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How To Wear Black In Summer And Look Good: 15 Ways


How To Wear Black In Summer And Look Good: 15 Ways

Are you ready to break the traditional fashion norms and rock black even in the scorching heat of summer? In this blog post, we’ll show you the secrets of effortlessly sporting black outfits during the sunniest season while maintaining your stylish edge.

Find out wardrobe essentials and style tips that will help you confidently embrace the allure of black in summer without compromising comfort or fashion-forward flair. Let’s dive in and explore how to wear black in summer and still look effortlessly chic!

Wear a Black Linen Dress

Linen is an excellent option if you want to wear black because trust me the color does make it tougher in the heat. We all know black absorbs more heat and hence we probably try to stay away from it in this heat.

But linen is such a breathable fabric and even in black it feels light and moreover looks really luxurious. 

A black linen dress will not only be comfortable, but also versatile in this hot weather. You can wear it from day to night just by switching out accessories. 

Because of the linen fabric, the dress will keep you cool in the heat and will look polished and put together. 

You can either pick a short length dress that you can wear for night time events. Or you can go for an ankle length or midi length black linen dress that will be versatile and you can wear anywhere. 

For some reason black dresses just look so chic in the summer weather. 

Wear Black Linen Shirt

Black Linen shirts are the perfect way of getting a polished look in summer without burning up in the heat. You can either wear a full sleeve linen shirt if you want to dress up your outfit. 

Or you can also wear a short sleeve linen shirt that will still give you the polished look, but will feel much more comfortable in the hot weather. Short sleeve linen shirts are my favorite for summer. 

The button details make them look put together and you can still feel casual and comfy. And at the same time they are really easy to style as well.

Checkout the best short sleeve linen shirts that you can wear from work to dinner.

Wear Black Cotton Tiered Skirts

Wear Black Linen Pants

Linen pants are a no brainer for summer weather and black linen pants are the most versatile piece  you will own in your wardrobe. They literally go with everything and if you pick good quality ones, they will last you for years. 

They are also versatile wardrobe piece that you can wear for many occasions including for vacations. 

Even if they are black in color because of the linen fabric they don’t feel as stuffy as jeans. So, you are going to stay comfortable and cool. 

Checkout some chic and easy ways to style Linen pants.

Wear a Black Linen Shorts

Shorts are a summer must have for all of us because why not, you feel so comfortable when it’s too hot to wear clothes. And when styled right they also look classy and elevated. 

And this is where you can wear black linen shorts and get away with looking chic, elevated and super comfortable in the heat. 

Because of linen fabric they will feel really comfortable. And linen shorts are usually relaxed fit, so they won’t hug your figure like denim shorts and will also look flattering on all body type. 

And a black pair of linen shorts can be worn anywhere and with any style and color of tops.

Wear a Black Silk Top

Silk is another excellent fabric to wear in summer which feels breathable and comfortable. And you can wear it in black as well in the hot weather. 

Because of the shininess of the silk fabric the clothing item looks luxe and expensive. I mean silk is an expensive fabric in general. But if you take care of it, it also lasts a long time. 

Your outfit in a silk top will instantly look put together and sophisticated. And by swapping your bottoms you can dress it up or down.

Wear a Black Satin Bias Skirt

Wear a Black Bodysuit

A good quality black cotton bodysuit in black color is also a versatile top you can rock in summer. Cotton in general is breathable and made for hot weather and even in black it feels comfortable. 

A bodysuit does not get as much love, but it’s functional top that you can pair with any bottom and not worry about riding up. This is one of the biggest concern for most women, how to stop tops from riding up. 

The answer is wear bodysuit. Find a short sleeve square neck body suit that you can dress down or dress up by changing your bottoms and how you accessorize it.

Wear a Black Jersey Top

A black jersey fabric top will not only be comfortable but can also look chic if styled right. Jersey fabric in general feels too casual and laid back. But if you pair it with something sophisticated, your outfit instantly looks sophisticated and stylish. 

This way you can rock your favorite black tops even in the scorching heat without melting away all together. 

I prefer a little detail in the jersey fabric like a henley style jersey top will have button details which will look much more elevated compared to a basic jersey top.

Wear a Black Cotton Puff Sleeve Top

Puff sleeve tops looks summery and chic in the hot weather. And you can find some in cotton or even gauge cotton fabric that is extremely breathable. 

A puff sleeve style of top will naturally look chic and summer ready. If you find one with embroidery or lace details, then it’s going to look better than any normal black Tshirt. 

You can pair it with non black bottoms as well as prints to create chic summer outfits.

Wear a Black Printed Dress

What Black Accessories To Wear In Summer?

Accessories are a great way to rock black in summer when it’s just too hot and you don’t want to wear black at all. 

This way your outfits will have something black which always looks classy and timeless. 

Black Espadrilles

Espadrilles are the best summer shoes that can elevate any outfit and are so comfortable to wear as well. I have walked in them for miles on the cobble stone roads of Rome.

Even if the espadrilles are in black the jute soles add a summer vibe to these footwear.

Black Flat Slides

Slides are the best flats for summer. You can literally slide into them for running errands or even going on vacation. And if you pick black slides you can add something black and something chic to your outfit. 

You don’t have to buy designer slides but after buying my second pair of Chloe slides, I needed to share them. And they look great with anything.

Checkout my full review of the Chloe slides.

Black Raffia Bag

Raffia is such a chic summer bag. If you add one to your outfit, you look summer ready. And if you pick a black raffia tote bag, that just adds a bit of black to your outfit without wearing all black. 

Raffia material is also not going to feel that hot in summer because of the natural fibre.

Black Straw Hat

And of course, how could I miss a good straw summer hat. And if you pick a black straw hat, it looks classy and elevates your summer outfit. Straw hats will protect your face from sun and if you pick a wide brim style, it looks polished and classy.

I have been rocking black straw hat with all my summer looks even white outfits. It just looks really chic.

Want to wear black jeans in summer? Here is how to style black jeans in the hot weather.


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