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How To Style Tights With Dresses And Look Chic In The Cold


How To Style Tights With Dresses And Look Chic In The Cold

Are you wondering how to wear tights with dresses? Worry not, because I’ve got you covered! In this post, I’ll share some cool tips on how to style tights with different types of dresses to elevate your look and stay cozy all day long. Whether you’re a tights enthusiast or a newbie, these styling ideas will help you slay the fashion game with confidence.

Tights are your best friend in the winter but you can also wear them in spring and fall under dresses to add a winter touch. And they will also keep you cozy. But not all tights will look great with every dress style. In this post, we are making is easy for you to pick the right pair of tights for your dress.

Choosing the Right Tights

We all love the idea of adding a touch of warmth and style to our dresses with tights, but choosing the right pair can be a game-changer. Let’s delve into the factors to consider when selecting the perfect tights to complement your dress.

Consider the Weather

When choosing tights to wear with your dresses, it’s essential to consider the prevailing weather conditions. In colder temperatures, opt for opaque or thicker tights to keep your legs cozy and snug. On the other hand, for milder weather, sheer tights offer a breathable and comfortable option, allowing you to enjoy the flexibility of wearing dresses all year round.

Selecting the Right Material

The material of your tights plays a pivotal role in not only the overall look but also the level of comfort. For a classic and versatile choice, go for opaque tights crafted from a blend of nylon and spandex. These offer a smooth texture and are less prone to snagging. Sheer tights, often made from nylon or a mix of nylon and Lycra, provide a lightweight and breathable option. Consider the denier of the tights as well – a lower denier creates a sheer and delicate look, while a higher denier offers more coverage and warmth.

Wear Then With The Right Dress Length

Tights look best on short dress that are above the knee length. This way your tights show and by pairing it with shoes you dress up your looks. 

Knee length dresses also have the right length for tights. But midi length dresses do not look good with tights. They make your outfit frumpy. But if you still want to wear tights, pick black tights or skin colored tights

For maxi dresses, it really does not matter what tights you wear because they are completely hidden.

Tights With Colored Dresses

Sheer Tights

Sheer tights look great with dark colored dresses that are solid. So,  if you are wearing winter dark shades like red, wine, green, navy , purple pick sheer tights to create a dressy outfit. 

The sheer tights add a mysterious look to your dress and make it feminine and flirty. So, if you have fun colored dress for a party, add sheer tights with them to elevate the look and keep you cozy as well.

Fleece Lined Tights

Fleece lined tights are my favorite. They are the most functional tights for cold weather which you can also wear under jeans in extreme temperatures. And they also look great with colored dresses. 

But fleece lined tights look best with lighter or brighter colored dresses like red, magenta, blue, pink. Add black footwear to elongate your legs. This will not only make you lean, but also make you appear taller in your outfit. 

Patterned Tights

Want to add a fun twist to your casual colored dresses, add patterned tights. If you have patterns in the tights, they look best sheer. This way your outfit still looks classy and not tacky. 

In terms of color, I always recommend going black or you can match the shade of the dress to create a monochromatic look. 

But if you don’t want to buy tights in every shade, simply pick a black sheer tights with pattern like polka dot to add a fun element to your outfit.

Tights With Printed Dresses

Don’t ditch your printed dresses yet. You can still wear them in confidence once you checkout the best tights you can rock with them. 

Opaque Tights

Whether these tights are fleece lined or just cotton opaque tights, they always look great with printed dress. Pick plain black tights with darker shade of printed dress. And if you are wearing light printed dress with a white base, you can go for fleece lined tights that match your skin tone.

Prints are already pretty busy, so everything else in your outfit should compliment them. If you have other patterns or contrasting shades, they will clash with the dress and ruin your outfit.

Sheer Tights

Tights With Black Dresses

If you are wearing black dresses, you actually have more choices of colors of tights to wear. This completely depends on the style you are going for. 

But here are the best tights you can wear with black dresses.

Sheer Tights

Ofcourse this has to be in the list because it just adds a fun flirty vibe to any black dress. Add some heels or even chunky loafers and your outfit just looks so chic.

You can also pick black tall boots to create the ultimate all black outfit. This looks sophisticated and classy. And the slight skin show makes it perfect winter outfit.

Polka Dot Tights

Another fun party vibe tights are polka dot sheer tights that add some texture to your black outfit. If you are planning to go all black with black dress, black shoes, then the polka dots will add feminine chic vibe to your look.

This looks elegant as well. So, you can also wear them for work wear or everyday if you want to achieve a put together touch with your black dress.

Patterned Tights

You don’t have to stop there. You can also pick other patterned tights in the same black shade to add more detail to you plain black dress. 

This way you really don’t need to accessorize your black dress a lot. Simply add black pumps, pattern tights and your outfit looks stylish. 

Opaque Tights

Black opaque tights are another obvious choice, but you really need to pick them when you are planning to wear a patterned or contrasting shoes. Otherwise your outfit will look a bit intense. 

If you are planning to wear contrasting boots or embellished shoes, pick black opaque tights with black dress. Your legs will still look long. And the contrasting shoes will add a breaking point.

Tights With Sweater Dresses

While sweater dresses are already pretty cozy to wear. You can also wear tights with them not to make yourself cozier, but to also add some detail to elevate your outfit. Here are the best tights to wear with sweater dresses.

Patterned Tights

Sheer Tights

Sheer tights look chic with sweater dresses as well. The only catch is not to wear them with black sweater dress. They will make your outfit look bulky. 

But you can wear them with any colored sweater dress you like. The skin show will elevate the sweater dress and make the outfit look fancy. 

Tights With Sequin Dresses

The best part is here. Sequin dresses are fun and perfect party dresses that just sparkles. But they can make you feel cold in the winter. Adding tights will keep you cozy so you would not need to wear coats all the time. 

Here are the best styles of tights you can wear with sequin dresses.

Shimmer Tights

A shimmer tight is almost opaque but the fabric of the tights look shimmery and would match perfect with a black sequin dress.

Simply add black sandals, pumps or boots. And see how your dress is not only party ready but also really cozy. They look fun and add a fun element to your outfit.

Black Opaque Tights

Don’t wear opaque tights with black sequin dress. They will not elevate your outfit. 

But black opaque tights are perfect for colored sequin dresses like a gold sequin dress, green sequin dress or even a red one.  Pair the tights with black shoes and your sequin dress will become a statement piece and will give you the Marilyn Monroe effect. 

Sheer Tights

Sheer tights are again a great choice with all colors of sequin dress. But here is the catch. If you want to pair with black sequin dress, make sure you have a contrasting pattern in the shoes to elevate your look.

If you are wearing colored sequin dress, make sure you are wearing solid black shoes to create a cohesive outfit.

Colored Tights

If you are wearing black sequin dress or dark colored sequin dress, you can add some fun element with colored tights. 

But make sure you match the color of the shoes with the color of the tights. Your outfit looks chic and classy. It also elongates your leg because of the singular color.

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