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How to Find the Right Blazer For You: Fit and Style Guide


Blazers have become ever popular, but if you are having trouble finding ones that are good for you, this post is going to help fix that. 

Whether you are trying to find an everyday blazer that’s casual or something for work. You will be able to find how to figure out the right blazer for your style and best places to shop for them in this blog post. 

So let’s get started.

How Should A Blazer Fit On A Woman?

The Fit of a blazer can get confusing as there are oversized style of blazers as well. So, you must be thinking, do we really need to focus on this. 

Here are some rules you can follow that will help you to look structured and sophisticated in a blazer.

Not Too Tight Or Too Loose

I think these designer runways and trends make these oversized sweaters look so stylish and chic, but in real life, you can’t wear that. It’s not practical and honestly most of us don’t dress like runway models. 

  1. Oversized Blazer: If you are going for an oversized blazer you need to make sure you are not drowning in it. You can still button it and be able to see some structure. Or if you need to add, you can add a belt and it will instantly look structured. If it’s too big it won’t look like you wore your dad’s blazer.
  2. Fitted Blazer: The opposite is important here. You should be able to button a blazer even if it’s fitted. That’s the purpose of the blazer, to look put together. If you can’t the blazer is too tight and you need to size up. 
How to Choose a Blazer fit guide

The Right Length of the Blazer

How to Choose the Right Blazer length Guide

The Right Sleeve Length And Fit

This is one of the most forgotten or ignore fit guide when choosing a blazer and is the worst mistake. 

If your sleeves or arms are too long, it will look frumpy and unstructured when you are trying to wearing the blazer. But it might not be happening for the reasons you think. 

Your blazer needs to sit properly on the shoulders. If it does not have structured shoulders, make sure it fit well there. You can kind of ignore this if your blazer has structured shoulders. 

They will naturally fall in the right place. 

The sleeves of your blazer cannot be too tight, nope. If it’s the case, size up. But most good quality blazers don’t have this problem. Your blazer is meant to be a layering piece which means you have to wear it over clothes, so they should have wiggle room.

How To Choose a Blazer - Sleeve Length Guide

How To Find The Right Blazer Style For Women?

The key to finding the right blazer totally depends on the right style of blazers that will work for your outfit. So, I am sharing different styles of blazers that will work for different outfit styles. 

Double Breasted Blazer

The double breasted blazer is the most classic style of blazer out there. You can identify a double breasted blazer by looking at the double rows of buttons. 

They are a classic and the provide the best fit. If you want more tailoring in your outfit then opt for a double breasted blazer. 

This is the reason this blazer is popular for work. But you can also wear them to other places.

Where to wear double breasted blazers

  • Formal Work wear
  • Conferences
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Dinner Parties
  • Wedding guest
  • Interview

Single Breasted Blazer

Where to wear single breasted blazers

  • Smart Casual Work
  • Conferences
  • Perfect for Dailywear
  • Day Parties

Boyfriend Style Blazer

Boyfriend blazers are the most comfortable of the lot. They have just one button for closure and tend to be on the loose fit style. This is the blazer where you have to be careful with the fit. 

But these blazers usually come in a lot of different fabrics, so you can pick the ones based on seasons and your style preference.

I love these blazers, they are more forgiving but still give us the structured look. I feel like they are the most versatile pair if you find the right fit.

Where to wear boyfriend blazers

  • Smart Casual Work
  • Conferences
  • Perfect for Dailywear
  • Day Parties

Leather Blazer

Leather blazers can be in any of the styles of blazers I mentioned above, but can give you an egdy look. These are great structured pieces for fall and winter when you want to stay warm but want to look sophisticated. 

Again depending on the style of leather blazer you pick, you can wear them with casual clothes and also with nigh time looks. 

Tweed Blazer

Tweed blazers are classic and feminine blazer perfect for lady like outfits. They are also thicker than regular viscose blend blazers. 

So, they will feel warmer and are a classier alternative to leather blazers. And would be perfect to pair with dresses or skirts to create dressy and sophisticated outfits. 

Wool Blazer

Sweater Blazer

Sweater blazer are really comfortable. They feel like cardigans but they don’t look like one. And that’s the best part of it. 

You get the same layering benefits and warmth but the blazer is not as rigid around the shoulders like regular blazers would. These are also much more casual. If you own one, checkout some chic ways to style sweater blazers.

Linen Blazer

Summer layering can be difficult. Yes, you heard it right. You are wearing a really nice dress and you layer it with boring basic cardigan or even worse denim jacket and ruin the whole vibe of the outfit. 

If you are that person, checkout best alternative jackets you can wear instead of denim jackets. But a linen blazer can change your entire look. 

They are structured and sophisticated and really light weight, so they make your outfits look comfortable. 

Where To Shop For Best Quality Blazers?

Not every store has the best blazers specially if you are looking for quality ones. If you spend on good quality blazers, they will last you a long time. 

And that’s the goal of this blog, to build a sustainable wardrobe. But blazers don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. I am sharing stores that will have budget friendly as well as stores that will have high end ones. 

Stores for Budget Friendly Blazers

Stores for Budget Friendly Blazers

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