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Most Comfortable Loafer Mules For Work You Can Walk In And Are Stylish


Most Comfortable Loafer Mules For Work You Can Walk In And Are Stylish - Blog Banner

When on the hunt for the perfect shoe for work, you want to find something both comfortable and stylish. Loafer mules may be your solution. Mules are a classic go-to shoe that are both comfortable and versatile. Comfortable mules can be worn all-day at the office and out for the weekends. 

The main feature of a mule is that there are no back covers or constraints on your heel. This quality makes for a comfortable shoe that is breathable and easy to slip on and off. The mule is a beloved shoe style with beginning roots that can be traced back to ancient Rome. There is no doubt that the loafer mule is a style that is here to stay!

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What Are We Looking For?


Comfortable mules for work can be functional as well as stylish and chic. There are many styles of a classic mule that you can find on the market today. Materials, embellishments, and the sole style/ heel are all elements of a comfortable mule for work that you can find variety in different brands of mules. These different style elements will determine how comfortable you find your perfect pair.


There are several materials that mules are made from. Popular materials include leather, knit cloth, and patent leather styles.

Leather has a classic look that can easily be dressed up or down. It is similar to patent leather styles, but with added comfort. Buying a leather pair will also last longer than other materials.

Knit material is also a trend we are seeing in loafer mules. New brands are catering to the comfortable, stylish shoe movement and have created knit mules that are not only comfortable for work but on-trend.

Sole/ Heel

Soles and heels of a mule may also vary among brands. There are pairs that have chunkier soles with a thicker heel. There is also the opposite, with thinner soled mules with a smaller, almost flat heel. 

With these elements, it’s best to try on the mule to see which style that you prefer. The soles and heels of a shoe really create the structure and in turn is a factor in how comfortable the mules are.


You want to buy shoes that you can comfortably wear year after year. Because it’s not just about look and style, if these shoes don’t last you properly, then you will not be able to enjoy them. 

Moreover, it will embarrassing, if you shoe breaks down at work, don’t you think?

That is why we are sharing high quality shoes that will stand the test of time.

What Are Best Loafer Mules?

Roth's The Almond Demi

If leather shoes give you a rash and you hate that, then you need to try the Roth’s The Almond Demi loafer mules.

These pair of polished mules are perfect for work and come in many colors and have extra room in the toe space.

This makes for a versatile shoe that can easily slip on and off. The extra room also makes them extra comfortable so that you can wear them all-day.

The best feature of these loafer mules are that they are machine washable

Naturalizer Kayden Mule

Made with Naturalizer’s contour+ technology, you can wear the Kayden Lofer Mules all day without foot aches or pains. It has a foam padding for extra comfort that you’ll appreciate.

The cognac color is a neutral shade that you can rock with all your outfits all year round. May it be summer or fall. 

The 1/2 inch block heels add a feminine touch to the mules. And the rustic hardware adds a luxe detail. So, even if they are not as expensive they definitely look the part.

Steve Madden Kandi Loafer Mules

Steve Madden Kandi Loafer Mules are easy to wear elegant mules that are a perfect staple for any wardrobe and have a slight heel.

These are great as a comfortable go-to pair of work shoes and can easily be dressed up or down. 

Steve Madden shoes are the best value for money footwear. They have style, comfort and durability. Most of my shoes from the brand were just donated as I got tired of wearing them. 

So, you can shop these loafer mules in confidence.

Madewell The Corinne Lugsole Loafer Mule

Looking for those Lug sole loafer mules that give you the masculine style and comfort, then checkout the Madewell The Corinne Lugsole Loafer Mules.

These 90s inspired mules have an on-trend chunky heel. This style is very modern and you can easily update any look by simply slipping these on! These are made from flexible leather materials and overall are a very comfortable mules for work.

The simple design keeps them muted and they also come in cognac color which will look completely neutral.

Dansko Lexie Leather Mule

Do you have a minimalistic personal style and don’t like a lot of hardware details in your shoes, then the Dansko Lexie Leather Loafer Mules would be perfect for you.

These comfortable mules for work have a supportive arch support for your foot and also are made from a soft leather material. It has a streamlined, tailored silhouette that is very versatile and can be paired with a variety of looks.

The 1/2 inch heels add extra sole support and they also come in other shades.

Seychelles Brunch Date Mule

A good pair of white loafer mules can really elevated your work as well as your everyday casual outfits. And the Seychelles Brunch Date Mules look perfect.

These comfortable mules for work are an updated version of a classic mule. They have extra padding and are 100% vegan. 

The front almost square toe and minimalist style looks great in all the shades it comes in. 

Sam Edelman Linnie Mule

I own the Sam Edelman Linnie Mules in blue and wore it on repeat for the past couple of years. And also took it to India on a rainy trip. And they are still in good shape. 

These loafer mules are Gucci Horsebit mules inspired but are way more comfortable to wear. 

This pair of comfortable mules for work features a classic buckle embellishment. They also have a slight heel that doesn’t interfere with the comfort or fit.

The elongated style will help make you look tall in outfits and stylish as well.

Azalea Pointed Toe Mule

The Azalea Pointed Toe Mules look feminine and perfect for business casual attire. You can also wear these loafer mules with dresses on fun getaways to look elevated and polished. 

These mules have a chic pointed toe and interlocked straps at the front for an updated twist on this classic shoe. The included cushioned footbed creates a fit that makes this mule very comfortable for work.

These loafer mules also come in a lot of shade but if you are looking for a neutral one, this is the perfect color.

Lisa Vicky Enrich Loafer Mule

The Lisa Vicky Enrich Loafer Mules in this fun tangy shade look perfect for summer weather where you want to brighten up your outfit. 

But they also come in a lot of neutral shades if color is not your thing.

There is a throwback penny keeper strap on this comfortable pair of mules for work. This gives it a fun throwback vibe and can easily be dressed up or down. There are many colors available and this classic style makes it versatile for so many outfits.

I love the stitching details in the mule that makes them look luxe even if they are not that expensive.

Tory Burch Jessa Mule

The Tory Burch Jessa Loafer Mules are my most favorite designer loafer mules which I have been rocking for a couple of years. 

I was scared that they will not bring these mules back, but I am so gad they did because, if you wear them, you would know why. 

The leather looks rich and luxurious and wears so well. And the interior of the shoes are comfortable as well. 

And the signature Tory Burch horse hardware adds a special touch to these mules, but they don’t look over the top at all. 

Most Comfortable Loafer Mules Comparison

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