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What To Wear When You Are Bloated But Want To Look Chic


What To Wear When You Are Bloated But Want To Look Chic

Whether you have that time of the month, or you are simply bloated, here is what you can wear to look chic. You do not need to wear a sack to hide everything. 

Rather pick comfortable styles that are flattering for you to look chic. 

This guide is prepared to transform your bloated days into stylish ones seamlessly. We’ll examine key wardrobe staples that camouflage and complement your body, ensuring you look effortlessly elegant, no matter how you feel inside. So, if you’re eager to conquer those bloated days with a touch of style, keep reading. You’ll discover how to look fabulous, feel great, and radiate confidence—even on your most challenging days.

What To Wear When You Are Bloated But Want To Look Chic

Stylish Outfits for Your What to Wear When Bloated Period

Flowy Dress

Wear with Tiered Dress

In the quest for chicness amidst discomfort, have you ever discovered the magic of a tiered dress? It’s a stylish strategy for those bloated days when you crave both elegance and ease.

The dress’s tiers are like style allies, each layer flowing effortlessly to provide coverage while crafting a flattering, giving silhouette. The vibrant hue is an instant mood lifter and a visual treat, steering attention away from any areas of self-consciousness. A cinching belt at the waist creates structure, allowing the fabric to drape beautifully without clinging.

Pair this with rugged cowboy boots for an unexpected twist that grounds the outfit with a bit of edge. 


The Shirt Dress

On days when bloating has you searching for a sartorial ally, turn to the shirt dress for solace and style. It’s a strategic choice for anyone who wants to stay chic on their not-so-comfortable days.

Imagine a dress that hugs you in the right places and frees you where you need it most. That’s exactly what this geometric-patterned shirt dress does. The cinched waist with a drawstring pulls in to create shape without pressure, while the breezy skirt section offers ample space to keep you at ease. With its playful hemline that rises slightly at the thigh, it gives you a chance to flaunt those legs or make a statement with bold footwear, like the strappy sandals seen here.

This dress works wonders in distracting the eye with its bold pattern—keeping it playful and away from any areas you might feel self-conscious about. 

What-to-wear-when bloated-The-Shirt-Dress

Wear Relaxed Dress

What-to-wear-when bloated-oversized-denim-dress
by @casualglam_

Monochrome Outfit

The monochrome outfit is your go-to for such times when you’re feeling a bit bloated but refuse to compromise on style. This ensemble is a masterclass in balancing comfort with understated elegance.

Consider that an oversized sweater is the hero piece here, offering ample room to move and disguise any discomfort you might be feeling. Pair with matching wide-legged trousers that elongate your figure and provide the ultimate blend of style and breathing space. You can also consider a tan shoulder bag without disrupting the monochrome magic, and the metallic sneakers add a playful, contemporary edge.

What-to-wear-when bloated-Monochrome-Outfit
by @simaytokgoz

Wear Pants vs Jeans


Let’s consider the option of wearing pants that offer both style and solace: wide-legged pants. They epitomize breathability and grace, giving you room to move and a burst of cheerful color. The high waistline is a subtle nod to fashion-forward thinking, also serving to elongate your legs and create an uninterrupted line of elegance.

Pairing with a relaxed black sweater balances volume with structure. The sweater’s ribbed texture and subtle cinching at the waist offer just enough definition to keep the look polished. Accessorize with a minimalist clutch and open-toe sandals for a touch of finesse.


The Linen Pants option

Consider this ensemble a lesson in effortless style. The wide-leg linen trousers are a dream for days when you feel bloated. They offer ample space, ensuring comfort without sacrificing an ounce of style. Coupled with a tailored burnt blouse, the look perfectly balances between relaxed and refined.

The outfit’s color should contrast with a visual delight, while the fluidity of the pants assures you can move quickly. Intelligent accessories like a statement watch, trendy sunglasses, and branded slides complete the picture with a casual yet curated vibe.


Wear Flowy Skirts

Tiered Skirt Elegance

Is there anything more challenging than dressing well on a bloated day? What if I told you that tiered skirts are your new best friend, turning discomfort into a fashion statement?

A lively tiered skirt that flounces with each step. Pair with a snug ivory tank top for a balance of fit and flare. The skirt’s lightweight fabric and elastic waistband provide the ultimate comfort, offering elegance and movement without restriction. 

Slide into matching sandals for a cohesive, casual look. This ensemble is not just about embracing trends but also about celebrating your comfort and confidence. Add a statement necklace or a blazer, and you’ve just taken this outfit from a weekend brunch to a chic office day.

Jeans outfit for work leather motorcycle jacket

Poplin Skirt


Pleated Skirts

Have you discovered the rhythmic sway of pleated skirts? This is your cue to take notes because pleated skirts are the ultimate wardrobe hack for looking smart while navigating the discomforts of bloating.

Behold a palette that sings: an olive-green top meets the sunset hues of a burnt orange pleated skirt. It’s a strategic collaboration for your comfort. The loose-fitting top gives you room to breathe. At the same time, the high-waisted skirt, with its forgiving pleats, distracts from any midsection woes.

You can Style with a pair of white and red-trimmed slides. The look is both grounded and lively. To accessorize, consider a simple, elegant sling bag and statement sunglasses to add a layer of finesse without overwhelming the outfit.


Wear Relaxed Fit Tops - So, there are no bulges anywhere visible

Button Down Shirt

Let’s simplify the equation with a classic button-down shirt, the unsung hero of your wardrobe on such days.

This light lavender button-down shirt is a prime example of a fashion meeting function. Its relaxed fit drapes gracefully, ensuring no unsightly bulges, just smooth, intelligent lines. Pair it with some high-waisted trousers, and you’ve got a match that looks effortlessly elegant and feels incredibly comfortable.

The magic lies in the details: rolled-up sleeves for a casual edge, a collar that can go from neat to calm, and a soft hue that whispers understated style. Add a statement watch or a delicate necklace for a touch more sophistication.

What-to-wear-when-bloated-Button-Down -Shirt

The Relaxed Tee

This is a relaxed tee. Its airy fit drifts away from the body, allowing you to breathe easily and move freely, with no constricting fabric to highlight any bloating. This tee embodies casual chic, with its bright hue injecting life into any ensemble and its silhouette ensuring a smooth, sleek look without the cling.

Pair it with high-waisted trousers or a flowing maxi skirt for a balanced, forgiving, and fashion-forward outfit.

What-to-wear-when-bloated-the-relaxed tee


This piece is a perfect ally for those bloated daytimes. It offers a loose fit that drapes delicately without clinging to your frame. The vertical stripes are a nod to classic style and a clever trick to elongate your figure and draw the eye up and down rather than across.

You can pair the blouse with a sleek, black mini-skirt that adds a bit of edge and structure to the relaxed top. And the beauty of this look? It’s incredibly versatile. Add a pair of leggings for a more casual take, or slip into tailored trousers for a brilliant casual workplace ensemble.


Wear All Black with chic Accessories

Add a contrasting belt


Wear a patterned scarf

A patterned scarf is a technique that not only combats those bloated days but also adds a dimension of sophistication to your look.

Here’s a tip from the style guide: start with a base of classic black, like tailored trousers that offer a streamlined look while providing enough space for comfort. Pair this with a bright, coordinating blazer that brings structure to your outfit without feeling restrictive. 

A patterned scarf. Draped effortlessly, it serves as the perfect distraction, drawing the eye with its detailed design while adding a layer of stylish conspiracy. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a strategic piece to navigate those days when you need a confidence boost.


Wear Oversized but Structured Layers

Oversized Blazer

Here’s how to harness the power of the oversized blazer. Its generous cut allows for a relaxed fit, so you can navigate your day with ease, free from any snugness around your midsection. Yet, the structured design maintains a polished aesthetic that elevates your entire outfit.

This particular blazer, in a rich terracotta shade, creates a monochrome moment when paired with matching wide-leg trousers. Roll up the sleeves for an added touch of nonchalance and accessorize minimally to let the ensemble speak for itself.


Oversized Shirt

Bloating discomfort can often make fashion choices seem limited. So, what’s the chicest solution? Consider a soft, oversized shirt. The shirt’s flowing fabric ensures it skims rather than clings, offering relief and a breathable fit. The beauty of such a piece lies in its ability to look purposefully stylish while keeping any bloated appearance under wraps.


Oversized Coat

Let’s turn our attention to the art of oversized outerwear. It’s all about welcoming those layers that offer comfort without compromising style.

Introducing the oversized coat—your go-to layer for those days when you need to feel cocooned in comfort. 

It should not just be any coat but a structured, generously cut piece that drapes beautifully, offering an agile silhouette while cleverly concealing any signs of bloat.

The beauty of this particular coat is in its neutral tone. This versatile hue pairs effortlessly with everything in your wardrobe—making it an outfit that works hard to keep you feeling and looking your best.

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