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Here Is How To Pick The Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type


Wondering what are the most flattering swim suits for your body type? We have got you covered!

In this post we are not only matching right swimsuits with body types, we also help you pick the most flattering swimsuits that will work with the issues you are concerned about your body type. 

Because even though there are just 4 body types and everyone is going to give you a swim wear matching that, we know as a woman our body is just that. Some of us have bigger bust, bigger hips, or small chests and thick thighs and so on. 

And we need to find swim suits that work for them. 

In this post we will help you pick swimsuit for your body type. 

I will start this with the preface that Lady, you do you! If you like to wear something, absolutely wear it. And wear it with confidence

But if you want to look your best and looking for suggestions, these are my best recommendations based on my own experience and what I have observed over the years of wearing and staring at women with swimwear.

Swimsuit for Straight Figure

A lot of women including myself fall on this category. And while this is the best body type for rocking swimsuits, you do tend to look boxy pretty quickly. 

So, I would recommend the swim wear that are the most appropriate and what to avoid. And I will also share a shot of me wearing the wrong swimwear. (maybe)

Swimsuit for straight body type

A lot of you will object to not wearing high waisted bikinis. I used to be on the same boat. But they actually make you look boxier because they do not ad any waist definition. They in fact hide your waist. 

If you have a straight figure, you already have broader shoulders that are as wide as your hip. So, wearing anything like a puff sleeve or ruffles on the shoulder will enhance them. And this will make you broader up top. 

And string bikinis also do the same thing, they don’t add any definition to your hips. 

Opting for regular bikinis with wide bands is the best style to showcase your body and look great in it. 

Swim Wear To Wear
Swim Wear To Avoid
Shop Our Top Recommendations

Vetchy Swim Laguna Bikini Set

Beach Riot Joyce One Piece Swimsuit

Reiss Savannah Lattice Swimsuit

Swimsuit for Pear Shape Figure

Swimsuits for Pear Shape Body Type
Swim Wear To Wear
Swim Wear To Avoid
Shop Our Top Recommendations

Simkhai Laine One Piece

Tularosa Swim Top and Bottom

Becca Fine Line One-Piece Swimsuit

Swimsuit for Triangle Shape Figure

Triangle Body type is much more athletic and boyish. And the biggest challenge is to add curves to your body. Almost all swimsuits will look great in this shape.

But if you want to create a curve, you need to make sure your bottoms are not as skimpy because they will make your hips look even smaller. This will make you look like a triangle. 

The goal will be to wear heavier bottoms and smaller tops. 

Here are some of our best swim wear recommendations.

Triangle Body type in Swimsuit
by @ourteneycox
Swim Wear To Wear
Swim Wear To Avoid
Shop Our Top Recommendations

Bondi Born Goldie One Piece

Becca Harmony Bandeau Bikini Top

Boden Panel Underwire Swimsuit

Swimsuit for Hourglass Shape Figure

The best shape for all sorts of swimsuits. If you have this body type, you can try all kind of swimsuits including high waisted bikinis. 

Then the whole goal would be to figure out what color looks great on you or what styles look the best on you. 

The only swimsuit I would say not to wear are the sporty kinds. Because why not wear something more flattering and flaunt that look lady. 

Hourglass body type with swim wear
Swim Wear To Wear
Swim Wear To Avoid
Shop Our Top Recommendations

MBM Swim Aspire Swim Suit

Boden Porto Bikini Top

LSPACE Lola Bitsy High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms

Swimsuits For Large Bust

Swimsuits for large bust
by @linds.boone
Swim Wear To Wear
Swim Wear To Avoid
Shop Our Top Recommendations

Skims Swim Top

Athleta Swim Top

Bleu Rod Ring Master Draped Underwire Bra

Swimsuits For Small Bust

You don’t have to make your small bust look bigger by wearing all those weird push up style bikini tops. If you want to, go for it. But I always feel like you should be proud of your body. 

And there are plenty of styles of bikinis and swimsuits you can wear. 

Plunging neckline swim wear are perfect for you. Because you don’t have to stress about boob support. 

String style triangle bikini top will also look really chic. And if you want more support, you can wear sporty bikini tops. 

Small bust Swim wear
Swim Wear To Wear
Swim Wear To Avoid
Shop Our Top Recommendations

Lovers and Friends Swim Top

Maaji One Piece Swimsuit

Vetchy Laguna Swim top

Swimsuits For Belly Pooch

If you have a belly pooch and thinking of what swim wear that will look flattering? We have got your back. 

Before I share this, we are all human, and our bodies are not as perfect as those models you see on the runway. So, don’t beat yourself up for this. But there are some swimsuits you can wear to cover that up. 

Don’t wear high waisted bikini bottoms. This not only makes your pooch prominent, it will be uncomfortable too. 

Using swimsuits with patterns is a great way of hiding that belly pooch. I love stripes or busy prints because they are distracting. 

You can also pick swimsuits with built in shape wear or ruching that give the illusion of a flatter tummy.

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Swimsuit for Belly Pooch
by @manpreetmua
Swim Wear To Wear
Swim Wear To Avoid
Shop Our Top Recommendations

Boden Striped Swimsuit

JCrew Ruched Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit

TA3Swim Hi Cut Plungey Shapewear Swimsuit

Swimsuits For Big Thighs

Everyone is looking for big thigh tiny waist including my teen. But if you are conscious or want to enhance it, checkout the best swimsuits. 

Wearing swim shorts or skirts are only going to make you feel bulkier at the bottom. Instead go for mid waisted high briefs that adds to the curve. 

But going for extremely skimpy bikinis will also enhance those thick thighs. The goal will be to pick a flattering shade of bikini bottoms that are creating a waist definition to balance everything. 

You can also wear high cut swimsuits that show off those thighs and curves together if bikinis are not your style.

Swimsuits for Thick Thighs
by @hi.aye.bye
Swim Wear To Wear
Swim Wear To Avoid
Shop Our Top Recommendations

Tularosa Lucci High Waist Bottom

Beach Riot Carlie One Piece

Becca Swim Bottom

Swimsuits For Long Torso

If you have a long torso, you are lucky because you will look the best in swimsuits with that elongated body. But if you are wondering what would be the best swim wear that will look flattering on you, then we are getting you covered. 

Wearing really skimpy bikinis can make your torso look even longer. So, go for some substantial fabric pieces. 

You can actually rocky high waisted bikinis because you have the room. But make sure that your swim top is not too long.

You can also pick swim shorts if you are looking for modest swim wear.

Swimsuit for long torso
by @stefanybasso
Swim Wear To Wear
Swim Wear To Avoid
Shop Our Top Recommendations

Anthropologie High Waisted Bikini Bottom

Cleonie One Piece Swimsuit

Lovewave One Piece Swimsuit

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