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Essential Makeup Brushes For Women Who Don’t Have Time


If you hate the idea of sitting in front of the makeup vanity for hours and trying out all your makeup brushes or you just want to ensure that you have the correct ones that you definitely need to get your makeup done quickly and more importantly efficiently, then this post is for you. I wanted to share my top 6 makeup brushes that I literally use everyday to get ready in like 10 minutes. 

I hear you, I also hate doing makeup for hours, first of all no one has the time for it, secondly, I like to do minimal makeup which shoes maximum result. So, I will share the details about the brushes and how I use it so you have an idea of why I am recommending them to you. 

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Eyeshadow Blending Brush

This is the only eyeshadow brush I would recommend if you are not a makeup expert. This is the most versatile brush and does a job of 3 different brushes. I use it to blend my transitional eyeshadow color which is what I use every single day. This is to help my eyelids from not get too greasy. I have the whole tutorial in another blog post. I will share it here, if you are interested in knowing more details of how I use the brush. 

I also use it to add more color if I need it. A good blending brush is all you need to blend your eye color properly. I have been using this blending brush from MAC for probably 10 years now. Yup, I am serious. It is one of the best brushes I own. And I recommend makeup brushes from MAC highly. The quality of their products are amazing. Always.

Since this is a 10 year old brush, I will share something similar from MAC that I found. I can guarantee you it will last you for that long as well. 

The bristles are soft, yet they are firm enough for a uniform application. This is why I love to use this brush so much and even after trying so many other brushes, I keep going back to it. 

You would think after so many years, there would be no hair left. But it is absolutely not the case. As you can see that the brush still has almost all of its hair left. Now, I do take care of the brushes by cleaning them occasionally. You should do too if you are frequent makeup brush user.


Foundation Brush

In the world of beauty blenders you must be wondering why does she still use foundation brush. I will say I also own a beauty blender, but I usually use it for highlighters or concealer when I want a more deeper coverage. 

For everyday makeup when I am in a hurry, I usually skip liquid foundation and use cream foundations. If the cream foundation is more fluid, I use my hands, but if its not, I use this medium bristle brush from Sephora. This one is an awesome basic foundation brush that uniformly blends all of my cream foundation. 

Since I don’t like a cake finish in my foundation, I prefer a brush over a BeatyBlender and honestly it just takes minutes to blend all the foundation I use. I typically don’t put the foundation directly on the brush which will cause a ton of wastage. Instead, I apply the foundation on my face making sure to apply more in areas where we need it more and blend it with the brush. 

Within a minute, all my foundation is blended uniformly. Create, foundation typically blends and settles faster than liquid foundation. So, this cuts down my application time to a lot. 

This is again an old brush that I own, so will find a similar one from Sephora.

Buffing Brush

A buffing brush is a really handy tool and its just not for concealer, you can use to apply setting powder to areas where you want more touch up. You can also use it like an eyeshadow brush. But I am glad to have discovered this brush. 

I usually use it to buff my concealer. I also use the beauty blender for it, but I honestly find the brush application much faster and efficient. With the beauty blender, I feel the concealer as blended, maybe because I don’t like thick makeup layers.

I am more used to cream concealer or concealers that not completely in liquid format, purely because I don’t like to use a lot, so I can control it and it also blends better than liquid ones. 

I use this Charlotte Tilbury concealer stick which makes the liquid concealer feel like cream thanks to the sponge applicator. After dabbing it on the necessary areas, I use the brush to smoothen out everything and I am done. 

Again, something that takes me just a few seconds. 

Powder Brush

This brush is my life saver. I use setting powder which is usually way more fine than compact powder. So a brush that can uniformly do that is really important. And this Lancome Powder brush is the perfect brush for that job. 

The bristles are strong yet soft in feeling, so the powder blends faster on your skin. But the more important thing is that it does not pick up a lot of powder when you dab it on to the powder container. This is really important because if you have too much setting powder on the brush, it will all be first applied to one section of the face and then you might end up looking like a ghost, just kidding. 

But you get the idea right. Your face might look powdery.

This brush helps me to not get that at all. I usually have only cleaned this brush twice, but I am so impressed that you won’t see any powder residue on the brush. The bristles are really high quality which of course you can expect from Lancome. 

The handle is also wide enough for a perfect grip so you can glide the powder on your face for a really faster and uniform application. 

Flat Contour Brush

Another old brush of mine from Morphe. And I am also surprised that it lasted so long. Though I think I am ready for an upgrade. I have had this brush for over 5 years now and actively use it everyday because I have been contouring my face for probably that long now. 

The only reason I contour is because I use foundation. Usually after applying foundation, your face is washed off of any shadows or shapes that would naturally contour your face creating a facial shape. Ideally that is the purpose of the foundation, to give you a blank canvas to work with. 

It does feel unnatural to me when that happens, so I use contouring on areas where I want it to be a bit darker.

This flat contour brush helps me achieve that without any fuss. The rectangular shape helps me to apply the contour powder in exact places, but I can also blend it well using the brush. The bristles are extremely soft which aids to the blend process. 

So, the job is done in a few seconds and I don’t have to worry about any spillage that might happen if I am using a oval brush. So, I love this brush to death to be honest. Morphe brushes are really affordable brushes and they are also great quality. 

Fan Brush

Before this brush, I literally skipped blush. I hate the way most round brushes or oil blush brushes apply the blush on your cheeks. Actually I don’t like blush on cheeks. It makes my cheeks be highlighted even more, hahaha!

On a serious note, if you have wider cheek bones, you probably know what I am saying. That is why for years, I skipped blush. But after discovering a fan brush, I haven’t looked back. This fan brush is from Sephora and a really old one as well. 

You can tell from how the end bristles are frayed. But it still does the job perfectly. Because of the fan style, you don’t accidentally take a lot of blush, saving you from having to wipe it. And it you can just fan it away from your face, and Viola, your blush is done. 

This saves me so much energy and worry. I don’t like a lot of blush, so this saves me every time. I will link this one from Sephora since I don’t think so you need to invest in a very expensive one for a blush brush.

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