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What To Wear to Work In Summer: 2024 Guide


What To Wear to Work In Summer: 2024 Guide

Welcome to our ultimate guide on what to wear to work in the summer of 2023! As the temperature rises, finding the perfect balance between professional attire and staying cool can be a daunting task.

But fear not! In this comprehensive blog post, we will provide you with a curated selection of stylish and comfortable outfits that are suitable for the office during the sweltering summer months.

From breathable fabrics to smart layering techniques, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to revamp your work wardrobe and beat the heat in style with our expert tips and trendy outfit ideas. Let’s dive in and make this summer your most fashionable and productive season yet!

But first lets answer some common questions before we start.

What Fabrics to Wear for Work in Summer?

This is the most important factor to consider when deciding what to wear to work when it’s pretty hot outside. 

There are some fabrics that will be more breathable compared to others. So, wearing them will keep you calm and fresh throughout your work day. 

So, what are the fabrics?

  1. Linen Blend – While linen is a great fabric for summer, it does not do well when you are sitting at your desk because it’s prone to creases. A great way you can hide that is by wearing tops in linen blend and in lighter shade. Checkout some linen short sleeve shirts perfect to wear to work.
  2. Silk – This is another great natural fabric that feels comfortable in the hot weather. And it also looks really classy. You don’t need to wear pure silk, you can also opt for silk blend. 
  3. Crepe – This is not a natural fabric, but it does not feel as stuffy as Polyester. It feels soft on the skin and is wrinkle resistant. 
  4. SatinSatin tops are a budget friendly alternative to silk which feels almost the same. But pay attention to the quality of satin when you are picking clothes for work wear. 
  5. Cotton – This is perfect for t-shirts or tops for work wear. And it does not have to be 100% cotton. You can also wear cotton blend. 
  6. Jersey – This is a summer friendly fabric for sure, but for work wear, you need to strictly keep it to t-shirts. Anything else, will feel unpolished even if you are wearing smart casual.
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How to Dress Professionally at Work When Its Hot?

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to looking professional at work in summer time when all you want to wear are tank top and shorts.


  • Pick structured pieces like button downs or wide leg pants and jeans that look sophisticated. Since they are not as fitted as skinny jeans, you will feel comfortable in them.
  • Relaxed fit will look elevated and perfect for the hot weather. Since you are layering less, wearing relaxed clothing is key to looking put together and being comfortable. Again you don’t have to wear baggy clothes, just stick to no. 1.
  • Wear lighter colors instead of black. While black is one of the most powerful work wear color, summer is time for something fresh and airy. Lighter colors exuberate that and it looks nice.


  • If you wear jeans, no ripped jeans. Its a rule for all seasons.
  • Don’t wear tank tops. I don’t care how cool you look in them, they are not professional. You can opt for better alternatives like cap sleeves, loose sleeves. 
  • Deep V neck tops or dresses are not professional even though they look nice on you.
  • Since you don’t wear a third layer that much like a jacket or a coat, if you are conscious of belly fat or something, then avoid wearing skin tight clothes. You can checkout tips on what to wear to hide a muffin top and what jeans to wear when you have a belly pooch
Linen Shirt summer work outfit for women

What Clothes To Wear In Summer For Work?

Tops To Wear For Work

Work wear is all about looking smart and professional, so here are some professional looking tops you can wear to work:

  • Silk Tops – They have sleeves and look put together. Satin tops are a budget friendly alternative.
  • Silk Shirts – This is perfect for business casual work wear. It looks polished and sophisticated.
  • Linen Shirts – This will look great in both business casual and smart casual work wear.
  • Short Sleeve Shirts – This is where you can easily wear non natural fabrics as well like Polyester where you won’t feel hot.
  • Crewneck T shirts – This is perfect for smart casual work wear. 
  • Henley Shirts – This is an alternative to button down shirts but can be worn as smart casual and business casual. 
What Tops to wear to work in summer

Bottoms To Wear For Work

Bottoms are equally important for summer weather. Because if you feel too hot, you don’t want to wear woolen pants. Here are bottoms that will look stylish and professional in summer.

  • Straight Leg Jeans – These are great all year round but specially comfortable smart casual wear for summer as its not figure hugging.
  • Wide Leg Jeans – This is similar to straight leg. They look nicer and would be more comfortable in the hot weather. 
  • Crepe Pants – They are wrinkle resistant and great for work where sit for a longer period of time.
  • Pleated skirts – You can have so much fun with different styles and patterns of pleated skirts. They are a staple.
  • Shirt Dress – These are great for both smart casual and business casual work wear. 
  • Cotton blend Pants – These would be thicker and more resistant to wrinkles compared to 100% cotton or linen pants. 
What Bottoms to wear to work

Outerwear To Wear For Work

While you might think you don’t need to wear any jackets or outerwear to work, if you are working in an office, you would need it. There is AC blasting all the time, and you would want to have something to cover yourself. 

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Here are some smart outerwear that will be perfect for summer weather:

  • Linen Blazer – They don’t get as crumply as linen shirts if you pick double breasted ones.
  • Boucle Jacket – These jackets have made a huge comeback and look really stylish with smart casual clothes. 
  • Trench Coat – There are plenty of light weight trench coats available that you can use as a third layer. These instantly elevate your outfits by the way.
What outerwear to wear in Sumer for work

What Shoes To Wear for Work in Summer?

Shoes are so important no matter what outfits you are wearing. And specially in summer, you don’t want to wear boots that are going to make you feel really hot. 

But you also dont want to slip in flip flops and head to work, because they are not professional at all. 

Here are some comfortable and professional looking shoes that you can wear in summer to work:

  • Loafer Mules – They are great smart casual shoes for all year round. The open back keeps your feet cool but they look sophisticated as well.
  • Loafers – These are perfect for both smart casual and business casual outfits. I honestly feel like these are better alternatives to pumps.
  • Slingback pumps – You can either pick flats or block heels. While flats would work with smart casual outfits, block heels would be ideal to pair with business causal outfits.
  • Leather Sneakers – I keep saying this, but they look really professional and better than running shoes. 
  • Leather slides – These would be great smart casual footwear for summer weather. 
  • Open toe sandals – They would be perfect alternatives to pumps for business casual outfits. 

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