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How To Wear Black In Summer & Still Look Stylish


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How To Wear Black In Summer & Still Look Stylish

I have to be honest, all this summer while I loved wearing color, but at the same time, I kept going to black pieces. They kept creeping into my cart every time I shopped for summer pieces. There is something about summer blacks that speaks a certain luxurious style, that I absolutely adore.

This summer, unlike others I found so many beautiful pieces that looked stylish and elegant and fabrics in the color black, that I somehow kept wearing the color in different ways. I am sure there are so many of you ladies who love wearing black all year round, but the warm weather makes you doubt whether you should wear black or not.

So, I thought of sharing some ways I have worn black outfits without looking like I am stuck in the winter. These outfits were simple but still look stylish with some additions.

Wearing Linen

Linen is an excellent option if you want to wear black because trust me the color does make it tougher in the heat. We all know black absorbs more heat and hence we probably try to stay away from it in this heat. But linen is such a breathable fabric and even in black it feels light and moreover looks really luxurious. 

This line shirt dress from Ann Taylor looked so good on the model that even though they had a yellow one, I decided to buy the black color. The great part is that this is not a full shirt dress, it has buttons till the waist line and a aline bottom skirting. 

What I love most about it is the puff sleeve details that makes it really vacation worthy.

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How to Wear Black in Summer - pic 2

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The dress looks so much more expensive that what the price. The rich linen fabric makes it so luxurious and sophisticated. I paired it with a western style belt to give it a more bohemian touch.

The white mules from Mango were the perfect addition to this look giving that effortless chic style with some class. I really love the black and white pairing which is an easy and really elegant way to style this dress.

I added my favorite Bali bag and was definitely dreaming of Bali during this shoot. 

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Accessorize With Colors

If you are wearing an all black look, adding a colored accessory would help you break the look. Adding a colored belt or shoes, or even a colorful bag would bring the summer vibe to your whole outfit without wearing overall colors. This is a great way to still wear black in summer and getaway with it. And this has been by far my favorite way of styling my black outfits.

These colorful accents can be worn in so many different ways even mixed and matched with colored clothes. And you can really try so many different accessories with colors.

How to Wear Black in Summer - pic 5
How to Wear Black in Summer - pic 6

Shop This Look

This is year’s retro trend brings in so many beautiful colors and I absolutely fell in love with this retro pink reversible belt from Valentino. I did find some budget friendly options that I have linked as well. And the Givenchy bag was the perfect match to the belt. 

The pink sunglasses from Rayban are my absolute favorite and always bring some sort of color even in fall dark clothes. And its a perfect accent to this whole look.

This look was actually inspired by the Valentino’s spring summer look and I am so glad that I found this really pretty black dress from Asos that really imbibes Valentino dress styles.


How to Wear Black in Summer - pic 7

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Wearing Prints

Adding prints to an all black piece of clothing is excellent way of wearing the color in summer and spring. And prints actually look the best on black like stars on the dark sky. It accentuates the colors and print design. I found this beautiful bias skirt from Nordstrom during spring and have been wearing it since then till now. The side slit gives it an effortless and feminine style. 

Prints are such an awesome way to celebrate the amazing summer florals and you can easily getaway with wearing black with prints on them or colored fabric with black prints. This way the color black is not over powering the entire outfit.

Shop This Look

I wore it with a black top and it still looks chic and perfect for summer. There are so many ways you can wear this skirt. You can also wear this with other colors and mostly solid tops like t-shirts or even collared shirts. Prints on black can also be versatile for fall and winter. They can easily look perfect for the cooler weather.

I would love to know which are your favorite ways of wearing the color this summer.

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I would love to see how you guys are wearing your favorite black pieces and styling them. So, dont forget to comment below.


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