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9+ Ways To Look Chic In Satin Pants: Style and Outfit Guide


9+ Ways To Look Chic In Satin Pants: Style and Outfit Guide

Want to hop on the satin pants style bang wagon but don’t know whether it’s for you or how to even wear them effortlessly.  

In this blog post, we’re sharing a comprehensive style guide with numerous ways to look chic in satin pants. These stylish bottoms can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for various occasions. From casual outings to more formal events, satin pants can be your fashion secret to looking effortlessly chic. So, let’s dive into the world of satin pants and explore the myriad of options for incorporating them into your wardrobe with style and panache.

Are satin pants in style 2023?

With the old money aesthetics trending big time this year, satin texture is trending everywhere starting from fashion week to everyday stores. You can see it everywhere. But is it really satin? 

The real trend is bringing the old money classy aesthetic everywhere with silk garments that naturally look expensive. And in that attempt satin also became a popular man made fabric became popular too. 

Satin pants became popular in 2023 because of the classy and expensive touch it adds to your outfits. Giving us the old money look.

Satin Pants Trend

Can you wear satin pants during the day?

Yes you absolutely but not every satin pant can be worn during the day. If you are looking for satin pants for work or any other sophisticated gathering, it cannot look too funky. Here is how to pick the right shade of satin pants for day activities.

Satin Pants For Work

If you want to wear satin pants to work to create a polished work look then pick muted shades that are not too light or bright. These will keep your satin pants toned down and classy. 

In terms of style, pick wide leg satin pants. Satin is not a very sturdy material, so in pants style they will be flimsy. If you pick narrow leg ones, it will easily grab onto your skin and not feel appropriate. So, instead pick wide leg that will look flowy and classy. There are outfit ideas to help you as well.

Some shades that I love are:


Satin pants for work

Satin Pants For Other Day Activities

What do you wear under satin pants?

This is the million dollar question that will save you from a fashion disaster. So many women ignore underwear basics and ruin their outfits. 

You cannot wear thick underwear that have elastic seams under satin pants. These will show without even being visible with the panty line. 

Instead opt for seamless underwear which will be invisible under satin pants, so you don’t even need to wear thongs. 

Now for ladies who wear shapers, Spanx has excellent seamless underwear shapers that would do the trick.

XX Chic Satin Pants Outfit Ideas

Sharing some easy to put together satin pants outfit from casual to party wear.

Striped Shirt + Blazer + Slingback Pumps

Looking for a way to wear satin pants to work, this will become your go to look. In this outfit, the satin pant is paired with a silk shirt with stripes. 

Because of the stripe details, the outfit does not look as shiny. This is a style rule you need to follow if you want to create everyday outfits with satin pants. You need to pick non shiny fabric in the top.

Added slingback pumps in brown tone to create a color variation and matched the blazer shade with the pumps. This way the satin pants outfit looks polished without a lot of focus on the pants.

Satin pants outfit with striped shirt and blazer

Favorite Daughter Satin Pants

Lily Silk Striped Shirt

Mango Herringbone Blazer

Sarah Flint Slingback Pumps

Cardigan + Tshirt + Sandals

This satin pants outfit is great to take from day to night which you can easily create with a black or dark navy satin pants with black crewneck tshirt. And add a third layer with a chic cardigan with button detail. 

It’s always about details, to elevate this look add a belt and black sandals which you can wear to work or also wear outside.  Its a classy look that you can take from office to dinner.

Satin pants outfit with black top, cardigan and sandals

Favorite Daughter Satin Pants

Ann Taylor Short Sleeve Sweater

Goelia Contrast Woolen Cardigan

Steve Madden Mule Sandals

Cable knit sweater + White Leather Sneakers

Satin pants outfit with cable knit sweater and white leather sneakers

Favorite Daughter Satin Pants

Aqua Cable Knit Sweater

Sam Edelman White Leather Sneakers

White Tshirt + Oversized Blazer + Ballet Flats

Another great everyday satin pants outfit where you don’t need to wear heels. Ballet flats look a bit outdated to me, but in this outfit it compliments the modern look of the wide leg satin pants. 

Pair our favorite white tee and a tan blazer for a classy and sophisticated outfit that you can wear from day to night by simply swapping your accessories.

Satin pants outfit with white tee, blazer and ballet flats

Michael Kors Black Satin Pants

Everlane White Bodysuit

Open Edit Tan Blazer

Tory Burch Ballet Flats

Matching Satin Top + Party Sandals

This is a versatile party outfit that you can wear to multiple different events. It’s sophisticated for a work party. You can also rock it to a bar or club for date night. And its cocktail appropriate too.

Match the shade of the satin top with the pants to create the ultimate monochrome look. You can pick a contrasting sandal and belt to add more details to the outfit. 

This look is so effortless but it looks so chic.

Satin pants outfit with matching bodysuit and sandals

Favorite Daughter Satin Pants

Favorite Daughter Satin Bodysuit

Valentino Rocketed Sandals

White Button Down Shirt + Work Sandals

If you want to wear printed satin pants, the easiest way to elevate your look is by pairing something simple like a white button down shirt and a nude pair of sandals. 

This outfit instantly looks polished and sophisticated. The white shirt compliments all the print detail of the shirt. And this outfit is perfect for special occasion where you don’t have to put a lot of effort. 

You can also wear this to work as a business casual dress code, but you need to make sure that the prints are not crazy or outdated.

Printed Satin pants outfit with white shirt and sandals

Ann Taylor Printed Satin Pants

Ann Taylor White Buttoned Shirt

Steve Madden Audrina White Sandals

Sweater Top + Camel Coat + Slingback Pumps

Another way to make printed satin pants look polished in the cold weather is wearing a matching sweater top with the base of the print shade. This way your outfit will look somewhat cohesive. 

You can also match the shade of the coat you are wearing with the prints of the pant. This way your outfit does not look busy. 

Add in some more details with jewelry a neutral tone belt and your outfit will instantly look polished.

Printed Satin pants outfit with black sweater and coat

Ann Taylor Printed Satin Pants

Madewell Square Neck Sweater

Michael Kors Camel Coat

Sarah Flint Slingback Pumps

Leather Blazer + Mockneck Sweater + Sandals

Colored satin pants outfit with leather blazer and sweater

Banana Republic Satin Pants

Quince Black Turtleneck Sweater

Mango Leather Effect Blazer

Dolce Vita Black Sandals

Swimsuit + Slides for Resort wear

Heading for a resort vacation soon? Satin pants can come handy in creating chic resort outfits that you can take from beach to dinner. 

Simply pair your favorite swimsuit or bikini set with wide leg satin pants and you will instantly be ready for a fancy dinner. 

Add your favorite beach slide for that gorgeous fancy resort outfit. 

Satin pants outfit with swimsuit and flats

Favorite Daughter White Satin Pants

Summersalt Red Swimsuit

Mango Leather Effect Blazer

White Bodysuit + Pumps

The ultimate effortless outfit that you can create anytime is a black and white outfit. In this black satin pants outfit, you can simply pick a chic neckline bodysuit and pair your favorite pumps to create a classy yet casual everyday outfit. 

I feel like this is the ultimate grown woman everyday outfit that will look great on everyone. 

A bodysuit is great with satin pants because they will stay in place. So, you don’t even need a belt.

Satin pants outfit with white bodysuit and pumps

Michael Kors Black Satin Pants

Free People White Bodysuit

Sam Edelman Slingback Pumps

What Tops To Wear With Satin Pants?

After looking at all of these outfit inspirations, you have figured out what tops you can wear with satin pants. But here is a summary or quick cheat sheet that can help you with this.

  • Satin with satin is only done if you match the color. Otherwise this looks cheap.
  • Wear knit tops which tone down the shininess of satin.
  • You can also wear prints or patterned tops with satin pants to create an interesting look.
  • Cotton tops will also look great with satin pants. 
  • You cannot wear shiny leather with satin pants unless you are wearing two different shades. 

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