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How To Wear Yellow This Spring In Your Daily Outfits


Yellow is my favorite color to wear in spring because it just resonates with sun, brightness, fresh bloom and everything I love about it. If you also love the color yellow but are wondering how to incorporate them in your outfit, then read this complete spring style guide where I am sharing some ways you can do it without fully drowning in the color. I am also sharing what shades of yellow you should wear and literally the whole thing. 

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How to Easily Incorporate the Color Yellow In your Outfit.

Honestly, I can understand if you feel a bit overwhelmed with the color and cannot wear complete head to toe yellow outfit. Though I want to challenge you to do that, because yellow is such a fun color to do that and you can create really awesome Monochromatic outfit with it.

But let’s stick to some ways you can add the color in your outfit.

Mixing it With Prints

This is a great way to tone down the color itself. Any strong color if mixed with prints looks a bit more subtle because the prints take the attention away from the color. This is also a good way of wearing prints in general but we are not talking about that here, are we.

If you want to create a cohesive look, make sure that the printed garment you are pairing with the yellow piece has some hints of yellow in it as well. This way your outfit looks way more cohesive and put together. 

I usually don’t wear prints, but if I do, this is the only way I wear them, adding it with a solid piece. It does not matter whether you are wearing the yellow as a bottom or a top. 

Pairing It with White

White color in general looks awesome with anything and is a great color to wear for spring and summer. And yellow looks absolutely great with yellow. 

In this outfit I paired this really comfortable wide yellow pants from Loft with this basic white T shirt and accessorized with neutral bag and shoes so that the yellow pants do all the talking. 

You can absolutely do the opposite. Pair a White Jeans or pants with a yellow top if the yellow pants are a bit too much. I honestly fell in love with this retro style and had to wear this color. 

Pairing It with Black

Another excellent way to tone down yellow in your outfit would be to pair it with something in black. I absolutely love wearing black all year round and who says you cannot wear them in spring and summer. In fact I am sharing some ways you can wear black in Summer in one of my blog post below. 

This outfit felt perfect for date night as well. I kept my accessories and shoes to black as well, but you don’t have to. You can totally mix white here and create a day time look as well. 

There are two things happening here pairing yellow with black. The black enhances the yellow color itself. And at the same time it also tones down the color so it does not look as overwhelming. 

Accessorize with Yellow

If you are still not ready to wear the color as a garment, you don’t have to worry. You can easily start with accessorizing with yellow as a form of  tinted sunglasses or a handbag. 

I also love Yellow Sandals for spring and summer. 

This way you don’t have to go all out, or you can slowly start incorporating the color in your everyday looks. 

Some more ways of adding yellow can also be hair accessories, silk scarves and more. 

I personally love Sunglasses and sandals, because you can buy more options and color variations that would look good with different outfits. 

What Colors Go Well With Yellow?

Yellow is also a really popular color because of the versatility and tone of the color. It pretty much goes with quite a lot of colors. But I wanted to share some easy color pairings that will normally look good and anyone can pull off. 

Yellow & Green

There are two color combinations of yellow and green that natural looks good. 

The first one is a darker green with more of mustard yellow or more darker tone of yellow which is more earthy. This naturally looks more cohesive and stylish. This color combination you can also rock in fall and winter as well. 

The second effortless green and yellow color combination is lighter yellow and more soft green color. This is a more obvious color choice. 

If you look at the sots below, you will notice that they have used accessories that are more neutral or matching the colors so that the complete outfit looks cohesive. 

Yellow & Brown

Brown is another color tone which can replace black color in any outfit. So naturally this is also a great color combination with yellow. 

The earthy tone of black looks more neutral and a color combination that you can wear everyday. This color combination also looks more appropriate for everyday outfits and also a more tone down look compared to other color combinations. 

If you have a lighter skin color, then this color combo will be more subtle and flattering for you. 

If you have a bit darker skin tone like mine, then go for deep brown and mustard yellow. Both these colors together will look amazing as well as perfect for daily outfits.

Yellow & Blue

One of my favorite and most worn color combination is yellow and blue. You can literally wear your favorite blue jeans with yellow. 

If you are wearing lighter wash blue jeans or color, go for a lemon yellow top. They not only look flattering together, but they will feel spring perfect specially the lemon yellow color.

If you want to wear more darker tone of yellow, please go for darker blue like navy. 

Adding neutral accessories will keep your colors in check as well as the outfit will not look too busy. This is a style tip that I always follow no matter what color I wear. 

What Colors Jewelry to Wear with Yellow?

Actually, I love both gold and silver jewelries will look good with the color yellow. Yellow naturally feels like yellow gold, don’t you think. 

But if you really want to pay attention to perfect color combination, then mustard yellow or more darker tone of yellow looks perfect with yellow gold. Because of closer to earthier tone, gold jewelry looks more cohesive as well as together they create really rich look. You can also opt for oxidized gold which is more vintage style of the gold color. 

If you are wearing lighter yellow, then silver color definitely looks awesome. Lighter yellow feels more vibrant and fresh and young, so naturally silver jewelry fits perfectly with the whole aesthetic. 

Share your favorite Yellow outfit or a piece of accessory in the color that you absolutely adore and want to wear everyday. 

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