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Fall Capsule Wardrobe with Colors : Key Pieces To Rock Colorful Outfits


Fall Capsule Wardrobe with Colors : Key Pieces To Rock Colorful Outfits

Fall is the best time to rock so many colors and I am super excited to share with you this fall capsule wardrobe plan that I put together with so many colored pieces. If you are suddenly in dilemma as to what colors to buy this season and how you can maximize your wear out of them, then check this guide where I am sharing all the pieces I am using to create a cohesive fall capsule wardrobe where I actually have multiple colors involved.

And I also have a downloadable version with so many outfit combination with these pieces as well, so don’t forget to grab your copy. Or you can also bookmark this page and get to it if you need some inspiration.

What is the Goal of this Fall Capsule

Before we create any capsule wardrobe in mind, its important to set some goals. And yours might not be the same as mine. But its important to see how you can build your capsule wardrobe around those goals. 

This capsule wardrobe is built around the following goals:

  • Easily mix and match colors, so that I can create cohesive yet colorful outfits. I love colors always, so its really important for me to be able to keep on wearing them even when the weather gets gloomy.
  • Maximize the wear out of my closet where I can use last season pieces along with he items in my capsule. This is something I want you to also think of. Its always exciting o buy new things, but the best way to get more wear is by being able to pair them with existing pieces in your closet.
  • Scaling this capsule to include more colors as we get to cooler months. I really want to wear even more colors as the we get to winter, so I wanted to build a foundation so I can add more colors and shades to this capsule and keep on enjoying them.
  • To come up with cohesive and colorful outfits. To look put together and stylish, its key that your outfit looks cohesive and I want this capsule wardrobe to achieve that.
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What Colors am I Focusing In This Capsule?

I had a lot of colors that I wanted to include in his capsule to be honest. But, I didn’t want to just have one piece of each color and no way to pair them, so I decided to scale back and reduce the number of colors. 

I also wanted to have more earthy tones for fall that looks really good in this and most of those colors go well together. 

So, the colors I picked are Green, Burnt Orange or Pumpkin Spice, Wine, Burgundy. All these shades can be easily expanded as the weather changes and worn with other colors like Red, Yellow, Pink and so on.

What is In the Capsule?

Something to keep in mind is that you cannot just have all colors in your wardrobe. Its not practical, but at the same time coming up with outfits with cohesive outfits becomes really challenging.

So, I also have black and white pieces that I have incorporated in the capsule to help balance the colors and create easy to put together outfits with colors.

So, let’s get into the details. 


I did not pick a lot of colored pieces for my tops, so I can have a balance between colors and neutral pieces. This way, I can easily pair them with colored bottoms to come up with colorful outfits without any effort.

And lets be honest, sometimes, we might not even feel like wearing colors, in that case, having some neutral colors will help. I also do not have any full sleeve sweaters, because fall is the season of layering and if you wear something thick already, you might get hot during the day which is not fun. 

There two sweater tops but they are short sleeve, so they won’t make you too warm.

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For my bottoms, I mostly picked black and pants instead of skirt, because this is something I find really comfortable to put on everyday when I am in a hurry. And as the weather gets cooler skirts always feel dressier. 

For the color palette, I had mostly black and white bottoms with just two pairs of colored bottoms. 


This is the way of wearing skirts but in the form of a dress. I picked short sleeve but midi length so I don’t feel cold and at t he same time I can easily layer jackets and coats with them.

Dresses are an easy way to create multiple outfits and also covert them into skirts. Checkout this post when I am sharing how you can wear different styles of dresses in fall.


Its always good to have multiple lengths of outerwear pieces in your capsule, so you can create different styles of looks based on the weather and your mood. 

I have also added some colored pieces in my outerwear which can become the statement of the outfit. But at the same time I went with black and white layering outerwear so that I can pair them with colored base layers to create a cohesive look.


How to Build This Capsule?

The first step for you should always be to check what you already own and try it to see whether you like it or not. Sometimes even though we might already own a piece, it just might be time to upgrade it. Or the item is too worn out that you won’t feel excited to wear them. 

In that case, checkout the items I am sharing to upgrade your existing pieces. 

You can also check this closet clear out guide that I build which has a mindset map to help you with the process.

Outfits with The Colored Capsule

All the outfits in this guide can be worn everyday or for date nights, office where you have a business casual dress code. Check out some of he outfit ideas below  as an inspiration to mix and match colors. 

And if you are interested, download the complete outfit guide by clicking the button at he bottom of the page. 

All these outfits are looks I will be wearing this fall every day, so I hope you will love them as much as I do.

Shirt Jacket Outfits

Burnt Orange Coat Outfits

Green Sweater Outfits

Download the complete guide below and get 30 outfit ideas with these 22 piece capsule wardrobe. And enjoy wearing colorful outfits everyday.


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