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Tips on How To Look Stylish & Put Together Easily Everyday


Tips on How To Look Stylish & Put Together Easily Everyday

Hi Ladies, Super excited to write about this topic for many reasons. I often hear this in many conversations that being stylish or looking put together is so much hard work and I don’t how these fashionistas do it. Or, even I have been asked that I probably take a lot of time putting together my outfits to look good. 

I wanted to address that in this post, because I myself realized that the most stylish people always make it look effortless because they all do these things that  are common to looking put together and nice always. 

The steps that I am about to share are really simple steps or principles that all stylish people, even Men follow to look their very best and if you practice them, you would too. 

Less Is Always More

The key to looking effortlessly chic is not by wearing all the stylish pieces in your closet at the sametime, or adding more accessories or even makeup. 

Really stylish people always practice the art of minimalism and they look really nice with it. 

There are some ways this can be achieved. And let me break this down for you.

Simplify the Color Scheme In Your Outfits

There is usually a three color rule that I follow in terms of my outfits. When trying to pick out pieces in your closet, try and focus on a one POP OF COLOR, and two basic colors that you can mix it with. This way your outfit will look interesting but at the sametime cohesive.

I also try to keep my accessories in the similar color scheme just so that they don’t over power the whole look. 

Now, I am not saying not to wear bold colors here. Absolutely go for that, but look for basic colors to pair it with that will look pleasing to the eye as well. 

If you have trouble pulling out pieces, try to lay your outfit on the bed, this way you get the whole idea of how the outfit turns out. 

Don't Mix Prints

Another way of simplifying your look is by mixing prints with only solids. If you try to wear too many patterns, it generally looks a bit busy and not really flattering on anyone. 

I am not saying you cannot pull it off, but it generally is a difficult style to put together. 

So, if you don’t have a lot of time in hand try to stick to this principle.

Having a Put Together Makeup

Swap Thicker Foundation with Tinted Moisturizers

I was so glad when tinted moisturizers were introduced because they are not as heavy as foundation and don’t make your face look cakey. 

And, they are really easy to apply, I usually just apply them with my fingers and then blend it with my palm. I have a whole blog post about my Everyday makeup look without foundation where I share my routine.

This way you can get ready faster as well as look good and bit more put together without all the fuss of having to spend time applying your full face of makeup.

Skip Foundation All Together

Somedays when I am running super late but want to look a bit put together, I just apply concealer and set it with Translucent setting powder and I am done with my face. 

This saves me a tone of time and my face is not overly done as well. It feels put together and still chic. 

If your skin permits you to do this, try using a cream concealer that would stay longer than a stick or liquid one, both of which can become a bit patchy later on in the day without foundation. 

Just Eyes & Lips

If you do not have any time to apply makeup to the face, the best way to have a finished and put together face is by doing your eyes, filling your eyebrows, and applying a lip color that will brighten up your face. 

You can just apply eyeliner and mascara or even skip the eye liner and just apply mascara. Thicker lashes always opens up your eyes and makes you look fresh and awake. And having filled eyebrows and a lip color completes your whole look without a lot of effort. 

My Everyday Makeup Products

Nail & Hair Care

Clean and Well Shaped Nails

Everyone’s taste with nail colors and styles are different, but I have always found that well shaped and clean nails look the very best. 

Sometimes it does not matter whether you have nail paint on or not, but if the nails are cut and shaped properly, they make the biggest difference. 

No Chipped Nail Paint

I think this is a no brainer, but if you have chipped nail paint, then you should completely remove it.

Chipped nail paint does not look very appealing. If you are having trouble keeping you nail color intact, try using nail paint stickers. They last longer. I have shared the steps of how you can apply gel nail stickers to your nails in a blog post. 

I am also working on another post where I will be sharing the steps to follow to get gel nails at home. (Stay tuned for that).

Clean & Properly Combed Hair

While messy hair buns and other styles are really popular, but having a disheveled hair is not really flattering. 

You don’t have to always have a fully styled hair, as long as they look clean and maintained, your hair looks more done and put together.

If you have too many split ends, maybe get a haircut. Or if you have grays showing and want to hide them use instant root touch up products. 

No posts found!

There are obviously days when we don’t have the time or just don’t feel like getting our hair styled. Those days, I try to create a slick back look or I just tie my hair into a low ponytail to avoid looking like I just woke up from the bed and got to work. 

Garment Care

You don’t have to buy new clothes all the time to look stylish and put together, if you can take good care of your existing clothes. 

A well pressed simple shirt worth $20 will look way better than a crumpled up $100 shirt. You get the picture!

Investing in steamers or irons that can keep your garment well pressed makes the biggest difference. And you would honestly look so nice in them.

If you want to care for woolen clothes, try investing in a good garment shaver. They honestly transform the garment and it almost looks brand new. 

Gament Care Products I Swear By

Proper Fit Of Clothes

Proportion Contrast

In this rule, I pair oversized piece with a fitted piece. No matter what you are wearing, if you follow this in your outfit planning process, you will always end up with a chic outfit.

I usually love wearing wide leg jeans with fitted top, or oversized tops with skinny jeans or a bias skirt. 

This way you don’t have to put a lot of thought into your outfit, but always get the perfect look. 

Statement Accessory

A statement accessory can elevate even the most basic outfit. Lets bring in some examples. 

If you are wearing a simple jeans and a T shirt outfit, you can add in a cute footwear like espadrilles for spring and summer or Tall boots for fall winter and really transform the look.  It elevates the look compared to wearing sneakers or just ankle boots.

You can also use a statement accessory with a piece of jewelry or sunglasses to elevate your outfit. This way the eyes are drawn to that statement piece and it enhances the overall appearance.

But please don’t forget the first tip that I shared. Don’t over accessorize, like wear a lot of jewelries or too many logo accessories. It just looks a bit overwhelming to the eyes.

If you have a heavy piece of necklace, try going with a subtle earring. 

If you are wearing a statement logo belt, maybe your bag shouldn’t flash too many logos. 

Trust me, these subtle details make the biggest difference. 

A Nice Aroma

Most stylish people have an alluring aroma that surrounds them! Sounds a bit cheesy, but thats how you feel when you cross someone who has put on a nice perfume. 

They smell really good and it also gives them a personality of looking put together. It feels like they have made an effort in getting ready and it feels pleasing. 

You don’t have to buy too many perfumes as long as you just have one that compliments you. 

My Favorite Feminine Perfumes with Subtle Aroma

Do you have a routine that you follow everyday to feel good and out together? Do share with us!

I hope this post was helpful in thinking a little bit differently about looking out together. You can always look stylish if you try.


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