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What to Wear with Wide Leg Linen Pants in Summer


What to Wear with Wide Leg Linen Pants in Summer

If you have these regular everyday pull on wide leg linen pants and are wondering how to actually make them look stylish and elevated this summer, then check out this complete guide.

These are one of the most popular summer staples ii think every woman should own because they are comfortable and in the linen material they also look stunning. 

Even though most of the time you mind think of wearing them really casually as a bohemian outfit or a pool cover up, I swear you can style them differently and literally wear to work if you want. 

I will also be sharing some tips on how you can find good wide leg linen pants in the pull on style and if you are curious, I am also sharing some of my favorites at the end of the post. 

Ideal Fit Of the Linen Pants

Even though all of these styles would work, if you are shopping for a new pair or already own a pair that you are not sure is the perfect style, I want to share some key things you need to look at when you choose these wide leg pants. 

How Wide It is?

This year with more and more brands introducing their versions of these wide leg linen pants, its important that you find the right width. 

Typically a vacation style or bohemian style wide leg linen pants have a skirt like flown leg style. These pants have way more flow than any regular pants. 

Even though I have nothing against them, they usually look extremely casual and there is no way of making it look structured. You should pick one which have been stitched like pants on the side and the legs don’t have a lot of pleats starting from the waistband. 

You will be easily able to see it looking structure when it is a simpler build. Below is an example for you. 

How Long It is?

The length also matters a lot in terms of making it look stylish. Ideally ankle length or just below ankle length pants would look much better and are versatile to style compared to full length where your feet are hidden no matter how high your heels are. 

If you have a short torso like me, I highly recommend wearing ankle length linen pants. With a bit of ankle exposure you can easily look taller and not drown in these pants. 

If you cannot find any in that particular length, its not the end of the world at all, you can easily shorten it by taking it for alteration, or you can do it at home by hand. Though I recommend getting it done professionally so the stitching looks better.

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What is the Band Style?

This is not really important, but I usually prefer a wider band, it just looks more structured and stylish compared to thing waistband and I usually prefer stitching details. 

As you can tell, small details matter a lot, and they can enhance your overall look.

Please go High Waisted

This I think is a no brainer, but I wanted to throw it out there. You should definitely pick a high waisted one because they look more flattering. 

And the wide leg style makes it look ways more structured and sophisticated.

Best Color Choices for Linen Pants

I honestly think they look best in any color as long as they are solid, by which I mean that they do not have any prints on them. 

Anything printed or patterned like stripes or floral or even tie dye will make them look more laidback and casual compared to solid colors which are easier to morph into structured outfits. 

But since these pants are such an essential piece and something that you can wear them everyday, I would recommend buying them in Black or White. 

These two colors will go with everything and are also timeless pieces so you can wear them over and over again.

Tops To Wear With Linen Pants

Since these pants are really versatile, any tops will look good, but I have some favorites that actually elevate my overall style and make these Linen pants look expensive and stylish. 

Specially with these linen pants, something more structured somehow always looks good. 

T Shirts

If you are looking for an everyday casual look, crewneck t shirts are the best top that can give you comfort and style without looking too casual. Crewneck style of the t shirt looks more structured and stylish than V neck t shirts that look more laidback. 

You don’t have to wear plain crewnecks, there are so many statement crewneck tees with slogans and prints that will look effortless and chic with these linen pants. 

The only key thing you should consider is that the t shirt should not be extremely oversized. That might make you look bulky and frumpy.

Linen Shirts

This is my favorite combination for summer and you can literally wear this to work. Line shirts are also perfect swap to any of your shirts in summer. 

They are relaxed and comfortable for hot weather and you can tuck them in and transform your linen pants into work pants. 

Pair in pumps and you are ready for work. This is why I recommend getting a pair of black linen pants because they look so structured and elevated.

Puff Sleeve Tops

Whether its a bohemian style or regular short puff sleeves, these also look amazing with linen pants because together they create an awesome vacation outfit that is elevated and also fun to wear. 

This is where you can easily mix and match colors and also add prints to the mix to really create awesome summer outfits. 

This is why having solid color line pants work better because you can create versatile looks.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are an easy way of adding a summer effortless chic touch to your linen pants. A little bit of visible waist gives it that relaxed and yet stylish touch.

But I always find that crop tops with sleeves look much better in terms of structure and sophistication compared to sleeveless. 

If you are going for a sleeveless one make sure they have a bot of neckline detail to elevate your looks.

Whats Shoes to Pair With Linen Pants

The biggest No no for me are sneakers. while they are really comfortable, they make the linen pants look frumpier because sneakers in general don’t have a lot of shape structure to them. 

But there are some awesome summer footwear that will look great with wide leg linen pants. 

Leather Slides

These are my go to pair and they give your outfit an elevated but relaxed look. This can easily also be your everyday outfit like it is for me.

When I say leather slides, these are not your beach slides that are chunkier. Leather slides are usually dressier which means you can also wear them with other dressier looks.

Espadrille Wedges

Checkout the best espadrille wedges that will elevate your summer looks.


If you are dressing up for work, then pumps would be a great alternative with these pants.

They add the needed structure for work wear and your look will be transformed to one instantly. 

You don’t have to wear really high heels, kitten heel pumps will do the trick too.

Summer Heel Sandals

Summer heels like heeled mules or other open toes style sandals would also look amazing with these pants. They are an awesome way of adding the summer chic touch to your outfit.

If you are on a vacation, you can pair a heeled sandal with these pants to instantly be ready for a fancy dinner out.

Don’t like heels? Checkout the most comfortable flat sandals you can walk in but are chic too.

Style Hacks To Look Good In Linen Pants

I also wanted to share some style hacks that will really make the biggest difference to any of your linen pants outfits. These are hacks that I personally use everyday. And it really does not matter what your body type is, if you follow them you will seriously notice the difference.

  1. Always Tuck In Your Top: This is the rule for everything but with these wide leg pants, you definitely have some room and it will also look way more elevated.
  2. Size Up If Needed: If you have wider hips, sizing up is always the best way to get a relaxed fit that looks better. I often do that if I see the model wearing it looks more straight. You can always alter as needed.
  3. Go Monochromatic: This is an easy outfit idea, either match your linen pants with your shoes, or with your top. This is an easy way to create a cohesive outfit that looks chic and stylish.

Best Linen Pants

If you are looking for staples, there are two basic colors you need, a black and white. 

If you want a casual style, Pull on linen pants will be great. Check out the round up of the classiest pull on linen pants that are comfortable for daily wear. 

If you want to wear to work structured linen pants would be great. 

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