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How to Wear Pink Blazer with 25 Outfit Ideas


How to Wear Pink Blazer with 25 Outfit Ideas

Even though it feels like styling a pink blazer is easy, but sometimes it can get boring or feel childish. In this post, I want to give you all the tips and tricks in making your next pink blazer outfit effortlessly stylish. 

You will not only find helpful outfit ideas but also color combinations and ways you can make your outfit look better. 

And if you are someone who stays away from colors, pink is the most universal color that looks great on everyone. So, you can totally wear it.

What Shades of Pink Blazers to Wear?

Whether you are looking for a pink blazer that will look great with everything or one you want for a special occasion, finding the right shade is the key to better style. 

I am going to share some shades and cheat sheet of where to wear them. 

Boden Pink Blazer

Soft Pink Blazer

This is the versatile shade of pink blazer you can wear with anything. This is great for work, dailywear, vacation or even day parties.
You will find slight variations of this shade from brand to brand, but they will all fall under this soft pink color family.

From: Boden

Banana Republic Hot Pink Blazer

Hot Pink Blazer

This color is also called magenta, bright pink. But in general its a darker shade of pink. And is not really widely worn everyday. This blazer is perfect to dress up your party outfits, or wear to a work event where you need to look nice and presentable.

From: Banana Republic

Wondering how to find the best blazer for you: Checkout How to Find the Right Blazer For You

What Colors Does a Pink Blazer Go With?

Wearing your pink blazer with the right colors is key to looking put together. I also want to ensure that you don’t waste a ton of time trying to figure out what colors to pair your pink blazers with.

That is the whole motto of my blog. To make style easy for you. 

Here are some easy color combos you can wear pair with a pink blazer.

Pink And Blue

This color combination will work with both hot pink and soft pink. Blue is the  neutral shade and goes well with so many different other colors. 

You can wear soft pink with both lighter blue and medium wash blue. And the brighter pink or hot pink looks great with dark wash blue or light wash blue. 

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The idea here is to ensure that there is some level of contrast between the blue jeans and the pink blazer. 

If the pink blazer and the blue bottoms are both pale, your outfit will look bland.

On the other hand, if you are wearing hot pink with similarly dark blue bottom, your outfit looks intense. 

How to wear pink blazer with blue

Pink And White

Combining something white with a pink blazer is the perfect color combo for spring and summer. In face you can also wear this in winter with a pink wool blazer. 

The color combo looks fresh and polished. And no matter what you wear, this color combo always looks way more expensive. 

If you have a vacation or a somewhere special to go, and you don’t want to shop for clothes, pair a white dress with pink blazer.

how to wear pink blazer with white

Pink And Red

Pink blazer paired with something red looks powerful and playful at the same time. This is the best playful color combo an adult woman can wear and still look put together. 

This color combo also looks festive and can be worn to special occasion like holiday parties, wedding parties and so on. 

You can wear both light pink and hot pink with red. But light pink combined with red looks classy and elevated. 

While hot pink paired with red, your outfit will look festive and fun.

how to wear pink blazer with red

Pink And Black

Pink blazer paired with black pants or jeans instantly creates powerful sophisticated look. This is a great color combo for night time looks, where you want to elevate your going out looks.

And this color combination is really effortless. Black goes well with any color and it applies to pink as well. 

The softness pink balances the intense pigmentation of black. And if you feel like you look fat in pink. Then wear you pink blazer with something black.

How to wear pink blazer with black

What Pants to Wear with a Pink Blazer?

Whether you are headed to work, or to a party, you can use these bottom ideas to create chic and sophisticated pink blazer outfits. 

These pants will look great and compliment your pink blazer.

Straight Leg jeans

Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans look more put together and flattering. You can pair a pink blazer and create a sophisticated work outfit. 

Or you can also pair a hot pink blazer to create a chic date night look. 

This is a versatile clothes pairing that will look sophisticated and elevated. 

Madewell wide leg jeans is stretchy and looks really sophisticated with all black hardware.

Ankle Pants

You can wear ankle pants with either a fitted blazer or an oversized blazer. It looks professional and sophisticated.

This is also a great opportunity to create a monochromatic outfit by pairing the pink blazer with pink trousers or pants. 

This outfit would be great for formal dinner parties or business casual outfits where you want to look polished and sophisticated. 

And monochromatic outfits always look more sophisticated and expensive. You don’t have to match the exact color of the pants with the blazer for a monochromatic outfit. Checkout how else you can create monochrome looks.

Black Leggings

If you have an oversized pink blazer, you can pair it with your black leggings to elevate the outfit. 

This way your black leggings outfit will look put together and tailored. I love this outfit combo when I am working from home and need to head out for something. 

I would not need to change my bottoms. And the pink blazer adds a touch of color.

But if you want to wear black leggings, its good to find an all black one without any logos.

Black Joggers

Leather Pants

Black leather pants are bottoms you can wear in fall and winter that not only keep you cozy but also look really stylish. 

You can pair them with pink blazer to create a chic yet sophisticated outfit that you can wear for a lot of special occasions.

This is my go to style of outfit for cold weather going out looks where you just want to stay warm, but also want to look chic. 

How to Wear a Pink Blazer Casually?

Blazers have become the next denim jacket, so how do you really wear it so it looks casual and not like you are going to work. Here are some ways you can wear a pink blazer to create casual looks.

Wear With T Shirt Dress

The perfect casual dress for summer, the T shirt dress feels comfortable and most of us wear it from summer to fall. 

You probably also wearing it at home or you can wear it to work if you have a smart casual work dress code. 

Add a pink blazer to any soft color t shirt dress and your outfit will look put together.

Wear With Linen Pants

Linen pants are best summer bottoms that you can wear casually. And pairing it with pink blazer will elevate your summer look. 

You can pair the pink blazer with black or white linen pants. 

This is a great vacation outfit to a summer destination where you can look put together and be comfortable.

Wear With Denim Shorts

Shorts are a go to in summer, but they are hard to look put together in when all you probably would wear is a t shirt. 

But pair it with a pink blazer and add some cute footwear and you have yourself a cute casual and elevated outfit. 

You can wear it on date nights or even running errands.

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