How to Create a No Eyeliner Makeup Look & Still Make Your Eyes Look Big


If you are looking to do your eye makeup where you don’t wear black eyeliner but you still want your eyes to look bigger and brighter in summer, then check out this step by step tutorial. 

I honestly cannot be without eyeliner because of my hooded eyes, they look tired without eye liners. But in this tutorial you can see how I finally found a happy medium. This has now become my go to everyday eye makeup look which I wear to work and is so easy to do. 

Since this is about my eye makeup, I already did my face makeup. If you are interested to checkout my everyday face makeup look then checkout I have shared at the end of this post.

So, let’s get started.

What I am Using

Step 1: Priming

Priming your eyes is always the first and most important step for summer. If you have oily to combination skin, you know in the heat your skin will get really oily and you don’t want your eye lid to show all the line through your eyeshadow. 

Using an eye primer helps keep your eyelids stay matte and keep all the products intact. I am currently using a stick primer from SIGMA which is really easy to apply and more importantly quick to apply on. And I use my fingers to blend it all in. 

I usually wait for a few seconds for the primer to settle to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Transition Color

I always use a transitional color so that the primer is all set on my eyelid. I either just apply a liquid liner on top or apply colored eye shadow for more dramatic look. 

The transitional color usually should be closer to your skin color because you just want it to blend in and be invisible so you can apply any other color without it looking like something else. 

I have been using this transitional color from MAC which has the best eye shadow colors that really stay. 

Step 3: Eye Contouring

I call this eye contouring because this step really helps make the eyes look bigger by highlighting the outer crease of the brow bone. This section of the eye often reflects light and will fall flat and make your eyes look smaller. 

If you don’t want colors you can also use bronzer and apply it there. This dark plum color from Urban Decay gives me the perfect pink tone but at the same time have that brown tone to match my skin color.  

I using the thicker blending brush that comes with the palette  which is one of the biggest reason I love this palette so much. 

Step 4: Highlighting

Just like we are contouring the outer corner of the eyes to pop the shape and make it look bigger, highlighting the inner corner of the eyes also helps brighten up the eyes and makes my eyes look more awake and bigger.

The urban decay palette has a two sided brush and I am using the pencil brush tip so I can apply the lighter color on the corner of my eyes in precision. And I blend it closer to the darker tone.

Thanks to the transitional color, I don’t really need to blend in a lot which makes it faster to finish my makeup. 

Step 5: Brown Eyeshadow

Yesss, instead of using a black eyeliner, I am using a brown eyeliner and more of a cream texture so its really easy to apply. I am applying it on my eyelids just like eyeliner but because its a lighter tone than black it does not have to be perfect which is way easier and faster.

This look also feels more effortless and still add some brightness to your eyes and make  me look more awake. Because the eyeliner is creamy in texture its always easy to apply and I am just putting it above the lash line.

So, the eyeliner is there but it almost feels invisible when you look it it.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

This is optional, but I also apply it on the bottom outer corners of my eyes specially because after apply highlighter under my eyes that causes all the shades kind of wash out and can also make your eyes look smaller. 

I apply the same brown eyeshadow on my outer corner of my eyes and just blend it all together. Now I am going to finish my eye makeup with mascara and that is it. 

This eye makeup look is perfect for everyday when you want to have that no makeup look but still have bright face that looks awake and fresh. 

If you are interested in checking out how I do my everyday full face makeup without foundation. then checkout the my complete tutorial below. 

I hope this post helped you in getting your no eyeliner makeup look but still make your eyes look brighter and bigger. I would love to know if you tried this look and would love to know your thoughts on it. 

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