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10 Items To Toss This Fall & Winter Thats Making You Look Frumpy – What to Wear Instead


10 Items To Toss This Fall & Winter Thats Making You Look Frumpy – What to Wear Instead

Wondering why recently all your outfits just does do anything, in fact they are making you look older? Then read this full post where I am sharing 9 common items that most women in their 30s still have in their closet that are making them look old and frumpy. 

And more importantly what can you wear instead of them. Because we all want solutions, don’t we. 

Let’s get on shall we!

DISCLAIMER: This post is not shaming anyone, or making you feel bad about yourself. Your style is your choice. In this blog, I am sharing style tips and advise that will help you look upto date, modern and sophisticated in your 30s and beyond. And this post is all about that. 

Ripped Jeans

I had to bring this up, and I am talking about a specific style of ripped jeans. The extreme distressed ones which have holes all over the jeans. 

It just does not look flattering on anyone and specially not someone who has the ability to wear better clothes. 

I honestly don’t even know why we have those still around, they look CHEAP no matter how you style them. It was a way of looking cool in the 90s, but we are way past that. 

This piece of clothing is really old fashioned and is making you look really frumpy and honestly DATED!

What To Wear Instead:

A little rip that gives you distressed look is absolutely fine as long as its not showing a lot of skin. Rarely, I would wear a knee rip jeans, but I make sure I style it in an elevated way. 

But if you don’t have time to figure all that out, wear Raw hem jeans, they are a much more elevated version of ripped or distressed style and looks so sophisticated and effortless. 

These come in so many style, colors and look good with any kind of tops.

Denim Jackets

This is honestly something I am guilty of too. But denim jackets are super old fashioned now. very rarely you can find one that stands out, probably not in the Denim Hue. 

But if you are thinking of buying a new one, Please STOP. Don’t! Its a super basic piece of third layer, that actually is dating you 10 years or so. 

I personally also love them, but they are just super basic and most of the time an inexpensive one that tempts us to buy them. 

And in our 30s we can definitely do better, now that we know what looks good on us.

What To Wear Instead:

Shirt Jackets are the newer version of Denim Jackets which are elevated and still pretty casual. They look more sophisticated because of the shirt style, but with the color and texture options you can create so many versatile looks with them. 

You can belt them, wear them with button down shirt. That is the reason, they have become so popular. More over, they look like coats in a jacket form. with the collar details and solid color. 

And, you don’t have to spend a ton of money, there are plenty of option within a good price range that will last you for ages. 

REMEMBER LADIES: Quality over Quantity!

Leather Mini Skirts

I had tried this in my 20s and still did not like it, and now in my 30s, I don’t even want to bother. 

Mini skirts in general are tough to style, but the leather mini A Line skirts are really out the door. And now living through Pandemic we all realize that comfort is key. 

Moreover, no matter how much expensive these skirts are, they never look flattering. And when they do, you can barely move in them.

Its another old style that is on its way out for me, and hopefully you are on board too.

Chunky Long Cardigans

They sure are cozy and hence great piece to wear around the house as a lounger. I think now they also have transitioned into Loungewear collection in most brands. 

That is what I have to say about them, they only serve one purpose, comfort. Otherwise, they literally drown us. 

I have always found really challenging to style them and add some structure into the outfit. They always look oversized and in turn make you look frumpy. 

I ahve even tried belting which always does the trick, but it only makes you look like you are trying too hard.

What To Wear Instead:

You can still find comfort but look elevated in a piece of outerwear. For me oversized blazer do that perfectly. 

Woolen oversized blazers are my absolutely favorite piece f outerwear for fall and winter. They not only make me feel cozy and comfortable, but they also elevate my outfit (any outfit).

I literally throw them in with anything including loungewear to look elevated. You can find them in H&M for really good price or you can invest in a timeless piece from brands like Ann Taylor and Everlane that will last you forever.

You can checkout some of my outfits with oversized blazer on my YouTube vide where I have styled it in different ways.

Camo or Khakhi Utility Jacket

This is another really basic piece of outerwear that should no longer be in our wardrobe in our 30s. We can definitely do better. 

If you have a Camo Jacket, please ditch it now! Its so old fashioned and not at all flattering on anyone. Please don’t hate me here. I am just trying to help.

But the Khaki utility jackets have also become a very basic piece of outerwear that seems to come out the moment the weather gets cooler.

But most of those jackets are not even that warm! So, does not make any sense. This style of jacket is also probably used for hiking and more nature outdoor activity, but nonetheless, it makes you look older because the style itself is outdated.

What To Wear Instead:

You can absolutely wear the lightweight quilted Jackets that are so Ralph Lauren style of modern country vibe that gives you all the same utility but way more sophistication and style. 

Even though this is also an older design, but slowly and steadily it has been modernized and now with all the hardware details and stitching style, they look more elevated without any effort. 

Pair the with your favorite ankle boots or even sneakers and you will look so sophisticated in no time and effort. 

And they serve their purpose as well. you will feel warm in them.

Quilted Vest

Unlike its full sleeve version, this is the most outdated piece of outerwear out there. No matter how expensive it is, or how comfortable it is. 

If you put it on, you will look frumpy. I am so sorry, but its not your fault, its the style of this garment. It does not add any structure or any kind of style detail on you other than looking like an unfinished piece of garment. 

I totally get that its a perfect alternative to days when its not that hot or not that cold for its full sleeve alternative. But clothes are not just to cover our body, atleast that is what I believe and you do too, that is why you are reading this. 

And I have better options for you,  so read on.

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What To Wear Instead:

For fall, you can go for cardigan vests or sweater vests, which are much better and way more elevated options that the quilted vest. 

They also look effortless and sophisticated on anyone. I honestly love both of them. 

I already wear a lot of sweater vest, but I recently found this beautiful cardigan vest that you can throw in on dresses or t shirts and still look elevated. 

For Winter, when it gets cooler, you can totally rock some vest coat (or sleeveless coat) that are longer but way more sophisticated and stylish.

You can literally pair it with anything and still look so put together.

Cut Ankle Boots

You might hate me for this, but what is the point of these style, can someone please explain!

These are the frumpiest piece of footwear that is dating your outfit back for atleast 10 years or even more. 

While there are so many other styles of ankle boots out there, I don’t know why brands bring this back. The cut style of the boots only makes them look chunkier on your feet even though they have pointy toes. 

Even though these style of booties are more catered towards Bohemian style, and marketed to be worn with dresses as well, they only make the whole outfit dated. 

Bohemian style has moved forward so much, and you will not see this style in any of the designers rack. 

What To Wear Instead:

Square toe low ankle boots are so much more modern and elevated.  I recently picked this one from Anthropologie which are not low top but they still look amazing with dresses. 

The idea is to go with structure and a simpler design that will go with everything. 

If you are still unsure of square, there are plenty of pointy toe Chelsea style boots with a little bit of heel that still look elevated and sophisticated and more importantly modern.

Round Toe Tall Boots

These are the ones that look really chunky with all the details on the boots. And with the round toes, they just make you look shorter and frumpy. 

These styles have been outdated since 2018, but it looks like we all are still seeing them everywhere.

If you wear them for riding or for more of outdoor work for fall and winter, its absolutely fine, because they are comfortable. But, if you want to wear them out for your everyday looks, then lets not. 

I love tall boots because they make you look so smart and luxurious, but this style of footwear in no way elevating your outfit. In fact it does the opposite. 


What To Wear Instead:

There are so many great options of tall boots with pointy toe that you can always find one in your budget. I have bought two mine from Sam Edelman that are below $200, but Steve Madden also makes some awesome tall boots with just bit of block heels that will elevate your outfit. 

They are super high quality in an affordable price point compared to the same ones in the round toe option, so why not make a better decision in spending your money. 

A lot of folks think pointy toe will make your feet hurt and I so disagree, the designs are made to flatter you, and if you have wider feet, you can always look for brands that cater to that, though both the stores I mentioned about definitely are friendly to thicker calves and wider feet. 

You can also take the next step and pick a square toe one, but the detail that I want you to avoid are buckles on the boot, These ones even though can look good if styled well, just make your boots look dated.

Ribbed Henley Top

They are so cozy and perfect for a base layer in cold winters, but this piece of garment is just for that. Even though I have found certain styles from brands in short sleeve form that look more modern, I have not seen any modern pieces on the full sleeve version that most of us wear in cooler months.

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Honestly, they have always been designed as a base layer, to layer under sweaters in extremely cool weather, but somehow it made to our day to day fashion as a top. But the ribbed details just make them look frumpier. 

If you have one without the ribbed material, you could be ok, but nonetheless, this style has seen its days and another basic piece that no longer makes us look modern and elevated. 

And if I find a pair that actually defies what I just said, I will be sure to share here.

What To Wear Instead:

Lightweight V Neck cardigans have made a huge comeback and I love them, you can wear them as a top or layer them with camisoles and still look good. 

They look more sophisticated and structured with all the button details and actually a must have for workwear if you like more of an effortless business casual look to work. 

And you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them either. You can find them in stores like Gap, Loft that always have some kind of a discount going on. 

The V neck detail looks flattering on any kind of upper body shape, whether you have fuller chest or not. So, you can never go wrong in them.

Skinny Jeans

This one, I save for the last because, I know its going to raise a lot of discomfort and some of you will hate me. But tel me honestly, how many of you enjoy slipping into skinny jeans, or getting out of them?

I am sure there won’t be a lot of “yes me” for that. I know they make you look slimmer, but this was so 2010. Now we have so many more options of jeans that will make you still look flattering without all the discomfort. 

And if you haven’t noticed, they are kind of phasing out as well specially now that we are coming out of a Pandemic where we literally wore PJs. 

But this one, I won’t tell you toss unless you have some mid rise or low rise skinny jeans. They are not only old fashioned, but not comfortable at all. Who wants to show all there muffin tops wearing a low rise jeans.

What To Wear Instead:

Straight Fit Jeans are perfect for All year round. And they come in so many different styles and lengths. So, you dint have to worry about wearing them with boots. 

There are narrow straight fit which almost looks like skinny jeans but without the discomfort. You can wear tall boots with these one. 

You can pick cropped length straight fit jeans that will look amazing with boots. 

Straight fit not only saves you from looking boxy with any fitted top you are wearing, it enhances your figure and makes you look more elevated even in jeans. 

They look like pants and have the pants like comfort because of not hugging all you leg like leggings, isn’t that what skinny jeans are?

If you are interested to see some good straight fit jeans, I have reviewed the Levis Ribcage Jeans that are so popular right now and perfect skinny jeans alternative.

I hope you still like me after reading all this. I am trying to be your friend in helping you with all your style problems. 

Remember, change is always good!

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