coat that you can wear and look chic and put together. 

Short Cardigans

Long Cardigans

Long cardigans can look pretty meh when paired with jeans, skirts or dresses. They are not too long, so they make an outfit frumpy. 

If you are still hanging on to your long cardigans. This is a great way to elevate them. Simply add a belt. 

Most of the time the cardigan is pretty lightweight, so you don’t even need to take it off. This way you look chic and stay comfortable. 

How To Wear Belts with Jeans

This is an obvious choice for a lot of us. Because we wear jeans. But picking the right style of belt that flatters your jeans is key. 

When in doubt always go for neutral belts with jeans. This way you can wear any color of jeans and look stylish. 

Checkout the complete belt and jeans style guide to figure out all possible styles of belts to pair with different styles of jeans. 

How To Wear Belts with Coats

This is my favorite way of wearing a belt. You can wear a belt on top of any style of coat. 

This specially comes in handy if your coat does not come with a belt. Even then adding a contrasting detail to your coat with a belt, makes the outfit structured and sophisticated.

These days puffer coats also come with belts and I am so glad, because they can really grow you. And typing your waist with a belt makes your outfit look more put together.

If you want to take your puffer coat outfit to the next level, try a nylon belt instead of the plain  puffer belt it comes with. Trust me your outfit will be transformed. 

How To Wear Belts - A Closet Essential For Women
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How To Wear Belts with Blazers

Oversized blazers have become a popular trend and sometimes they just overwhelm your look. Or you end up looking like a bloated pumpkin in them. 

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But the whole point is to actually add more structure with that. So, how do you do that?

Simple answer. Belt the blazer. There are plenty of belted blazers in the market too. But adding a hardware detail to the blazer with a leather belt just takes the whole outfit to the next level. 

And you can do it with any style of outfit. Whether you are wearing a blazer with dress, skirt, pants or leggings. 

Leggings is my favorite. Because belting the belt actually covers the crotch area which can be comforting.

Wear belt over blazer with leggings
Wear belt over blazer with dress
Wear belt over blazer with pants
Wear belt with blazer over skirt

How To Wear Belts with Pants

Wide leg pants are perfect bottom to accessorize with belts. The wide leg style makes the pants look relaxed and laidback. But adding a nice leather belt with hardware detail can instantly add some sophistication to the outfit. 

If you are wearing wide leg pants casually and want to add some sophistication to the outfit, simply add a belt. 

But that’s not it. Even if you are wearing a fancy outfit with pants. Adding a belt will only take the look further. It gives it a put together touch and elevates the outfit. 

This is a great way to make your outfit look expensive and classy.

The goal is to compliment the belts with the outfit and not to overpower it. 

Wear belts with pants for party outfit
Wear belt with casual pants

How To Wear Belts with Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are probably the next best clothing items after dresses where you can add a belt effortlessly. They instantly add a waist definition to your outfit. And your jumpsuit does not look frumpy anymore. 

It looks sophisticated and classy. 

It does not matter whether you are wearing a printed jumpsuit or a structured one. They all look much better with belt. 

Wear belt with safari jumpsuit
Wear belt with a flowy jumpsuit

For more on styling belts for women, please read:


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