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13 Shades To Try When Wondering What Lipstick To Wear With Red Dress


13 Shades To Try When Wondering What Lipstick To Wear With Red Dress

One of the best outfit choices you can wear this summer is a red dress. Flirty, feminine, and daring to be incorporated for your late evenings or that special occasion. Have you ever had trouble deciding what makeup to wear with it? Let alone, the perfect lip color? The concern with the red dress is deciding which lipstick complements the best without clashing. You may believe that the obvious choice is red lipstick, however, some colors and combinations work well with a red dress. Before we dive into lipstick shades, there are a few tips to consider when deciding which one you will choose.

Best Lipstick Shades To Wear With Red Dress

Tips for Lipstick to Last

The first factor is longevity. Especially when it comes to the bolder, darker shades you may consider, colors such as red, red-orange, and out pinks, will most likely bleed without the proper care. To prevent it from smudging and appearing on your dinnerware, you should opt for liquid lipstick. This type of formula is intended to last for 12 to 24 hours, ensuring that the opacity will stay put without wearing out. You can also consider a matte lipstick formula and a lip liner to match. It will not have the same longevity as liquid lipstick, but this combination will last a few hours as it fades out without the mess. The lipstick shade won’t be completely removed but gradually lessens in color by the end of the night.

You may also consider using a lip primer. This helps condition the lips but also helps bolder lip colors that aren’t liquid lipstick to last longer. If you tend to get lipstick on your teeth, or your lip liner seems to smudge across your lips, this is a great option. I find that the Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil will cover all your concerns. The bonus to this product is its ability to conceal any fine lines you would like to conceal, providing a smooth lipstick look.

Prepping your lips before application is also vital to a flawless application. Using a lip exfoliator will not only help with a flawless look but also aid in preventing dryness. Especially if you opt for a matte formula. The e.l.f lip exfoliator is a classic staple and does the job without the mess because of its singular stick design. Aside from prep, your lips will also need aftercare from all the formulas you use throughout the day. A proper lip balm locks in moisture and repairs the lips from drier matte formulas. Clinique Intensive Repairwear Lip Treatment is the best on the market, which also promises to diminish the appearance of fine lines around and on the lip area.

Now you’re familiar with formula and preparation, let’s jump in and find the best lipstick shades to wear with a red dress.

Soft Peach/Peach Nude

An unlikely pairing but in the same color family, light or nude peaches pair beautifully with a red dress. In this outfit particularly, the red-orange color is the standout here. If you want the attention to be focused on the dress, adding a peachier lip color doesn’t take away from your outfit. Rather, this lipstick shade softens your appearance and adds a subtle sophistication. The rest of your makeup should stay within peaches and bronze shades, to balance the boldness of the dress and the light intensity of the peach lipstick. 

by @mellowe_moments

Rose Pink

Pinks are also flattering lipstick shades to wear with a red dress. Pink is just several shades lighter and brighter than red, which artistically speaking, is a no-brainer to pair with your red dress. Wearing pink lipstick, especially with a red dress that has pink undertones, as shown above, will pair together beautifully.  If you decide to wear a satin or silk dress, I would consider going with a satin and/or glossy finish to your lipstick.

by @officialaditirawat

Make sure to also choose a light-colored pink blush to match, but muted so it does not clash with your red dress.  Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in 90’s Pink is a stunning, creamy rose pink that goes with multiple red or red/pink dresses. A classic rose pink shade that also works well is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink in the Afternoon.

Nude Ombre

Besides your pink and red options, you can never go wrong with a nude. But what makes this option different from your ordinary nude? This nude plays with dimension and shading, creating a unique ombre effect. You will want to start with a dark brown lip liner, which will enhance the natural shape of your lips. Line the lips and be sure to fill in slightly, allowing space in the middle to be bare. With lighter nude lipstick, apply in the middle and take a lip brush to help blend the lip liner and lipstick. This ombre nude works with multiple shades of red dresses, but is an extra step above in your overall glammed-up look.

by @nubianegirl

Neutral or “Natural” Pink

If you’re into a subtle lipstick shade to wear with a red dress, that isn’t warm or peachy, neutral pink is the way to go. You can select whichever nude pink you’re comfortable with and what matches your skin tone best. By selecting a nude pink, different shades of a red dress can work with this lipstick color. Whether it be a traditional red, red-orange, or red-pink, the neutrality of the lipstick shade will go with a variety of different color dresses.

by @ltnda

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Pink Honey is a unique shade that adheres to your natural lip color and adds a sweep of light pink. An option for those who want to create a more dramatic look and need a less distracting lipstick. If you would like more pigment and want a similar color, MAC Creamsheen Lipstick in Brave is a suitable choice.

Nude Pink

For those who want richer colors but can still be worn with a dramatic look, nude pinks will be your go-to. Your red dress, especially in traditional red tones, will not clash with softer nude tones. Choosing a nude pink allows room for various blush choices, eyeshadows, and whether or not you opt for a dewy or matte look.

by @kailinchase

Warm Nude Ombre

This option is for my olive, warm-toned ladies who want to stay away from red or pink lipstick. The lipstick shade technique gives definition and brightness to your overall look.  Ombre lipstick looks can also make your lips look bigger and fuller, due to the contrast of the darker lip liner and lighter lipstick shade. Warn nude shades you want to consider are peachier, or have an orange undertone to it.

by @leyla_prestamakeup

Warm lip liner shades will have the same undertone, but you want to choose something in the brown shade range. Makeup Forever lip pencils will last all day long and have popular warm brown lip liner shades such as Endless Cacao and Up & Down Tan. Lipstick shades that have that warm nude undertone we are looking for will be Lawless Forget the Filler Lip-Plumping Line-Smoothing Satin Cream Lipstick in Annie and Anastasia Beverly Hills Long-Wearing Matte & Satin Velvet Lipstick in Haze.

Classic Red

We couldn’t possibly neglect to mention that a red lip will always go with a red dress. One of the best lipstick shades to wear with a red dress is a “classic red.” It doesn’t go out of style and the makeup look is one of the easiest to replicate; a neutral eye look, black liner, and a bronze/blush combination. However, red lipstick can get messy and be withered away with drinking and eating. So it is best to choose a liquid lipstick formula that is intended to last for hours, even up to 12 hours of wear.

by @blossomandbuttercups

My favorite classic red shades would be Sephora Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick in Always Red or NARS Powermatte Long-Lasting Lipstick in Dragon Girl. A liquid lipstick can be a little difficult to create a crisp, neat line. Be sure to include a lip liner, and one that also promises long wear such as NYX Line Loud Longwear Lip Liner in On A Mission.

Orange Red

Orange Red is an ideal choice, especially for the spring and summer. An eye-catching lipstick shade complements the dress in the same color, without clashing. The same color throughout the lipstick and outfit creates a harmonious balance.

by @peexo

Clinique Pop Longwear Lipstick in Poppy Pop is a true orange-red with a matte finish. Cheetah print also goes well with orange-red, as shown in the shoes above. Both vibrant elements mesh well and don’t appear cheesy as you may have previously thought with this pattern. This vivid shade of red is not only a hot color for its versatility, but it is also a lot easier to wear throughout the day. My warmer-toned individuals will love Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick in Shade Obsessed! 211.

Brown Nude

A “true” nude that works on a variety of skin tones will be a brown nude. There’s a range of undertones that you can choose from, that will enhance your features. Subtly complementing your features allows the red dress you’re wearing to shine through. It is the popular choice to wear because of this reason alone. The nude lipstick gives an elegant appearance, that softens the vibrancy of the red dress.

by @catwalkbyk

Pink Mauve

You may be skeptical of this pairing but pink mauve can be a trendy alternative to the red lip. Similar to what was mentioned previously, this less intense shade helps elevate your red dress look. From a summer day wedding to a special late-night dinner, pink mauve can be worn for your all-day occasions. For a sultry, feminine appearance this lipstick shade alludes to that aesthetic by combining a subtle lip shade and a sexier dress color.

by @sydneybsweeney

For all-day wear and a matte finish, opt for Maybelline in Superstay Ink Crayon Lipstick in Stay Exceptional. Like more shine? Clarins Lip Perfector Intense Color Balm in Intense Rosebud is glossy and pulls the right amount of mauve shading.

Pink Brown

If the previous pink shades aren’t cutting it for you, pink brown may be the option you’re looking for. There’s enough contrast in color and the redness of the dress you choose, but still pink enough to look more delicate in appearance. For my fair to tan ladies who think red appears too stark against their skin tone, pink-brown is vibrant enough to stand out and blend within the outfit. I suggest satin finishes for this shade in particular as pink browns could appear flat in a matte finish.

by @madelinesboutiqueofficial

For those who are on the fairer side, I suggest L’Oreal Glow Paradise Balm-In-Lipstick in Blush Fantasy. My tanner, darker skinned individuals will look best with Natasha Denona I Need Rose Cream Lipstick in Calla.

Blue Toned Red

When deciding which shade of red you should go for, it is best to know your undertone. Another option for women who find reds too high in contrast with their fairer skin, blue-toned reds complement cooler undertones. Medium to deep skin tones, who have a cooler undertone and also feel that other reds lean too warm, will also complement you best. It’s cooler than a classic red and is said to make your teeth whiter because of the blue pigments. Think of icons such as Marylin Monroe or Taylor Swift, as examples of the iconic blue-toned red lip.

by @walone

A glossy nourishing formula in this shade would be Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Vinyl in shade Apple. If you prefer a matte finish, look to Gxve by Gwen Stefani I’m Still Here Longwear Clean Matte Liquid Lipstick in Original Recipe.

Deep Wine

Are you looking for drama? More old-school glam to go with your red dress? Deep wine shades are going to achieve this type of aesthetic. Rich in red pigment, with brown to plum undertones, the shade is sure to make a standout to your look. If you have an event to attend or a late-night engagement, this is the perfect evening look. Since the lipstick will be the main event of your makeup look, keep your base and eyeshadow neutral. We don’t want to take away from the gorgeous color.

by @walone

Also include the proper lip prep as mentioned before, to make sure the deep color doesn’t feather or dry out your lips! For suggestions on what to choose, go for Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick in Transform or Kosas Weightless Lip Color Nourishing Satin Lipstick in Star Power. 


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